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Frozen Story For Kids 

Frozen is an incredibly well-liked English story amongst kids. The Frozen story is about the royal sisters of Arendelle, Elsa, and Anna. Elsa has a superpower of being able to freeze things. In a twisted and captivating plot, Elsa accidentally unleashes a snowstorm in the entire country when she becomes queen! Along with snow and magic, the story ‘Frozen’ leads us on a journey into the true meaning of love and sisterhood in addition to an ice fantasy. Join the adventure, meet enchanted trolls, have fun with a goofy snowman, and wait in suspense to see if the sisters will be able to save the kingdom in time. The Frozen story with pictures is also available as an exciting bedtime storybook for kids.


Origin And History Of Frozen

‘Frozen’ is the product of Disney and the highest-grossing animated story of all time. Who knew that the tale behind Disney’s icy adventure was so magical? ‘The Snow Queen’, a story written by Hans Christian Andersen, served as the inspiration for ‘Frozen’.


Story Type Of Frozen Story

The short story Frozen is a fairy tale. It was typically created for kids and includes fantastic creatures like elves, goblins, wizards, and sometimes even fairies.


Story Characters

  • Elsa: Elsa is a legend because she is fantastic, magnificent, and has magical powers.
  • Anna: Unflappable and the eternally upbeat Anna is the ideal fairytale princess.
  • Kristof: An ice harvester by trade and a tough mountain man, Kristoff was a lonely man with his reindeer friend, Sven, the reindeer.
  • Olaf: Created by Elsa’s magic, he is unquestionably the most amiable snowman in Arendelle. He is innocent, friendly, and adores everything summer.
  • Sven: Sven, a reindeer with a Labrador heart, is Kristoff’s devoted companion, sleigh-puller, and conscience.
  • Prince Hans: Hans, a dashing prince from a nearby kingdom, travels to Arendelle for Elsa’s coronation.

Frozen Story For Children

Princess Anna of Arendelle and Princess Elsa of Arendelle were sisters and best friends. Anna was one of the few people aware of Elsa’s ability to produce snow and ice.

Frozen Story For Children

Elsa is sleeping


Anna: “Wake up!” Wake up!” (annoying)

Elsa: Go away, Anna!

Anna: Do you want to build a snowman?

Elsa: YES! (jumps out of bed)


Elsa fills the ballroom with snow for the sisters to play together. During the game, Elsa loses control and unintentionally hits Anna with a blow of ice power, and Anna suffers severe wounds.


King: Elsa, what have you done? This situation is out of control!

Little Elsa: It was an accident. I’m sorry, Anna. [looks down at Anna in her arms] [The King and the Queen embrace Anna]


Queen: She’s very cold.

King: I know where to go.

They take Elsa to the magical trolls. The elderly mountain trolls agree to help her parents.


A Grand Papi suggested that Anna might be saved because she had been struck in the head rather than the heart. As the years went by, Anna forgot about the mishap.


Their parents walled up the castle to conceal Elsa’s magical powers from the outside world and never let the public inside. Elsa could not control her powers and would feel helpless about it in the wake of strong emotions. As she didn’t want to hurt her sister, Elsa decided to quit playing with Anna. As a result, Anna experiences agonizing loneliness.

The girls lose their parents to a turbulent sea, and now they have only each other to look up to.

Many years later, the time to do Elsa’s coronation has come. For the special day, the castle is unlocked for locals, and Elsa makes a valiant effort to keep her feelings and magic hidden.

At the celebration, Anna meets the charming prince Hans of Southern Isles. They appeared to have nothing in common, but still, they decided to get married. However, Elsa is opposed to this and believes their marriage wasn’t a good idea.

Elsa: Marriage? I’m sorry, I am confused.

Anna: Yes, Well, I Haven’t worked out the details, but we could live here happily.

Elsa: Wait, No, No, No.

Anna: May I talk to you alone?

Anna is angry and starts to argue. Elsa panics and is unable to control her emotions and fear, leading to ice mayhem. Elsa’s magic is a shock for everyone, as everyone in Arendelle now knows about Elsa’s secret. She panics and escapes away to the mountains.

Despite being summer, Elsa’s powers cause a deadly winter storm and endanger Arendelle. Anna takes off after Elsa, putting Hans in power over the entire kingdom. As she rushes into the violent storm, Anna’s horse shoves her into the snow and bolts back to Arendelle. Fortunately, she runs into Kristoff and his reindeer, Sven. Together, they go ahead to find Elsa. As they make their way up the snow mountain, Anna and Kristoff come upon a breathtaking snow paradise. They discover Olaf, a magical snowman. Olaf wants to help them bring summer back, and he knows where Elsa is.

snowman - Olaf

Olaf takes Anna and Kristoff to a magnificent ice palace that Elsa had constructed with her powers. Meeting Elsa, Anna tells Elsa about the terrible storm in Adrendelle.

