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A Special Friendship Story With Moral For Kids

Stories are one of the best mediums to impart a value or lesson to young minds. While you may be aware of the well-renowned Aesop’s Fables or Panchatantra tales, a few stories are simple yet capable of creating long-lasting impressions on the reader’s mind. A Special Friendship full story is one such story. If you’re unfamiliar with it, you’ve come to the right place! And if you have read this before, then read on and prepare to revisit those memories of a special friendship you may have had during school days or even if you’ve found a gem of a friend for life! So, let’s look at A Special Friendship full story in English.


Origin And History Of A Special Friendship

There are some stories whose origins cannot be traced. A Special Friendship is one such story which stands out due to its heartwarming message for the reader. Another reason which sets this story apart from the others is the use of minimal characters to highlight the importance or value of true friendship, which is to be treasured if found.


Story Type Of A Special Friendship

A Special Friendship is a short story or a fable that teaches children about the value of friendship. It features a young boy and his new best friend.


Story Characters

The characters of the story are:

  • Bob
  • Milo the puppy
  • Bob’s mother

A Special Friendship Story For Children

Once upon a time, in a village, a little boy named Bob lived with his mother in their quaint little cottage. They didn’t have much but were very happy and content with the little they had. Every day after he came home from school, Bob would accompany his mother to the forest to collect firewood.


On one particular day, when Bob was in the forest collecting wood, he came across a puppy which seemed to be all alone. Bob looked here and there for its owner and realised that it was a homeless puppy and was all on its own. The puppy seemed very sad and weak. Bob took pity on the puppy. He picked it up, put it under his shirt and carried it home. When he reached home and saw his mother, he said to her, “Mom, look who I found all alone in the forest! It’s a wee little puppy. He seemed to be alone, with no one to take care of him. Can we keep him, please?” Young Bob’s joy was contagious. Looking at him, his mother was in two minds about whether to keep the puppy or not. She told him, “Oh Bob, that’s the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen! But I’m not too sure if we can keep him. We don’t have much. Will we be able to take care of him? What will we do about his food and sleeping arrangement?”. Bob replied, “It’s okay, mother, I’ll take care of him. I’ll give him half of my meals and let him sleep with me in my bed”. Hearing him, Bob’s mother just couldn’t say no. She said, “Okay, let’s keep him.” Bob’s happiness knew no bounds, and he ran and hugged his mother. Then he ran and cuddled with the puppy, which he named Milo. Bob made space for him on his bed. But before that, he fed Milo from his plate. He said, “Eat well, little one, for you are weak.”

From that day onwards, Bob and Milo became the best of friends. Milo followed Bob wherever he went. When Bob went to school, Milo would diligently wait outside the classroom till the classes ended. Then he would follow Bob to the forest to accompany him while he gathered firewood. He then took Milo to the hills, where he taught him how to play fetch. He even played with Milo with a ball. At night, Milo cosied up next to Bob on his tiny bed, and they both snored through the night and dreamt sweet dreams.


On one particular day, Milo was sick. He was unable to follow Bob, so he stayed at home. That day it rained heavily, and the roads everywhere turned slippery. On his way home, Bob was trying to reach home as soon as possible as he dreamt of a warm bowl of porridge waiting for him and Milo waiting to cosy up to him and keep him warm. Unfortunately, Bob missed seeing a hole at the side of the road and fell down the hole! He tried calling for help, but no one could hear him due to the loud thundering and noise of the heavy rains. It had become very late, and Bob’s mother was worried at home. She called the neighbours, and they formed a search party to find Bob. Milo, too, was worried, and so he joined them all. They searched high and low but still couldn’t find Bob. Milo used his keen sense of smell and went sniffing everywhere. When he came closer to the hole, he picked up Bob’s scent ad started barking loudly. This drew the search party’s attention, and they ran towards the hole. When they peeked into it, they found Bob sitting and shivering while the water levels rose. They quickly dropped a rope down to Bob. He held onto one end while they pulled him up. Bob’s mother hugged him while they all cheered. Bob thanked everyone for helping him and hugged Milo lovingly for being his best friend and hero.

A Special Friendship Story For Children

Story Summary

The summary of the story A Special Friendship is as follows:


There was once a boy called Bob who lived in a cottage with his mother. They didn’t have much but were very happy. One fine day, when Bob returned from collecting firewood, he came across a homeless puppy by the side of the road. Bob took pity on him and brought him home. Bob and his mother named the puppy Milo. They became best friends as Bob shared his meals with Milo and cosied up to him in his tiny bed at night. Milo followed Bob wherever he went, playing their favourite games together.

One rainy day, while Bob was on his way home, he slipped and fell into a hole. Bob’s mother was worried and gathered the neighbours to help search for him. Milo, too accompanied them. Milo caught Bob’s scent near the hole and started barking. This alerted the neighbours, and they used a rope to pull Bob out of the hole. Everyone heaved a sigh of relief as Bob hugged his puppy Milo and thanked him for being his best friend.


Moral Of The Story

The moral of this story is ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’. Bob and Milo were the best of friends. Milo helped Bob during a challenging time, and Bob knew that he could always rely on Milo.

How Can Children Apply The Moral Of The Story In Their Real Life?

A Special Friendship short story with pictures teaches a precious lesson about friendship. A true friend helps you in good times and in bad. Thus, one can learn that if you realise that your friend needs help, reach out to help them. Do not worry about what’s in it for you. True friends are selfless, and one can always rely on them.


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