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Crane 1 Gallon Train Cool Mist Humidifier

Evaporative humidifier with removable tank and refill indicator Product ID:376691 See Details
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Crane 1 Gallon Train Cool Mist Humidifier


Featuring an adorable, child friendly animal design, the BPA-free Crane ultrasonic cool mist humidifier provides up to 24 hours of moisture on medium setting from its removable one gallon water tank. Suitable for rooms up to 250 square feet in size, this compact unit is energy efficient and uses ult
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Product Description

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Customer Ratings, Reviews & Resources

Featuring an adorable, child friendly animal design, the BPA-free Crane ultrasonic cool mist humidifier provides up to 24 hours of moisture on medium setting from its removable one gallon water tank. Suitable for rooms up to 250 square feet in size, this compact unit is energy efficient and uses ultrasonic technology to add soothing moisture to the air. Crane's cool mist humidifier provides a non-medicated relief for dry cough, nasal congestion and cold and flu symptoms. This humidifier does not require a filter to operate. Its ultra-quiet operation and kid-friendly design makes it ideal for your little tot's room. This Crane ultrasonic humidifier can produce up to 2.1 gallons of moisture per day. It has a 1-gallon water tank. This evaporative cool mist humidifier has an indicator to let you know when It's time for a refill. The water tank can be easily detached for refilling. This humidifier's small footprint enhances its portability. This portable mini humidifier also has an auto shutoff sensor for safe operation. Crane humidifiers are a great gift for baby showers, birthdays and holiday season. 

Key Features: 
  • Evaporative, cool mist humidifier
  • Low power consumption.
  • Uses less energy than a standard household light bulb 
  • Runs quietly, removable tank, portable, refill indicator, automatic shut-off
  • Humidifier provides a non-medicated relief for dry cough, nasal congestion and cold and flu symptoms
  • Increases air moisture for easier breathing and relieve of cough, cold, and flu symptoms, including nasal congestion, dry cough, sinus irritation, nose bleeds as well as dry skin
  • Ultrasonic cool mist operation does not require a filter to run
  • 1 gallon water tank runs whisper quiet up to 24 hours
  • Puts out up to 2.1 gallons of moisture per day and effectively humidifies rooms up to 250 square feet
  • Auto shutoff safety sensor
Using the Humidifier:

Operating the Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier requires only a few easy steps. Simply remove the water tank from the unit, unscrew the tank cap, and fill the one-gallon water tank under a water faucet. Securely replace the tank cap, making sure the rubber cap seal is in place, and place the water tank back onto the unit. Place the humidifier on an elevated surface and set it to a medium output setting for comfortable room humidification.

Use the Control Knob to adjust the intensity of the mist output. It is best to have the mist knob at a medium setting. If the room humidity is at a certain level and the humidifier is not adjusted accordingly the additional moisture will condensate around the humidifier. 

Setting the Correct Humidity Output:

Adjust the Control Knob so that the mist rises up to be absorbed by the room air.
Do not set Control Knob too high, as the mist cannot be absorbed by the air and may accumulate on the surfaces around the humidifier.

  • Brand - Crane
  • Type - Evaporative Humidifier
  • Misting Type - Cool Mist
  • Moisture Output - 2.1 Gal.
  • Capacity (volume) - 1.0 Gal.
  • Volts Required - 110.0 V
  • Product Dimensions: 16.1 x 10.5 x 8.5 inches
Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use an Adorable Humidifier?
The real question is why shouldn’t you? Humidifiers add moisture to indoor air, relieving congestion from the common cold and flu and soothing scratchy throats, dry skin and eyes, and irritated sinuses. Perfect for babies, adults, and everyone in between, a humidifier’s additional moisture thins the mucus in the sinuses, making it easier to breathe. (And we know that when it comes down to your family’s health, you’re all about breathing easy.Even if you’re feeling great, our Adorable Humidifiers are must-haves. From smooth skin to shiny hair to cared-for furniture, they keep you and your home looking beautiful and feeling comfortable. 

What noise level can I expect from my Adorable Humidifier?
Whisper quiet despite some of our loud, fun designs. The humidifier’s fan whisper quietly as it disperses a soothing mist into your noticeably comfortable living space.

