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It’s natural for parents to be wary and skeptical about things that their children might use. From baby food to diapers, from toys to strollers, they have questions galore. That is the reason we have compiled a list of questions that are most frequently asked by parents while choosing a stroller.

Can umbrella strollers be safely used for infants?

Umbrella strollers are not recommended for newborns and infants up to 6 months of age. They are not well equipped to provide support to the delicate necks and backs of small babies. As such carriers have only a thin sheet of fabric and no cushioning, an infant’s head will suffer jerks as the vehicle moves, which could damage the infant’s vulnerable body parts. Some babies develop these muscles later than 6 months, hence parents should be fully sure of their child’s ability to hold his/her neck and back, before using an umbrella stroller.

Can I hang a bag onto the stroller? Is it safe?

It is not recommended to hang a bag/purse onto the stroller as it may cause the stroller to become less stable, thereby increasing the risk of the stroller toppling over and causing injury to your child inside. You may stow your belongings in the storage basket that most strollers come equipped with.

Can I use my stroller if it is broken?

For the safety of your little child, it is advisable that you do not use a stroller if any of its part is broken, torn or missing.

Does my child need to use the harness when seated in the stroller?

Never take your child out (even on short walks) in a stroller without properly fastening him first. Children get excited quickly and may act faster than you can react. A harness helps keep your little one in place and thus prevents him from falling or getting hurt.

What is the difference between a buggy, a pushchair, and a pram?

Buggies and pushchairs are the same thing. They are more useful when your baby can sit up (normally around 6 months) to enjoy the world around. Prams are more like a Moses basket/bassinet on wheels where your child can lie down fully and face you.

I was recently in an accident. Do I have to replace my child's car seat? There doesn't appear to be any damage.

Yes. You need to replace your child's car seat if it was involved in any kind of accident (big or small). Even though there is no visible damage on the surface of the car seat, the impact and force of a collision can cause unseen structural damage. Such a damage can prevent your car seat from properly protecting your child in the event of a crash.
Some insurers reimburse for the replacement of a new car seat if it was involved in a crash. Check with your insurance company/provider for more details on your policy.

Does my car seat have an expiry date?

Yes. All car seats have a suggested expiry date or "useful life". Look for the information on the bottom or the back of the seat. You need to check for the recall information. Also because of general wear and tear of a car seat, it is advisable to replace your car seat after the expiry date.

Do I need to buy a Car seat of the same brand as my stroller?

This will depend upon the brand of stroller or car seat. Some strollers may work with car seats of different brands, while other brands might want you to buy only from them, and so their strollers might be compatible only with the car seats made by them. However, several stroller brands provide you with a car seat adaptor, in addition to the stroller, that will work for select car seats. Before purchasing a stroller, check the product specifications so as to know whether you need to buy the car seat from the same brand or if you can buy it from elsewhere.

Are double/ triple strollers really necessary?

Double/ triple strollers are especially useful for parents of twins or triplets. They need a stroller with the ability to carry two or three little ones of similar ages and needs. Instead of buying two or three separate strollers, such parents can decide to buy a double stroller with side-to-side or tandem facility. However, if the children are of different ages, instead of buying these double/triple strollers, parents can buy a single stroller for one child and let the older child walk alongside or get a stand-up combo, which is a stroller with a footstep for the older child to stand upon.

How do you check-in strollers at the airport?

This will vary greatly depending upon the airline. Some airlines treat carriages as luggage, requiring passengers to check-in the stroller at the ticket counter along with checked luggage. Other airlines ask passengers to check-in the stroller at the gate, and keep it ready when the passengers disembark from the plane. Some airlines accept umbrella strollers as hand luggage, as its folded dimension is within the hand luggage limit and it can be stowed in the over-head cabins. However, it is advisable to check with your airline before deciding on which stroller to take.

Do airlines have size restrictions for strollers?

Yes. Some airlines may have weight and size restrictions associated with their stroller policies. Parents of toddlers and older children are encouraged to use umbrella strollers. For newborns and infants, as umbrella strollers do not fulfill the needs, parents should take care to choose a lightweight, compact travel stroller.

Can I buy a used or second-hand stroller safe for my baby?

Not unless you know the thorough history of the stroller. It should not be more than five-six years old, should not have been involved in a crash, should not have any visible scars/ dents, and all the labels should be readable. Make sure you know the previous owner, who can tell you the history of the stroller honestly. Purchasing strollers from garage sales, re-sale shops and online portals for used goods is not recommended.

Should I buy an expensive stroller?

Well, it depends on your needs and lifestyle. Expensive strollers may give you some additional features, but if you are buying them for their durability, then mid-range strollers are just as durable. It is advisable to buy two strollers (full-size or jogging stroller as per your needs, and an umbrella stroller for when the child grows up) instead of splurging on one.

Can you get away with one stroller or do you need more?

It depends a lot on your lifestyle and requirement. If you are parents who are always on the move, who love to travel or walk around the neighborhood or visit malls/zoos etc., then it does make sense to invest in more than one stroller. Buy a jogging stroller to tackle the sidewalks, bumpy roads etc., and get a lightweight umbrella stroller for the trips to the mall or zoo and invest in a good travel system for your off-road trips.

How easy is it to keep the stroller clean?

It is quite easy to keep the stroller clean, if it has removable, machine-washable seats. However, not all strollers have them. The seat can get really dirty over time. Make sure you are able to spot clean, if the seats are not removable. Buy a darker color stroller to hide the stains.

What kind of wheels should I choose for the stroller/Do I need to look for special type of wheels for the stroller?

Make sure the wheels are not air-inflated as they puncture easily. Choose solid rubber. Also, ensure that the wheels have watertight ball bearings instead of nylon ones (nylon bearings make irritating squeaking noises).
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