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Essay On Christmas For Classes 1, 2 & 3

Christmas is a major festival celebrated all around the world. In popular culture, it is loved for the wintertime fun, presents and excitement for everyone. A paragraph on the Christmas festival is a topic frequently asked in essay writing for school children. Let us guide your children on how to write an essay on christmas in english with some important facts about the festival.


While writing an essay on christmas for class 1, 2 and 3, children may face some challenges while gathering facts and putting their opinions and experiences in words. In this article, we will help you make this easy for your preschooler.


Key Points to Remember When Writing a Christmas Essay for Classes 1, 2 and 3

Essay writing is a good exercise in building writing skills. These points will help you in writing an essay on Christmas.

  • Have a good structure for the article. Include an introduction and concluding paragraph.
  • For short essays on the subject, stick to simple facts about Christmas, and write about your favourite aspects.
  • When you are asked to write a long essay, think of the points that need to go into it.
  • Start with a general introduction about the topic and explain the essential points in the body of the essay. End with a conclusion about what makes Christmas fun for everyone.

10 Lines on Christmas for Classes 1, 2 and 3

Writing in short and simple lines is the simplest form of essay for children of class 1 to write about Christmas. They can combine facts about Christmas with their favourite aspect of the festival. Here is an example of a 10-line essay on the topic:

  1. Christmas is a vibrant and popular festival celebrated around the world.
  2. Christmas is celebrated on December 25 every year.
  3. We visit our friends and relatives during the Christmas holidays and have lots of fun.
  4. My brother and I always wait for the Christmas vacation because it is filled with joy and sweet treats.
  5. On Christmas Eve, the carollers visit from house to house to sing carols.
  6. On Christmas, we wish all our friends a ‘Merry Christmas!’
  7. We bake delicious cakes and cookies for Christmas to share with our neighbours and friends.
  8. I always get a Christmas tree at home and decorate it with lights and toys.
  9. My friends and I exchange gifts on Christmas day and celebrate the festival together.
  10. We also host a Christmas party and wear our new clothes to celebrate the festival.

Short Essay on Christmas

To write a short paragraph on Christmas, children need to think about what can be added to the essay to maintain a good flow. The introduction and conclusion can be merged into the main body to keep the essay intact. Here is an example of a small essay on Christmas in 150 words.


Christmas is a festival celebrated across the globe. It is celebrated on December 25. It is believed that Jesus Christ was born on this day in Bethlehem. Christmas is a popular festival and a short holiday season in most parts of the world. We gather with families during the festival and celebrate it with joy. Everyone feels the spirit of Christmas around the end of the year. The festival is filled with joy and merriment.

We celebrate Christmas by exchanging presents with neighbours and friends. We get a beautiful Christmas tree at home and decorate it with lights and ornaments. Many people also dress up as Santa Claus to distribute sweets and presents, especially to kids. Christmas is a fun holiday season and I wait for it excitedly throughout the year!


Long Essay On Christmas in English For Kids

A long essay on Christmas for class 3 can have more details and facts about the festival. The essay’s body can combine facts about the festival and their favourite parts. Students can then add small introductory and concluding paragraphs to complete the write-up.

Christmas is a well-known festival and a very popular holiday season worldwide. The festival is celebrated during the last week of the year on December 25. It is believed that Jesus Christ was born on this day. The festival is on December 25, but the celebrations start earlier. People begin to prepare by getting presents for their friends and family and bringing home the Christmas tree and decorations. 


The Christmas season begins with Thanksgiving in November. On Thanksgiving, people get together to show their appreciation to God for all the blessings in their lives. Christmas is about a month after Thanksgiving, and the weeks in between are filled with Christmas spirit with everyone preparing for the big day.

Every year I am most excited about the presents I get on Christmas day. Santa Claus is said to go around the world on his flying sledge pulled by reindeer on Christmas Eve. He goes to every child’s house and delivers the present they wished for in the weeks before Christmas. 


On Christmas morning, I run to the Christmas tree to find my presents and have an amazing time unwrapping them. The fun continues throughout the day as I call up my friends and relatives to wish them a Merry Christmas! Then I prepare for the evening party by baking delicious cookies and cakes with my family. We invite our friends and neighbours to the party and have a great time throughout the evening.

Over time Christmas has become infused with popular culture as many people around the world participate in the celebration. Most people decorate Christmas trees and offer presents to family and friends. The celebratory part of the festival symbolises unity among people. To conclude, Christmas is a fantastic time of the year for everyone, with the new year just around the corner.


What Will Your 1st, 2nd or 3rd Grader Learn From This Essay On Christmas?

Christmas is the time for fun, holidays, and a season all children look forward to. Children will love to write about this festival. For children, this is a topic where their imagination can run free and write all their favourite aspects about the season. Children will also learn about Christmas as they research the topic to write an essay.

The examples presented here are meant to give children an idea about how they can write an essay about Christmas. They can also add more detail to it and use their imagination to make it creative or factual as they please. Essay writing is a fun way of expressing our thoughts and ideas about a topic, and the examples presented here are a good start for children.


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