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Action Words For Kids To Improve Their Language Skills

When a child learns new words and vocabulary, there is knowledge-building of course, but beyond that, there is this sense of confidence that’s built over time, and each new word learnt helps them progress and find their foothold in terms of having a conversation with others or even writing. 


Teaching simple action words or doing words to class 1, 2 and 3 kids is useful as it lays the groundwork for other bigger lessons as they grow up. The good part is that a lot of these action words are already known to them!


What Are Action Words?

Can you imagine talking about your day without using any sort of action words? This would be a pretty tall ask, and hard to do, as it would just confuse everyone around you! So, you see? It’s quite important for little ones to learn all about action words so that they can describe things like their activities and movement. If you haven’t noticed already, action words are used in every sentence – whether we speak or write! Taking about a game they played, a snack they ate, or even when they went to go take a nap – these verbs for kids will be part of their vocabulary one way or another. 


Why Is It Important For Children To Learn Action Words?

Given how important action words are in speech, it is important for kids to start slowly, and learn the most common action words that are used daily, like – eat, sleep, run, talk, walk, etc. Let us look at why it’s important for kids to learn action words – 

  • It helps give clarity – When kids use action words, it helps everyone understand exactly what action they have performed or are performing. 
  • It helps show their purpose – Action words help define a purpose for kids, so that there is a very clear focus. 
  • Builds vocabulary – It also helps in building vocabulary, as it teaches them new connecting words, apart from just completing a sentence. 

List of Basic Action Words For Kids

Action words are used to talk about the different actions that are happening around us. These are probably one of the most well-known verbs, which helps kids pick them up first. Let us now look at simple action words or doing words for class 1, 2 and 3.

Jog Bike
Doodle Climb
Fall Sleep
Play Walk
Write Draw
Dance Sing
Jump Smile
Hug Work
Taste Eat
Read Listen

More Action Words For Kids

Let us now look at some specific action words for kids below.

Action Words About Feelings

Love Cry
Hate Miss
Believe Like

Action Words For Daily Activity

Drink Cycle To
Bathe Rinse
Brush Wash
Sleep Work
Eat Carry

Sensory Action Words For Kids

Listen See
Smell Taste
Touch Feel

Simple Action Words With Sentences

Let us now look at some action words with sentences for classes 1, 2 and 3.

  • I smile when I am happy.
  • I cry when I am sad.
  • I can draw pictures of my house.
  • I see that it is sunny
  • Can I play with the toy?
  • I would like to eat a cookie.
  • She will wash her hands.
  • I like to cycle to school.
  • I run to catch my school bus.
  • I brush my teeth every morning.
  • I like to play fetch with my dog.
  • My parents click photos of me.
  • I paint for an hour every day.
  • I can hear the sound of the train.
  • I eat lunch with my friends. 

How To Teach Action Words To Kids

Here are a few tips to teach action words to your little ones – 

1. Perform The Action

Get your child to actually perform the action that you are calling out. For example, if you say that they need to colour on a piece of paper, let your child come up and colour. If you ask them to speak about their best friend, let them come up and speak to you.


2. Speak As You Do

If your child is performing a particular activity, let them tell you what it is that they are doing, and then, you tell them what the action verb is. This will help them understand better and retain for longer. 

3. Use Flashcards

Use flashcards if you want to encourage their reading. Flashcards with pictures will help them match the action. 


4. Interpret And Draw

Name an action and ask your little one to draw pictures of it. This will help them remember it better.

5. Clarify Similar Words

Be very clear about similar action words – ones that have almost similar meanings. Eg: Run, walk and jog – all three involve the use of legs but the speed varies. Make that very clear to your little one. 


6. Simon Says

Children love this game. How about use it to teach them all about verbs! It’s as simple as naming a verb in the form of “Simon says (Verb)”. For instance, “Simon Says, Jump!” Following the instructions, all kids must jump.


1. What are action words for kindergarten kids?

Action words or ‘doing’ words are basically words that can describe the action or the activity that is being done. It is important to understand action words as almost everything they do will have some sort of word that’s defining an action.


Suggest an activity to help children understand action words better. You can use action words to play the game – Simon Says. So, think of fun things your little one can do, and tell them how they are all different actions! 

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