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My Father Essay For Class 1, 2 and 3 Kids

Essay writing is a very important activity for the development of your child. And, some of the easiest topics they can write on can be about their families, such as an essay on ‘My Father’. When your child writes an essay, they first think about all the points related to the topic. Then, they express those thoughts on paper in short and simple sentences. This develops their thinking process, helps them learn the basics of grammar, and improves their writing skills and creativity. Also, for a child, their father is often the most important person in the child’s life, along with the mother. Therefore, the essay is bound to have a personal touch, which makes it indeed more special. Here are a few pointers that kids in Class 1, 2, and 3 can use to write an essay on ‘My Father’ and ensure their piece stands out.

Key Points to Remember When Writing an Essay on ‘My Father’ for Lower Primary Classes

Let us cover some main points that your child should consider while writing an essay on this topic:

  • The father’s name.
  • What the father does for a living.
  • What the father does at home.
  • How the father is with everyone at home.
  • How the father spends his off days.
  • The lessons the father gives the child.
  • The child’s bond with their father.

10 Lines on ‘My Father’ In English

Besides the mother, the father is the most important person in a child’s life. The bonding between a father and child is a very special one. Below are ten lines on ‘My Father’ essay for Class 1 and Class 2.

  1. My father’s name is Mr XYZ.
  2. He is a businessman.
  3. He is very organised and clean.
  4. He is very loving and kind.
  5. He is also very disciplined.
  6. My father is hardworking.
  7. He loves animals.
  8. He loves plants.
  9. He is very helpful and cooperative.
  10. He motivates me.

Short Essay on ‘My Father’

As mentioned earlier, the father is a significant member of every family, and the child observes everything the father does. So, how can a child express their observation about their father? Through an essay, of course. Here’s an example for you.

My father’s name is Mr XYZ. He owns a business. He is passionate about his work. He is a well-organised person. He is punctual. My father does yoga every morning. He keeps everything clean in the house. He respects everyone. He is very hardworking. He takes care of all of us in the family. My father loves animals and helps them. He helps poor people also. My father is very kind. He is active throughout the day. He is courageous. When he sees anything wrong, he speaks up. He is a strict follower of honesty. He has principles, and he follows them. My father is the pillar of support and strength for our family. He is always there for us. He teaches us good manners. He is jolly and makes us laugh, too. My father is a very good person.

Long Essay on ‘My Father’ for Kids

For a child, writing a long-form essay becomes easier when they have the points ready. Once your child has followed the tips given above, they can try their hand at writing a long essay, too. Here’s an example.

My father’s name is Mr XYZ. He owns a business. He is very passionate about his work. My father is also extremely punctual and well-organised. He encourages my brother and me to maintain time. He shows us how to keep our clothes, books, and stationery organised. My father is an honest man. He gives us examples of how honesty is the best policy. My father is active throughout the day. He says that laziness is our enemy.

My father takes care of my mother, brother, and my grandparents. He respects every person, whether they are adults or children. He obeys our grandparents with so much respect. He says that when he was a child, they took great care of him. So, now it is his turn to take care of them. He takes a lot of care of our furry friend, Julie, too. My brother and I accompany my father every night when he goes out to feed the strays in our community. He also gives grains to pigeons every morning. Sometimes some cows pass by, and we feed them. He says that animals cannot seek help because they cannot speak. So, humans must help them. My father also distributes blankets to homeless people every winter.

My father loves plants. Last year he encouraged us to collect seeds of all the mangoes we ate. Then we balled them with mud and stored them in a sack in the corner of our garden. Then one day, my father took us on a long drive. We stopped at intervals and threw those seeds far away. My father says that some of these seeds will grow into trees one day.

My father is a simple man. He says it’s always good to live a simple life. He helps my brother and me with our studies. He always motivates us. He motivates my mother to do well in her business, too. He never scolds us if we don’t do well in an exam. Instead, he motivates us and says that we should always give our hundred percent in the preparation, and after that, we should not be bothered about the results. My father also often says that mistakes are lessons. We should always learn from them and not repeat them. He helps my mother with all the household chores. He also helps her in the kitchen.

My father makes delicious food. The steamed dumplings he makes are my favourite. Every weekend he takes us for a picnic. My brother, Julie, and I have a lot of fun at the picnics. Whenever he gets some time, he also joins us when we play on our lawn. My father is our support system. My brother and I can discuss anything with him. He doesn’t scold us. If we do anything we shouldn’t do, he explains to us politely. My father is my superhero. I love my father.

What Your 1st, 2nd or 3rd Grader Will Learn From Writing the Essay?

Essay writing is an activity that will help your child in the long run. It will develop many faculties in your child. When your child is asked to write an essay on their dad, they will first think about the points they want to write. Then, they will put those thoughts on paper in short and simple sentences. Writing a composition on ‘My Father’ will help the child understand the value of their father more prominently. So, writing a descriptive essay about their father becomes a very special activity for the child.

Essay writing will help your child even in later academic years. When your child starts writing compositions from an early age, they develop better writing skills. This is very beneficial for the child. When writing an essay on ‘My Father’, the child will reflect on their bond with their father and the many things their father does to make their life better. Encourage your little one to write a short or long paragraph on this topic which is always so special for a child.

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