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Important Spelling Words For Kids To Improve Language Skills

The ability to correctly write or name the letters of a word is known as spelling. Spelling English words is an important component of learning the language. A child needs to be able to spell words correctly to enhance their language skills. The ability to spell helps a child create a strong relationship between the characters and their sounds. Kids are more likely to identify familiar terms in new texts, spell them correctly, and use them effectively when writing.


Benefits of Learning Spelling Words For Children

Learning to spell correctly has many benefits, like improvement in communication skills. This builds confidence in children and helps in their overall development. Here are some more advantages of teaching kids to spell.

  1. Enhances Writing and Reading Abilities: The ability to read and write is strongly tied to spelling. A child’s reading and writing skills improve as they learn to spell more words.
  2. Enhances Vocabulary: Your child may increase their vocabulary as they get better at spelling the words they read or write.
  3. Aids in Identifying Learning Disabilities: Inability to identify certain letters consistently could denote a learning disability. Early intervention can assist kids with learning disabilities manage or even resolving the issue.
  4. Be Self-Reliant With Spellings: We can’t rely on computers to verify our spelling as they too make mistakes. Thus, being self-reliant with spellings is a must.
  5. Building Confidence: Spelling words accurately ensure the writing is flawless, and that builds confidence in kids.

List of Common Spelling Words And Spelling Bee Words For Kids To Learn

For your child to complete in their own time, you may print the following list of basic and easy spelling words. These spelling words for kindergarten can be used in various spelling activities. Given below are more spelling words for class 1, 2 and 3.

Upon Jug Bottle
Diet Tiffin Grass
Study Swipe Sit
Family Brother Sister
Dog Unicorn Life
Tear Tier Sauce
Table Song Club
Deer Dear Fan
Bulb Refrigerator Society
Manners School Vehicle
Maths English India
Country Religion Fresh
Potato Tomato Market
Car Complain Discover
Watch Write Aloud
Opposed Practical Feature
Movie Yellow Orange
Glimpse Minute Horse
Bedroom Child Flower
Dream Sleep Wake
Morning Cloud Rain
Sweet Sour Emphasis
Probability Chair Closet
Lion Elephant Beautiful
Thank You Sorry Excuse
Limit Speed Humidity
Beach Mountain Climb
Forest Red Purple

Easy Tips To Learn And Practice Spelling Words For Kids

Depending on the child’s personality and interest, one should devise some spelling tips and tricks to teach their children to spell correctly. Listed below are a few strategies on how to teach spelling words to a child.

1. Emphasise The Challenging Words

Children get confused with the use of ‘e’ and ‘i’ in some words. For instance, ‘thief’ and ‘weird’. You can underline these terms in their notebooks to remind kids to focus on them when reading.


2. Divide Words Into Sections

The simplest technique to teach spelling to kids is to divide a difficult word into smaller, more manageable terms that they can quickly learn to spell. For example, ‘television’ – break the word into ‘tele’ and ‘vision’ and child will remember it instantly.

3. Repeat and Revise

Write down a word and then make three columns in front of it. The word must be written by the kids in the first two columns referring to the correct spelling. After that, they must review or memorise the spelling of the given word and practice writing it in the remaining column based on their memory. Once the child has written the word without assistance, they are good to go.


4. Connect Words and Pictures

Use visuals or pictures to assist children in spelling. For the spelling of ‘television’, show them a picture of the television along with the correct spelling.

5. Stress On Proper Pronunciation

Call attention to words when reading so that your child can pick up the habit of pronouncing correctly.


6. Write On Your Palm

Ask them to trace the words on their hands or any other part of their body rather than writing them down on paper. Children learn how words are written by repeatedly writing them in unique ways.

7. Sing Them Out

One of the best methods to ensure that your child learns the spelling of a word is to make a song out of it. Kids who compete in spelling bees often employ this strategy to great effect.


Activities To Learn Spelling Words For Children

Using age-appropriate teaching strategies for spelling is essential to ensure that the child easily picks up new words. This article offers you some enjoyable and original methods for teaching your child spelling and also provides some spelling examples.

1. Rethink/Connect The Words

Playing this small game with your kids can make learning spelling more enjoyable. Give them a word to work with, and then ask them to create a new word using the last letter. Make them either write or speak the words out loud. For example: If they write the word ‘CAT’, the next word should start with the letter ‘T’, so, ‘TEA’, and so on.


2. Create Flip Cards

Provide your kid with the letter cut-outs and a word’s picture. The word’s picture can be pasted on one side of the flip card. Let the kid hunt for the letters from a pool of letter cut-outs that form the word for that picture. Ask your kid to paste those selected letters together on the other side of the card.

3. Words Puzzle

Kids may learn to spell using word search games. Give them a grid with a variety of words on it. To make it more challenging, set a timer, and watch as they scramble to come up with new words. You may also utilise books, magazines, or newspapers for a word search.


4. Pass The Ball

Have the children stand in a circle with you in the centre. Say a word for them to spell out loud. The kids will pass a ball to each other while spelling the word one letter at a time. The kid who says the wrong spelling will have to leave the ring. The game makes learning fun and easy while also ensuring lots of laughter.

Learning to spell words is a crucial developmental milestone for children. Maybe that is why many parents ask how to teach their children the correct spelling of words. It’s crucial to know when to expose a kid to the idea of spelling as per their learning abilities and age.

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