Elsa: Anna, You need to go.

Anna: But I just got here

Elsa: you belong in Arendelle; I am no good for you all. Goodbye Anna!!

Anna urges Elsa to come back home, but Elsa is too terrified of hurting more people. As the sisters argue, an ice wave of power emerges from Elsa’s body and strikes Anna. Elsa uses her abilities to make a huge snowman to frighten away Anna and her pals from the palace.

Anna is now worried as her hair starts turning white even though they manage to escape the snowman. Kristoff takes Anna to the trolls and is forewarned that Anna will remain frozen until Elsa’s enchantment is overpowered by something strong, like a genuine act of love that can thaw a frozen heart.

Grand Papi (Troll): I am sorry, Kristoff. If it was her head, that would be easy, but only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart.

Anna: An act of true love?

Troll: A true love kiss, perhaps.

Anna knew she loved Hans with all her heart and made her way to him. Hans and his troops attack Elsa at the ice palace and detain her in the dungeon.

When Anna arrives in Arendelle, she begs Hans to save her with a true love kiss, but he declines as he had pretended to love her. He wanted to get rid of Anna and Elsa to take over Arendelle. Hans leaves a shivering Anna behind, where Olaf finds her and helps her warm up, but Anna grows weaker and weaker. Elsa is devastated and is sorry for not being able to keep her sister safe. She hugs Anna and genuinely feels sorry for her state. Elsa’s tears and her true act of love towards her sister melt away the frozen heart, and Anna comes back to life.

Elsa: Anna (as she comes to life)

Anna: Oh, Elsa

Elsa: You sacrificed yourself for me.

Anna: I love you

Olaf: An act of true love will thaw the frozen heart.

Elsa: love will thaw…..Love. Of course.

Anna: I knew You could.

The kingdom is saved because of genuine sibling affection. The two sisters are again great friends, and summer is restored at Arendelle. Olaf gets his snow cloud from Elsa to keep him from melting. Kristof and Sven become the official ice bearers of Arendelle, and the castle gates are wide open to the public.

Frozen Story

Story Summary

The summary of Frozen is as follows.

Princess Elsa of the Kingdom of Arendelle, whose younger sister Anna adores playing with her, can make and freeze ice and snow. When Elsa mistakenly strikes Anna in the head, nearly killing her, their parents take them to trolls, who save Anna’s life and make her forget her sister’s ability. Elsa arrives back at the castle and withdraws into her room out of concern that her growing power may harm Anna. When their parent’s ship sinks into the water, and three years later, Elsa’s coronation makes her throw open the palace gates so that everyone can celebrate with her. At the party, Anna meets prince Hans, falls in love with him immediately, and resolves to wed him. However, Elsa objects, loses control of her powers, and freezes Arendelle. Anna joins forces with the peasant Kristoff, his reindeer Sven, and the snowman Olaf to track down Elsa as she flees to the mountain. She accidentally strikes Anna in the heart when they find her in her frozen castle, and now only real love can save her sister from death. In the end, true love between the sisters saves them and their kingdom.

What Lesson Will Your Child Learn From This Story?

The story Frozen has the following lessons to educate children

  • The lesson of the story Frozen is “To have courage and compassion” displayed by Anna’s efforts to bring back her sister and help the people of Arendelle.
  • The story also advocates the idea that “your actions affect others”. Elsa had magical powers with ice, but she was unable to control her powers and unintentionally hurt her sister.
  • The story portrays the power of sacrifice. Throughout the story, each character develops the noble quality of being prepared to sacrifice for the sake of others.

How Can Children Apply The Lesson Of The Story In Their Real Life?

Along with the gorgeous storyline, magical ensembles, and creative cast of characters, Frozen short story has some profound lessons for kids to learn.

  • Importance of family and family values: Sibling love and compassion can make life happier and easier for everyone.
  • Embrace your uniqueness and stop trying to fit in: Children should embrace themselves and their capabilities. This improves their confidence and helps them in the long run.
  • Always share your emotions and develop control over them: Kids should be able to speak freely and not hold their feelings so that it does not affect them emotionally.

Apart from the immeasurable success of the story Frozen, what resonates with children is the truth1 that this story teaches about life. All the life lessons of compassion and courage are well blended along with the magical and adventurous journey of two sisters from Arendelle.

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