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How To Write An Essay On The Cow For Grades 1, 2 and 3

Essay writing is a vital part of English language learning. Even lower primary students are given essay writing to test their knowledge of English vocabulary and grammar! Apart from testing their knowledge and command of the English language, essays also play a pivotal role in making the kid think deeply about the topic and express their views on that given topic. As your child keeps practising essay writing, their creativity and knowledge of the English language improve. Also, essay writing helps them observe things more keenly to enhance their perception power useful in essay writing. An essay, or a paragraph, about the most popular animal kids know, the cow, is a frequent essay topic for school kids. Cows are probably the most common animals kids see everywhere in India, so it makes it an easy topic to focus on for class 1, 2 & 3 kids. 

Key Points To Remember: Essay On The Cow

Before young kids learn to write an essay on the cow, they first need to make a sentence about the cow. Once they can make sentences about cows, they can sequentially arrange those sentences to form an essay. A few key points to remember that will help young kids to write an essay on the cow for classes 1, 2, and 3 are:

  • Write a short introduction on cows
  • Talk about the shape and size of a cow
  • Write about the inhabitation of cows
  • Describe the nature of the cow
  • Talk about the benefits of a cow

10 Lines On The Cow In English

Before a lower primary student learns to write an essay on cows, they need to begin with simple sentences. Here are 10 lines for class 2 and other lower primary kids on cow in English:

  1. A cow is a domestic animal that is very common, and can be seen often. 
  2. It is found worldwide in various sizes, shapes, and colours.
  3. The cow has two ears and eyes, one big nose, a long tail, four limbs, and two sharp horns.
  4. It can live in jungles, villages, pastures, and even cities.
  5. A cow is known for its gentle and quiet nature.
  6. A cow is a herbivore that feeds on fresh grass, grains, husk, and vegetables.
  7. It gives milk that humans use for drinking.
  8. The milk of cows is highly nutritious and provides lots of health benefits.
  9. You can utilise cow’s milk to make dairy products such as curd, ghee, and cheese.
  10. The male cow, called the Ox, is used for farming and drawing carts.

Short Essay On The Cow

As everything starts with a small step first and then proceeds to a larger step, essay writing is just the same for young kids! First, the lower primary class kids learn to write a short paragraph on the subject, and then they can write a long essay on the topic.

Here is a sample essay on the cow:

The cow is a domestic animal one sees every day. Cows are found worldwide in various shapes, colours, and sizes. There are more than 1000 cow breeds in the world. Cows are the female mammal, and the male cow is called the Ox or Bull. A male cow’s child is known as a ‘Calf,’ while a female cow’s child is known as a ‘Heifer.’ Like most animals, cows have two eyes and ears, a nose, a long tail, four limbs, and two sharp horns. People keep cows at home for various reasons, including the provision of milk and making other dairy products from that milk. Cows are also bred for ploughing the fields or pulling the carts. They are peaceful animals, and are gentle and caring in nature.

Long Paragraph On The Cow For Kids

Once young kids have mastered writing sentences and short paragraphs on cows, they can write a long paragraph on the same subject! A long essay on the cow for class 3 or other lower primary classes showcases the kid’s creativity and grasp of English knowledge. Here is the sample long paragraph on the subject:

A cow is one of the most loving and gentle animals, and is also a favourite when it comes to domestic animals across the world! The cow has more than 1000 breeds, and can be seen in various shapes, sizes, and colours. Though, the most common colour of cow is white! The cow is the female mammal, and the male cow is called the Bull or Ox. ‘Heifer’ is the female baby cow, and ‘calf’ is the male baby cow. A cow has all physical features like other mammals with a long tail and two sharp horns.

You can find cows almost everywhere. They can live in villages, cities, and jungles. They are mostly bred for milk in homes or dairy farms. Then they are used in villages for ploughing fields. Another use of cows is in pulling carts in villages and towns. Cows are milk-producing animals. Their milk is very nutritious and is healthy for humans. It is considered the healthiest animal milk recommended for young babies and sick people. A cow’s milk is used for making other dairy products. Curd, butter, buttermilk, cheese, and ghee are popular dairy products made using cow’s milk.

Apart from the milk, even the cow’s dung is very useful. It is used to make biogas and renewable energy source. Natural fertilizer made of cow dung improves the productivity of the fields. It is also used to make cow dung cakes used in rural areas as fuel for cooking. 

What Will Your Child Learn From The Essay?

An essay on the cow is the easiest of essay topics for young kids of grades 1, 2 and 3. Expressing their feelings and knowledge about cows makes them think of how to put those words into sentences, improving their vocabulary and grammar. Later, this cow essay will serve as a reference for other animal-related topics. While writing the essay, your child will learn to express their thoughts, explore their creativity, and compose sequential sentences to describe the given topic.

Due to their familiarity with cows, children can freely express their views and improve their English creativity writing skills.

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