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Big Bigger Biggest Concept For Preschoolers

Comparing objects based on their size, quantity, and weight are some important mathematical concepts that kids must know about. Learning about these important concepts has numerous benefits for children. Some of these benefits include enhanced problem-solving skills, developed thinking skills and it also helps in building a foundation of concept, which they will later study in detail.


In this article, we have covered the big, bigger, and biggest concepts for kids, along with examples and hands-on activities. Continue reading to teach your child about this concept.

What Is The Difference Between, Bigger And Biggest?

In order to understand the difference between big, bigger, and biggest for kindergarten kids, it is important to first learn about superlative adjectives. These adjectives are used to describe a noun while comparing it with two or more nouns to the highest or lowest degree. Therefore, bigger means the one that is larger in size than another, and biggest means the largest of its category.


Examples Of Big, Bigger And Biggest

Teaching the concept of big, bigger and biggest to your child and looking for relevant examples? You are at the right place. Below, we have covered some examples of big, bigger and biggest concept for children.

1). Example 1

Look at the image given below.


Big Bigger Biggest Example

In this image, there is an owl, a dog and an elephant. Based on the size of these three animals, we can say that the owl is big, the dog is bigger than the owl, and the elephant is the biggest of all three animals.

2). Example 2

Look at the image given below.


Example of Big Bigger Biggest

In this image, there is a tiny fish (1), a small fish (2) and a big fish (3). Based on the size of these three fishes, we can say that the tiny fish is big, the small fish is bigger than the tiny fish, and the big fish is the biggest of all three fishes.

Fun Activities That Will Help Your Child To Learn The Concept of Big Bigger Biggest

Here are some activities to teach your child the concept of big, bigger and biggest.


1. Put In Order

Materials You Need

  • Crayons of different sizes


  1. Take the bag and add crayons of different sizes to it.
  2. Ask your child to draw three crayons at a time from the bag.
  3. Next, ask them to put these three crayons in big, bigger and biggest order.
  4. Repeat the above steps with the rest of the crayons.

2. Compare The Shoe Size

Materials You Need

  • Shoes of three members of the family


  1. Put the shoes of any three members of the family in front of your child.
  2. Ask them to tell which one is the biggest of the three by comparing the shoes.

3. Hunt In The Nature

Materials You Need

  • Leaves
  • Stones
  • Fallen flowers


  1. Take your child to a park.
  2. Ask them to collect 3 leaves, 3 stones and 3 fallen flowers.
  3. Ask them to keep looking till they find, big, bigger and biggest of each.

4. Build Buildings

Materials You Need

  • Building blocks


  1. Give your child a bucket of building blocks.
  2. Ask them to make three buildings of different sizes.
  3. Now, ask them to explain the buildings using the words big, bigger and biggest.

Math concepts like the one above is part of children’s everyday life. You can find plenty of everyday things around you that you can ask your child to put in order by size and teach them about big, bigger and biggest. The activities mentioned above will also be helpful in teaching your little one this concept. After learning this concept, you can move to other mathematical concepts, such as comparing things based on their quantity, weight and more.

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