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Caps, Gloves and Mittens for Babies & Kids

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Shop from 4835 Caps, Gloves & Mittens online at with prices starting at Rs. 50.

Kill the Chill with Baby Winter Caps

Winter is here, and the chill is moving through the air to wrap us in its long, cold fingers! Babies and small children are more susceptible to feeling the chill than adults, so we need to protect their little heads and bodies with wonderfully warm and soft clothing. There’s nothing cuter than baby clothing – tiny gloves and mittens, and adorably-designed caps that simply want to be wrapped around your little one.

We’ve got a lovely collection of winter caps for kids - newborn baby caps, baby woolen caps, and baby boy and girl winter caps.  We’ve got classic caps, monkey caps, caps in the shape of animals, knit caps, printed caps, and caps with bits and bobbles on them!


Warm Woolen Gloves for Babies

Babies have soft and sensitive skin, and can feel heat and cold very quickly. Their tiny hands and feet need to be covered in the winter by warm woolen clothing. The best way to protect your little one’s soft little hands is baby gloves! Newborn baby gloves are great for your sweet little baby – they’ll look adorable too!


Soft & Comfy Mittens for Babies

Mittens for babies protect their cute little fingers from the biting chill, and allow them to stay warm and cosy. We have a lovely little selection of woolen mittens for babies, and mittens for newborns, which both you and your baby will love! Pick up a sweet-looking matching set of mittens and booties that will look so cute on your little one! Browse through our wonderful range of mittens in various colours and patterns to make your baby’s winter truly colorful.


Caps, Gloves & Mittens FAQs

1. Are baby mittens necessary?

  • Yes, baby mittens are absolutely necessary, especially in cold weather. Your baby’s extremities, especially his hands, need optimal protection from the cold, which can be provided by woolen mittens.

2. Do babies need to wear winter caps?

  • Yes, babies need winter caps, as they are prone to feeling cold very quickly. The head and ears are the first body parts to feel a chill, so your baby’s ears and soft head must be well-protected from the cold, especially if there is a breeze or wind.

3. What are baby gloves called?

  • Baby gloves can be called mittens or gloves. They are hand covers for your baby, which will keep him warm and protected from cold and wet conditions. They are essential for good baby care, as babies are more prone to temperature swings than adults.

4. Are gloves better than mittens?

  • Both baby gloves and baby mittens have their merits. Mittens completely cover and protect your baby’s hands, but limit finger mobility and motor skills. Gloves may not completely protect your little one’s fingers, but provide mobility and allow your child to exercise his motor skills. Mittens are considered best for newborns and small babies, as they require complete protection from cold weather conditions. You can decide, at your discretion, which ones to buy for your child.

5. Can babies sleep with mittens on?

  • Yes, babies can sleep with mittens, especially when it is cold. Babies may lose some of their body heat through their extremities (head and hands), so choose lightweight mittens for your little one’s sleep time. Make sure there are no loose threads or bobbles on the mittens that can present a choking hazard in his sleep.

6. What do you call a winter cap?

  • A winter cap can be called a beanie, or simply a cap. They are necessary for protection of your child’s delicate head and ears during cold and wet conditions. Choose warm woolen caps for your little one during the winter.

7. How to choose winter caps for babies?

  • Choose warm, woolen caps that are big and wide enough to cover your baby’s head and ears, as they need to be protected from the chill and breeze. For aesthetic purposes, you can choose patterned caps, or those that have bobbles or strings. However, be careful that they do not present choking hazards.


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