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Names Of Endangered Animals For Kids

Earth is home to many wild species of animals, some of which are endangered species. These critically endangered species are on the verge of extinction or near threatened. In this article, we have covered the name of animals that are endangered for preschoolers. This will help them learn the name of endangered animals, the reasons why they are endangered and some interesting facts about these animals. Let’s take a look at it.

What Are Endangered Animals?

Let’s take a look at endangered animals meaning for children.


Endangered animals are the ones that are in danger of becoming extinct. This means that in the near future, these animals will be no more to be seen on the planet. It simply means that there are very few of these animals alive. Some examples of endangered animals are Javan Rhino, Orangutan, Amur Leopard, etc.


What Are The Main Reasons Of Animals Becoming Endangered?

There are various reasons why animals are endangered. Some of them are:


1. Pollution

Yes. Pollution is one of the major factors that lead to various animals being on the verge of extinction.


2. Diseases

Diseases can kill humans and animals alike. Sometimes, animals catch diseases that lead to the mass extinction of many species.

3. Low Birth Rate

Reproduction rates of some animals are naturally low, and others do not reproduce very often.


List Of Endangered Animals For Kids

Endangered Animals

There are some of the most endangered animals in the world that are on the verge of extinction. Let’s take a look at the names of endangered animals.

1. Bengal Tiger

Due to poaching, the number of Bengal Tigers has been reducing dramatically.


2. Gorillas

The number of Gorillas has  declines mostly due to habitat loss, poaching, disease, and human conflict.

3. Rhinos

Sadly, the animal is poached for their distinctive horn. Three out of five species of Rhinos are among the most endangered species in the world.


4. Sea Turtle

Two species of this animal are critically endangered. Hunting is one of the biggest threats to Sea Turtles, with poachers targeting the animal’s eggs, shells, meat and skin.

5. Saola

This rarest mammal on Earth, Saolas, is considered critically endangered and is one of the rarest large terrestrial mammals on Earth.


6. Gharial

There has been a decline in the number of Gharials since the 1930s, and is now close to extinction. Habitat loss and pollution are some of the biggest reasons that led them to the list of endangered species.

7. Giant Panda

This furry animal is one of the most endangered species as they are losing their homes as forests are being destroyed for some extra land and timber.


8. Orangutan

This orange animal is counted in the list of endangered species due to their illegal hunting and habitat destruction.

9. Amur Leopard

Amur leopards have been facing multiple threats to their survival due to habitat loss and fragmentation, prey scarcity and transportation infrastructure like roads.

10. African Forest Elephant

The reasons behind the decline of these animals are poaching, habitat loss and land-use change for agriculture and other land use.

Endangered Animals In India

Below is the list of endangered animals in India for children to read.

  • Asiatic Lion
  • Snow Leopard
  • Blackbuck
  • Red Panda
  • The Nilgiri Tahr
  • Kashmir Red Stag
  • Lion Tailed Macaque
  • Indian Bison

Easy Ways To Save Endangered Animals

Wondering how to save endangered animals? We have some ideas that will help you save these animals. Let’s take a look.

  • Read about endangered animals in your country and the world.
  • Minimise the use of herbicides and pesticides, as they are hazardous pollutants that can affect wildlife at many levels.
  • Reduce unnecessary water usage in your home so that animals that live in or near water can have a better chance of survival.
  • Recycle and buy sustainable products to save rain-forests, the habitat of endangered animals.

Activities That Can Help Your Child To Learn About Endangered Animals

Now, take a look at these activities about endangered animals to help your child learn the names of these animals.

1. Book Reading

Make your child read age-appropriate books about an endangered species. This will help your kids to learn the name of the animals that at the verge of extinction.

2. Collect The Trash

Pollution of the environment greatly affects animals. Making your child contribute to a cleaner Earth by collecting trash is a great way to save animals.

3. Craft Time

If your little one enjoys art and craft projects, you can help them do some craft by making animal masks to learn the names of endangered animals.

4. Watch A Documentary

Watch movies, shows and documentaries on endangered species with your child. This will help them learn the reasons why these animals are endangered.

5. Solve The Puzzle

Get an animal jigsaw puzzle for your child. You can buy the endangered animals puzzle for them, which is very easily available in the market. Let them enjoy learning the name of these animals while solving the puzzle.

6. Colour The Endangered Animals

Take printouts of the endangered animal’s outline on a sheet and ask your child to colour these animals while learning their names.

Interesting Facts And Information About Endangered Animals For Children

It’s time to read some interesting facts about endangered species of animals.

  • Approximately 95% of Rhinos have been wiped out.
  • There are more than 100 endangered aquatic species.
  • Pollution caused by humans is one of the biggest reasons for animals becoming endangered.
  • Endangered animals are almost on the verge of extinction.
  • Endangered animal species can be rebounded.

Teaching children about endangered animals is important as it improves their general knowledge, strengthens their vocabulary as well as makes them aware and sensitive about nature. We hope this article helps you teach your child with several facts presented here.

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