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How To Write An Essay On Holi For Classes 1, 2 and 3

Essay writing is a very important activity for kids, and the sooner it is introduced, the better it is for them. A perfect beginning to essay writing for kids can be through a short paragraph, rather than an elaborate essay, on a familiar topic, such as Holi. Writing a simple short paragraph will help develop creative thinking and improve their vocabulary and writing skills. Let us guide your child here to write a beautiful Holi Essay in English for Classes 1, 2 & 3. An essay on the festival of Holi will be an important piece of creative writing that will be useful to your child even later in life. More importantly, your child will have more knowledge about the festival, which is so close to the rich culture of India.


Key Points to Remember When Writing an Essay on Holi for Classes 1, 2 and 3

When writing an essay on Holi in junior school, your child must remember certain important points. Some of them are:

  • Importance of Holi in India
  • The time of the year Holi is celebrated
  • Who celebrates Holi
  • What people do on Holi
  • The type of delicacies people eat on Holi
  • Significance of Holi

10 Lines on Holi Festival for Kids

Writing about Holi is always special, as this festival of colours is very close to the rich heritage of India. Here are a few lines to write about the festival:

  1. Holi is a very exciting festival.
  2. Holi marks the beginning of spring.
  3. Holi is celebrated in March.
  4. The Indian festival, Holi, is celebrated all over the world.
  5. A day before Holi, Chhoti Holi is celebrated by lighting bonfires after sunset and offering prayers.
  6. Holi is celebrated by playing with colours.
  7. People sing and dance with joy and relish sweets and thandai.
  8. Holi celebrates the conquest of good over evil.
  9. People of all ages celebrate Holi.
  10. Holi is a symbol of love and brotherhood.

Short Essay on Holi for Kids

India is a country that celebrates countless festivals, different cultures, and faiths. Holi is a very special festival in India. Well known as the festival of colours, it is filled with fun and festivities. Here’s a short paragraph on Holi:

Though Holi has its origin in India, it has been celebrated in regions all over the world for years. This festival of colours is celebrated in March, and it signifies the end of the chilly winter days and the arrival of the pleasant spring season. People celebrate this festival with colours, song and dance, sweets and thandai or cold drinks. This is a festival of brotherhood and love. Holi is a festival that signifies the power of good over evil, the triumph of the holy power over the evil power.


We will cover this bright festival in more detail in the section below.

Long Essay on Holi for Children

Holi is a popular festival in India. Writing a beautiful essay on Holi in 300 words will be a piece of cake if your child understands and has experienced the festival. Here’s how a 3rd grader can write this piece.


Holi is a very exciting festival in India. Popularly known as the festival of colours, it is a beloved festival among children and grownups alike. This festival originated in India. Though it is mainly celebrated in India, it has been celebrated by many people scattered all over the world over the years. Holi marks the end of the winter days and the beginning of positive, vibrant days of the spring season. Holi is usually celebrated in March. According to the Hindu calendar, the festival of Holi starts in the evening of Purnima (full moon). On this evening, people light a fire known as Holika Dahan. They sing bhajans of Holi around this fire. This bonfire is symbolic of the triumph of God power over the power of evil. To understand the symbolic significance, you need to understand the story behind Holika Dahan.

An evil king named Hiranyakashyap, after being blessed by Lord Brahma, became so arrogant that he ordered everyone residing in his kingdom to worship him instead of God. Everyone obeyed him, except Prahlad, an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. So the king decided, along with his sister, to kill Prahlad. This sister’s name was Holika, and she had a blessing that any fire could never touch her. So Holika sat in the fire with Prahlad on her lap. Holika was burned to ashes, and Prahlad was saved by his Lord Vishnu, marking the victory of good over evil.


The second and third days are Chhoti Holi and Rangwali Holi when people smear colours on each other. They enjoy special sweets known as gujiyas and malpuas along with thandai or cold drinks. People of all ages come together to celebrate the festival with lots of enthusiasm. They wish each other Happy Holi, smear colours on each other’s faces, and soak the essence of Holi. Children fill their water guns, aka pichkaris, water balloons, buckets full of watercolour, and have so much fun! They sing and dance and have a merry time. However, while playing with colours, choosing natural organically sourced colours are always advisable over chemically processed ones to prevent infections and allergies.

During Holi, people also sing religious songs and play musical instruments like the dholak and kirtal. In the evenings, people often visit their friends and family. This is a day when everyone forgets their grudges and embraces each other with love. On the occasion of Holi, Indians also celebrate the love of Radha and Krishna. One can witness grand Holi celebrations in Mathura and Vrindavan, two of the pilgrimage hubs in India. Here, the primary colours, blue, red and green played in Holi, have deeper meanings. Blue stands for Lord Krishna, red stands for fertility and love, and green stands for new beginnings. Holi is thus a celebration of love and brotherhood.


What Your Child Will Learn From Writing an Essay on Holi?

Essay writing is a very important activity that is crucial in your child’s development. When your child thinks about the points they will cover while writing an essay on Holi, they are improving their thought process and creativity. While putting the thoughts on paper, your child’s knowledge of framing sentences also improves along with grammar and vocabulary. The Holi festival composition is one of the most enriching essays that your child can write. It gives them a very elaborate experience of a unique festival in India, strengthens their bond with centuries-old culture, and reminds them of the fun that the festival brings.

Along with the development of your child’s intellectual process, writing about Holi will connect them more deeply with the festival. And, because Holi touches everyone’s hearts with colours, love, and positivity, it is one of the most awaited festivals in the country. Writing an essay on Holi will instil these aspects in your child. Need we say more?


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