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Number Names For Kids To Improve Their Math Skills!

All of us in the world are known by our names. We recognise each other with the help of a name, which is our identity. Plants and animals are also recognised by their names, and so are things. Just like everything else, numbers also have names, which help us recognise them. Numbers can be written in words. For 77, we write seventy-seven. For 21, we write twenty-one, etc.


By grade 1, children already know the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and so on. But there are different ways in which numbers can be represented. Numbers can be written in the form of numerals or in word form. Children should be taught number names in their early years as it is a vital skill that they should master. To help the kids learn number names, we have listed some activities, but before that, let’s read what number names in maths are.


What Is A Number Name?

Spelling number names in English or the name of a number is called its number name. For example, the number 15 is called “fifteen”. That means “fifteen” is the number name of the number 15.


Why Does Your Child Need To Learn Number Names?

Now that we know what number names are let’s read why a child needs to learn number names.

  • Number names help identify numbers easily.
  • Learning how to pronounce numbers is an important part of Mathematics.
  • It is easy to explain the problem sum more clearly with the help of number names.
  • While speaking the name of numbers, children develop their pronunciation skills.

When Should Kids Start Learning Number Names?

Kids should start learning the number names when:

  • When they enter kindergarten. Although, you can start teaching it to your child before that.
  • If you feel your child is ready and showing interest in learning.

Number Names Chart For Kids From 1 To 100

A number name chart is the best tool to help children learn the number names in a fun way. The chart below with 1 to 100 number spellings in English will develop your child’s interest in learning numbers names.

Tips To Follow When Writing Number Names From 1 To 100

Certain tips can be followed while writing numbers in words. This will make it easy for children to learn the number names. These tips are:

  • Make your child understand the place values: the positional value of digits in a number depending on where the digits are placed. Here’s how to distinguish between the first four place values based on the position of number 7:
    7 = the ones place
    70 = the tens place
    700 = the hundreds place
    7000 = the thousands place
  • Tell your child that they don’t have to write “and” in the middle of the number.
    For example, for the number 75, they should write “seventy-five,” not “seventy and five.”
  • Create a visually appealing number chart, like the one above, for your child to develop their interest in learning number names.
  • Engage your child in fun learning activities to grab their attention while teaching number names.
  • Encourage your child to practice repeating the number names on a regular basis in order to retain them in their memory.
  • Kids at this age are very young to recognise and learn number names. So, be patient and understand their grasping abilities.

Simple Questions To Help Kids Revise The Number Names

Here are some simple questions that can be used to teach number names to kids.

1. Write the number name for the following numbers:



Solution: The number names are:

8 – Eight
11 – Eleven
20 – Twenty

2. What is the value of eight plus five?



Eight = 8
Five= 5
Eight plus five = 8 + 5 = 13
So, 13 in words is thirteen.
Therefore, the value of eight plus five is thirteen.


3. Which number is twenty-seven?

A) 27
B) 72
C) 20

Solution: A – 27

4. Arrange the numbers from smallest to largest.


A) Fifteen
B) Seven
C) Twelve
D) Thirty-Five


B – Seven
C – Twelve
A – Fifteen
D – Thirty-Five

5. * * * * * – How many stars can you see? Write the number in words.

Solution: Five

Activities To Teach Your Kids About Number Names

Looking for activities related to number names for classes 1, 2 and 3? Here are some fun and easy number names games and activities to help your child learn the number names.

1. Do You Know The Number?

This is a great activity on number names for preschool. On a sheet, write the names of numbers from 1 to 10. Next, ask your child what is written and write the number in digits that the name represents in front of it.

2. Magic Number

Give a child a number and ask them to spell it on a white sheet of paper using a white crayon. Once they are done with five number names, ask them to paint it with watercolours to reveal the number name. Your kid will not stop practising this fun activity.

3. Match The Number

In this kindergarten activity, all you need is paper and a pencil. Write five random numbers in a row and write the names of these numbers in the opposite row, but make sure to jumble them. Ask your child to join each number to the correct name with a line.

4. Find The Letters

Write one alphabet each on a square sheet (not too big). You can make two sets of the same. Now place the sheets in front of your child. Give your kid a number and tell them to spell it using the alphabet sheets.
For example, if you will give the number 2 – your child needs to find T, W, and O from the square sheet.

5. Play And Spell

Here is how you can play hopscotch with your child, but with a twist. After making hopscotch on the floor with chalk, write numbers inside it. Ask your child to start the game and tell them to spell out the name of the number they will hop on.

6. Sing A Rhyme

Here is a rhyme that’ll be helpful to teach 1 to 10 number names to your child in a fun musical fashion!

Activities To Teach Your Kids About Number Names2

One for 1 plane flying in the sky.
Two for 2 little birds that fly by.
Three for 3 tiny seashells in the sand.
Four for 4 sticks I hold in my hand.
Five for 5 petals of the flower, I see.
Six for 6 bees as busy as can be.
Seven for 7 colours in the rainbow.
Eight for 8 snails crawling so slow.
Nine for 9 squirrels climbing up the tree.
Ten for 10 little puppies on a running spree.

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