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Essay On My Neighbour For Classes 1, 2 And 3

A neighbourhood is where many families reside next to each other amicably. Living close to each other, it is one’s neighbours who are always around, be it for having fun together or when in need of help. Children of lower primary classes learn to express their feelings about their families, friends and close ones. It is important to instil values of brethren towards their neighbours too so that they learn to be friendly with them and understand how to be a good neighbour. To write an essay on their neighbours, children will have to demonstrate their language and grammar skills as they think about new ideas, express them in words and articulate their feelings in the composition. It might sound like a challenging assignment. Let us make it easy for your child with these ideas.

Key Points to Remember When Writing an Essay on My Neighbour for Class 1, 2 and 3 Kids

Describing their neighbours in an essay could leave children a little perplexed. They may know who their neighbours are; however, writing about them could be a little overwhelming. So if you are wondering how to help children, here are some tips on how to write an essay on neighbours, which may help:

  • Start the essay with an impressive opening paragraph to get the readers interested and keep reading. Every successive paragraph should build from the one preceding it and focus on the central theme.
  • Support the main idea with examples and anecdotes, which add some strength to the content.
  • Every paragraph must focus on a particular aspect. For example – one paragraph could talk about the number of members in the household, and the next could speak about how each one is a distinct personality.
  • A paragraph could be dedicated to how neighbours play an integral role in one’s life. The concluding paragraph could talk about how essential it is to have good relations with neighbours to live in a society.

10 Lines on ‘My Neighbour’ in English

An essay for Class 1 on neighbours needs to be crisp and precise. A Class 1 student cannot be expected to write volumes and must be guided to write in simple and short sentences. This sample of a few lines on the topic ‘My Neighbour’ will be a good start for Class 1 students to write an essay:

  1. A neighbour is the closest person with whom we have regular social contact.
  2. They are friends in times of need, joy and sorrow.
  3. Having a good neighbour is a blessing.
  4. We are blessed to have good neighbours like the Kumars.
  5. They’re a small family – Mr Kumar, Mrs Kumar and their son Aakash are like a part of our family.
  6. Friendly, smiling and caring, they always greet us happily.
  7. They are helpful whenever we have a problem in our house, like a leakage or power cut.
  8. Aakash is a little older than me but plays with me like a brother.
  9. The Kumars always share food and sweets with us on special occasions.
  10. We do not miss our family back home with a family like the Kumars as our neighbours.

Short Essay on ‘My Neighbour’ in 200 Words

A short essay on neighbours requires writing a detailed paragraph. Children can collect their thoughts, describe them in a few lines and try to connect the lines in a paragraph or two without missing any important point. Here is a sample essay for children of lower primary classes.

Neighbours play a very important role in one’s life. They are the people who help us all the time. We are lucky to have neighbours who make life simple. Our neighbours, the Joshis are a joint family, living with their two daughters and parents. Senior Mr and Mrs Joshi are very loving. They shower a lot of affection on my family. The Joshi daughters, Shruti and Smriti, are my friends. Smriti and I go to the same school and are classmates. Mr and Mrs Joshi both work. They always invite my family to their home for any special occasion. They love celebrating festivals. They always make sure we are invited to celebrate with them and send us sweets and delicious dishes. They stood by us when we lost our pet dog and helped us during that time of sorrow. I love spending time with the Joshis as they always look after us and treat us well. We are lucky to have such friendly and welcoming neighbours who live with us like a family.

Long Essay On My Neighbour for Kids

As children progress to Class 3, they would be nearly 7 years old. By now, they are expected to be more expressive and use clear language to articulate their ideas when engaging in essay writing. Here is a sample composition on ‘My Neighbour’ that may help them:

Neighbours are an extended family. They can be a backbone for a family as they reside nearby. In today’s time, neighbours have become very important to communal living as people no longer live with their extended families. Most of us live in nuclear families, and we rely on people who live next door to us for any help and to be with us during times of joy and sorrow.

Our neighbours, the Nairs, are one such family. Like a close-knit family, the Nairs and us live right next to each other, and it is just one common wall that separates our homes. But through these walls and doors, we share a lot in common and are best friends.

The Nairs are a nuclear family like ours with their extended family in Kerala. Both Mr and Mrs Nair work in Infosys and are busy with their work. They have a son, Nirav, who is 6 years old and goes to the same school as me. My mother is a housewife and drops me off at the bus stop to school. My mother often drops Nirav along with me too. Mrs Nair is always grateful for this and makes sure that she thanks my mother every day.

Whenever there is a function or special occasion – be it a birthday, anniversary or festival, Mr and Mrs Nair personally come home to invite us and extend their greetings. Mrs Nair is a good cook and often sends some delicious food over the weekends. Mr Nair is also very skilled at fixing things. From fixing the broken bulb to plugging the leak in the kitchen sink, he has always been a great help to my father. My mother learns many new recipes from Mrs Nair, and they are best friends.

Nirav is a year older than me and is just like an older brother to me. He is respectful, well-mannered and friendly, and I have learnt a lot from him. He is very good at art and helps me with my art projects. It is indeed a pleasure and blessing to have neighbours like the Nairs, and we are always glad to know them as friends and call them our extended family away from home.

What Will Your Child Learn from an Essay on Neighbours?

Writing an essay on neighbours will be beneficial for your child to develop their vocabulary. It will allow them to voice their feelings for someone who lives close to them. Your child may find it challenging to write about a neighbour who they don’t know as closely as a family member. But this template could help them organise their ideas and present them in a form that will engage the reader.

An essay on ‘My Neighbour’ will also help children understand the importance of neighbours in their lives. Neighbours can be a great source of joy, support and inspiration. With the help of the guidelines provided, your children of classes 1, 2 and 3 will be able to write an excellent essay on the given topic.

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