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Babuline Gripe Water 135ml

Without alcohol and artificial color greater efficacy with out any side effects Product ID:386347 See Details
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Babuline Gripe Water 135ml


Babuline is a tasty preparation of the well-known carminatives Dill, Aniseed and Caraway with Menthol in combination with Alkaline Salt of Sodium. Babuline is made as per its regulatory requirements such as using the highest quality ingredients and rigorous inspection to ensure consistent quality,
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Babuline is a tasty preparation of the well-known carminatives Dill, Aniseed and Caraway with Menthol in combination with Alkaline Salt of Sodium. Babuline is made as per its regulatory requirements such as using the highest quality ingredients and rigorous inspection to ensure consistent quality,

Babuline is a time tested and tasty preparation being sold for over 80 years. Babuline is helpful for treating indigestion, flatulence and colic in infants. Vomiting of curds after feed, gas and colic pain are reduced, giving your child a sense of well-being and happiness which enables it to enjoy its food thereby making your child a strong, healthy and happy baby.

Each 5 ml contains:
  • Saji Khar (Sodium Bicarbonate I.P.) - 45 mg
  • Suwa Tel (Dill Oil I.P. 66) - 0.00075 ml
  • Variyali Tel (Aniseed Oil I.P. 66) - 0.000375 ml
  • Jira Tel (Caraway Oil I.P. 66) - 0.000375 ml
  • Pudina Sat (Menthol I.P.) - 0.5 mg
  • Aqueous Sugar Base - q.s.
The primary benefit of Babuline is to ease the digestive disorders of babies. These disorders are mainly due to the small quantities of air which babies swallow while feeding. This air collects as a bubble in the stomach and produces discomfort and colic pains if not dispersed.

A few drops of Babuline given immediately after a feed will result in a prompt eructation and consequent comfort to the child. Indigestion in children is frequently caused by curd formation in the stomach. Some children, particularly bottle-fed infants, vomit large hard curds. It is assumed that by displacing the calcium with sodium in the curds from its combination with casein (calcium caseinate) they produce curds which are softer and smaller in size.

Preferably administer Babuline after feeds 3 to 4 times a day as under:
  • Up to 1 month - 1/2 teaspoon
  • 1 month to 6 months - 1 teaspoon
  • 6 months to 1 year - 2 teaspoons
  • 1 year to 2 years - 2 to 3 teaspoons
  • 2 years and above - 3 to 4 teaspoons
Babuline should be given diluted with a little milk or water if necessary, and the bottle should be carefully recorked after use and kept in a cool dark place to prevent the carminative oils from turning yellow.

135 ml clear pet bottle in a carton

Care Instructions
Store in a cool and dark place, Shake well before use

Items Included In Pack
1 135 ml bottle of Gripe Water

Brand Information

Babuline Gripe Water's 87-year history dates back to the time of the British Raj. A product that was launched in 1928 to oppose the ruling British, has now established itself as one of the leading gripe waters in the Indian market. Babuline Gripe Water, an Ayurvedic (herbal) syrup, is primarily recommended for babies and infants to facilitate digestion and prevent colic pain caused due to indigestion.
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6/11/2014 9:06:25 AM
"Awesome for colic"
This product has helped me through the most difficult times of my life as both my children suffered from colic as new borns Babuline has been my life saver Not only is it extremely effective but since it tastes so good its easy to get your baby to have it Now even though my baby has grown into a four year she still takes Babuline gripe water whenever she is gassy or has a tummy ache This a great product to have all through their childhood Thank you first cry for introducing it on your site
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Vinod Kumar V
Good Service with Suitable Price
Nov 30 2016
Manjeet Kaur
Amazing products!! Awesome service!!!!
Nov 29 2016
Vinayak Patil
Excellent service provided by Firstcry. I am very happy and satisfied customer.
Nov 29 2016
Mohita Dhapola
When i think to buy for my baby, my minds stops only at Firstcry.
Nov 25 2016
Swati Butole
The best experience and makes me come back always with all the latest and cutest products. Thank you firstcry.
Nov 25 2016
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