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Essay On Cricket For Class 1, 2 and 3 Kids

When it comes to a sport in India that’s loved by everyone, there’s only one that truly stands out, and that’s Cricket! Cricket’s become more of a religion, where every house has a few members who just can’t get enough of the game. So, it’s really no surprise that teachers will ask the students to write an essay on cricket, as practice. Essay writing is an important skill students need to learn, so they can organize their thoughts and present them coherently. Cricket is a topic most students will love to write about, since they themselves will have so much to share! In this article, you can look at how to write an essay on Cricket in English, for classes 1,2 and 3, with increasing difficulty levels.


Key Points to Note when Writing an Essay on Cricket for Lower Primary Classes

Remember these important tips before you write a paragraph on cricket:

  • Cricket is a sport that most people know and love. Therefore, give more weightage to the ‘feel’ of playing the game rather than obvious facts.
  • When writing short-form essays, keep the details about the sport very simple.
  • When wiring short essays concentrate on why cricket is your favorite game, merge the introduction and conclusion with the first and last paragraphs.
  • When writing a long-form essay, split the words into an introduction, the main body of the essay, and a conclusion.
  • Start the introduction with some simple facts about the game, and talk about relatable aspects in the body of the essay. Conclude with a summary of how cricket evolved.

‘My Favorite Game Is Cricket’ Essay For Children

The essay for class 1 and class 2 students are often in the form of one-line essays. These are easy to write and build the foundation for essay writing. Here is an example of a 10-line essay on cricket:

  1. Cricket is truly the most popular sport in India, and is an outdoor game that is enjoyed by everyone.
  2. The game is played by two teams of 11 players, each with a bat and a ball.
  3. Cricket is usually played in a big playground. But people love it so much that small teams and groups play it on the roads and wherever there is enough space!
  4. Cricket is also my favorite sport to watch. I always sit and watch cricket with my family.
  5. In the evenings I go out to play cricket with my friends. We can play cricket all day without getting bored.
  6. My favorite cricket player is Virat Kohli. He is inspiring and one of the best cricket players in the world.
  7. In cricket, I am good at batting and bowling. I always get the first chance to bat when I play with my friends.
  8. I got a cricket set for my birthday last year, and I clean it and take care of it every day.
  9. It is everyone’s dream to become a top cricketer and play for the Indian cricket team.
  10. Someday I am sure I will become the best cricketer in my school.

Short Essay On ‘Cricket’

A small paragraph on cricket is a simple essay. Children can write about what makes cricket their favorite game and some general facts about the sport. Here is an example for a short cricket essay:

Cricket is my favorite sport in the world. It is played by everyone in my school and every school in the country. It is the most exciting game in the country, and everybody loves watching cricket matches. Indian people have so much zest for cricket that they can play it anywhere – in small fields, roads, gullies, and anywhere they can bowl and bat! I never get tired of playing cricket, and it is the only game we play after school and during the holidays.


Although cricket is the most beloved game in the country, its origins are in England. Two teams play the game with 11 players each. The team that wins the toss can then make the choice to bat or to bowl. Two players from the batting team are on the pitch while 11 players from the opposing team surround them in the field. People who play cricket outside the fields don’t always have 11 players each. When I play with my friends, the group splits into two teams. If only 8 friends show up to play, each team will have 4 boys.

To summarize, cricket is a game loved by children and adults alike. Whether it is played in a stadium or on the street, the thrill of the game is always high.


Long Paragraph On ‘Cricket’ For Kids

While writing long essays, it’s important to have the content pre-planned to maintain the narrative. Here is an example of a long paragraph essay on cricket for class 3:

If you live in India, chances are you are a huge cricket fan! No other game in the country is as loved, or no other sport is as popularly played as cricket. Despite originating in England, cricket found its home in modern-day India. This game was once played by high-ranking officials, expats, and royalty. Now it is the most played sport in stadiums, playgrounds, and even the local streets!


Cricket’s popularity in the media is also one of the reasons the game became so successful in the country. Every young boy, at some point, would have dreamed of becoming a cricket superstar who plays for the Indian cricket team. Not surprisingly, the competition to join the regional, state, and national teams is also high. All schools have cricket teams and cricket clubs that play in the Interschool competitions. Outstanding players also become little celebrities in schools, colleges, and institutions. Everybody loves the person in class who can play great cricket!

Coming to the game, cricket is played by two teams with 11 players each. The match is set in a large stadium, and the captain from each team steps forward for the coin toss. The winning team can choose to bat or to bowl. The batting team sets a score that the bowling team has to chase. The game is watched by thousands of spectators on the venue and millions more on TV. Over the years, cricket duration has changed from 50 overs to 20 overs.


The sport attracts many people and is loved by everyone. Children play it in the streets while grownups play it in the playgrounds. The game has almost a magical allure to people of all ages. Every time a match is going on, everybody wants to stay updated on the scores of their favorite team. Whether it is a victory or a loss, the fans take it personally. Families spend a lot of quality time together glued to the TV while kids get plenty of healthy exercise playing cricket outdoors. In the recent past, even women’s cricket teams have gained popularity showing just how much everybody loves it.

What Your Child Will Learn From The Essay On ‘Cricket’?

Cricket is a favorite essay topic among many students as it is a fun game they can relate to. By studying these essays, they can learn how to write about the game in the form of an interesting essay. The examples show how facts about the game can be combined with the perspective of the players to write a highly relatable essay.


Cricket is a game that is loved by all. An essay on this topic should cover basic facts about the game, and little details that people who have played the game can relate to. As an essay writing topic, cricket is a highly enjoyable topic, and the examples above give students a clear idea about how to write an essay that readers can enjoy.

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