Where should I put my Adorable Humidifier? I want to show it off?
Show it off to your heart’s content. But whether you decide to put your Adorable front and center or be more discreet, it should never be on a water-sensitive surface or on a carpet or towel to avoid damage to the humidifier and your home. Instead, place it on a flat, water-safe surface at least three feet off the ground for maximum evaporation.

Why is there condensation on the windows?
Your Adorable is working a little too hard. Select a lighter mist setting to lower the room’s humidity and, as always, keep the door open a crack. You still get the humidifier’s benefits, but with crystal clear windows.

What can I put in My Adorable Humidifier?
Water. And water only. Anything else may actually cause damage, and no one wants that.

What is that white dust near my Adorable Humidifier?
Chances are that the tap water you’re using has too many minerals. When the Adorable gets to work, its ultrasonic process breaks up those minerals, creating a fine, white dust. To bust the dust, we recommend using distilled water, filtered water, or a Crane Demineralization Filter.

How is an ultrasonic humidifier different than a “regular” humidifier?
An ultrasonic humidifier works similarly to a stereo speaker while staying whisper quiet. A nebulizer vibrates at an ultrasonic frequency to create mist that easily dissipates into the air rather than droplets that fall to the ground. Ultrasonic humidifiers are highly effective, but because of the vibrations you may notice a fine white dust collecting from high-mineral water. If so, try a Crane Demineralization Filter.

Do I need a filter to run my Adorable Humidifier?
No. We’re all about simple, clean design, so our humidifiers work perfectly without a filter. One might be necessary if you notice a fine dust collecting near your Adorable, but you can switch to distilled or filtered water to lower the dust-building mineral content. Crane Demineralization Filters help remove excess minerals, reducing the white dust so your air (and your home) stays clean.

What’s involved in cleaning my Adorable Humidifier?
It’s simple. Regular cleaning will keep your humidifier running smoother, longer. We recommend emptying the water tank and basin daily and disinfecting them at least once a week. Read the Use & Care manual for further instructions.

I think my Adorable Humidifier is leaking?
Because our humidifiers are built for all different environments, it’s possible that the setting is simply too high for your space. Try adjusting the setting so you can see the mist going up into the air, not down onto the surface. If that doesn’t work, be sure the rubber ring inside the water tank is secure. And if you move your humidifier often, always have a towel on hand and move the tank and basin separately.

My Adorable Humidifier isn’t misting as much as usual?
First thing first empty some water from the water basin. Too much water may prevent the humidifier from misting properly. And while you’re checking the water basin, make sure there aren’t any foreign objects in it. If the humidifier is not on a flat, waterproof service, it’s possible that fibers from a carpet or towel have blocked the vent. If all else fails, check your Use & Care Manual or contact Customer Service.

How should I store my Adorable Humidifier when I am not using it?
Clean and dry the humidifier completely, then remove the water tank cap and your Demineralization Filter, if you have one. For detailed instructions, see the Use & Care Manual.

Items Included in Package:
1 cool mist humidifier, operational manual

Brand Information

Crane USA has taken the lead in adding fun element to cool mist humidifiers, air purifiers and space heating with their mantra: design for better living. Their products are functional and efficient at fulfilling your home improvement needs while communicating an appreciation for elegant design.
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1/6/2016 8:25:07 AM
"The Best"
This product we took online and is worth spending 5 k and its really very helpful for kids also I believe its good for elders.
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4/1/2015 2:15:57 PM
"Loved this product"
Cute looking humidifier. One of the best humidifier ever used. Wonderful humidifier with large water reservoir. I liked mist adjusting feature the most. Very effective.
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Sonia Rose Antony
Good website for baby products! useful for all moms with young children.
Dec 08 2016
Nitish Agarwal
Very nice place to buy almost anything needed for baby. 5 stars from my side.
Dec 08 2016
Ranju Sharma
Really very nice, will always purchase from first cry
Dec 07 2016
Shruthi Gopinath
Excellent Service !!!
Dec 06 2016
Vinod Kumar V
Good Service with Suitable Price
Nov 30 2016
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