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Beauty And The Beast Story With Moral For Kids

The best way to expand a child’s vocabulary is by introducing them to stories and rhymes they enjoy listening to and can easily remember. Moral stories like Beauty and the Beast also help teach kids some important moral lessons. A large section of moral stories is available for kids to read from books or watch online on platforms like YouTube. To help you out, we will cover one such moral story in this article. Get ready to narrate the tale “Beauty and the Beast” in English to your little one.


Origin And History Of Beauty And The Beast

Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve wrote the original story “Beauty and the Beast,” published in La Jeune Américaine, et Les Contes Marins in 1740. The original story was over one hundred pages long and involved a Beast who suffered from more than just his change of appearance.


In the year 1756, the story was edited and abridged by Madame de Beaumont, a version that’s most widely known today. While de Villeneuve’s version was intended for adults, de Beaumont’s version was primarily for children.


Story Type Of Beauty And The Beast

Beauty And the Beasy is a fairy-tale story written by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve and published in 1740 in La Jeune Américaine Et Les Contes Marins.

Story Characters

There are three main characters in the story: the merchant, his daughter – Beauty, and the Beast.


Beauty And The Beast Story For Children

beauty and the beast story for children

In a faraway land lived a very wealthy merchant along with his daughter, Beauty. One day while traveling, the merchant was lost in the woods and saw a castle after walking for hours.

“Finally, a place where I can spend the night!” the merchant thought.


There was no one in the castle, and the merchant decided to spend his night there – so he had some good food, and went upstairs to find a cosy room with the fire well lit and a comfortable bed for him to sleep on. The following day when the merchant woke up, he went out to the garden to admire all the flowers and suddenly, he saw a beautiful flower and thought of his daughter Beauty.

“What a beautiful flower, let me take this for my dear daughter Beauty,” the merchant said to himself.


So, he plucked the flower from the castle’s garden and was just putting it into his waistcoat. Suddenly, a large Beast leapt out of a castle window and screamed at him for stealing from his garden.

“I gave you a bed to sleep in!” the Beast roared, “and now you want to steal my flowers?”


“I’m sorry!” said the merchant. “It’s a gift for my daughter, Beauty!”

“I will let you go and forgive you if you send your daughter Beauty to me,” said the Beast.


The merchant went home and explained the matter to his daughter. Beauty decided to put his father’s worries to rest and agreed to go to the castle.

“I will go, Father,” Beauty said. “I don’t know what the Beast wants, but a promise is a promise.”


At first, Beauty was scared of the Beast but slowly, she realised that the Beast was kind and gentle towards her. The Beast gifted her a magic mirror which showed the person she wanted to see. One day, the magic mirror showed her that her father was very ill. Unable to see her sadness, the Beast allowed her to go home. Under Beauty’s care, her father recovered in no time!

One day, Beauty thought of the Beast and saw the magic mirror. She saw that the Beast was ill. She realised that she did love him after all, and ran all the way to the castle.

“Please don’t die, Beast!” she said. “I love you! I will stay here with you,” and kissed the Beast.

The ugly-looking Beast glowed and turned into a handsome prince.

“I was under a witch’s curse,” the Beast said. “I could only change back if someone fell in love with me.”

Beauty and the Beast got married and lived happily ever after.

Story Summary

Given below is the summary of the “Beauty and the Beast” – 

A merchant got lost in the woods one day, and wandered into a castle. He was getting ready to leave the next day when he saw beautiful flowers and picked one for his daughter. The Beast caught him and the merchant, begging for his life, said the flower is for his daughter, Beauty. The Beast agreed to forgive him and let him go under the condition of sending his daughter to the castle.

Beauty decided to go to the Beast. As time passed, both of them started enjoying each other’s company. The Beast gifted her a magic mirror which showed the people she cared about. She saw in the mirror that her father was ill. Seeing that Beauty was sad, the Beast allowed her to go to her father. Under Beauty’s care, her father recovered in no time.

One day Beauty saw in the magic mirror that the Beast was ill and ran to the castle, realising that she loved the Beast. She told the Beast the same and kissed him. The Beast turned into a charming prince and said that he was under a witch’s spell, which Beauty broke with her sweet and loving words. Beauty and the Beast got married and lived happily ever after.

Moral Of The Story

The moral of the story “Beauty and the Beast” is that we should value the character within, like kindness, over other superficial qualities, like appearance.

When Beauty realises the inner beauty of the Beast, the Beast’s outer appearance means nothing to her. The fairy-tale has a happy ending because the love between Beauty and the Beast is real, and when Beauty declares her love for the Beast, he transforms into a beautiful prince.

How Can Children Apply The Moral In Real Life?

“Beauty and the Beast” is a short story with pictures for children with a very important moral: “we should value inward characteristics, like kindness over other superficial qualities, like appearance.” The children can apply the moral of this short story in their real life by not judging someone as per their outer appearance, but by talking to them and understanding how kind and gentle, they are in real.

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