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Santa’s Christmas Story For Kids

As we are approaching the winter season, you all will agree that we are eagerly waiting for the most loved festival of the cold season – Christmas, especially for our little ones. For children, Christmas is all about decorating the Christmas tree with lights and ornaments, baking some delicious gingerbread, singing carols, opening presents and listening to Christmas stories.


While you and your little one wait for the big X-Mas Day, here is a treat for you – Santa’s Christmas story in English. Read the story to your little one and get them ready and excited for Christmas. Children love listening to stories and will definitely be excited about the story of Santa’s Christmas.


Origin And History Of Santa’s Christmas

The Santa’s Christmas story must have originated to keep the kids engaged and make them aware of the winter festival – Christmas. Although the origin and history of the story remain unknown, the story can be used to make the kids aware of Christmas and the meaning the festival holds. Parents can interpret the story in different ways as the story is open-ended. So, choose how you would like to explain the story to your little one and don’t forget to keep some cookies handy while you do so!


Story Type Of Santa’s Christmas

Santa’s Christmas story is a bedtime story that you can read to your child. You can also introduce this story to your child around the festival time as a part of Christmas stories for children.

Story Characters

The main characters of the story Santa’s Christmas are:

  • Santa Claus
  • Four Reindeer
  • Children

Santa’s Christmas –  Story For Children

It was Christmas day. The sky was clear blue in colour, and the trees were covered in snow. Although Christmas was in the air, all was calm in Santa’s cottage. The normal hustle and bustle of activity surrounding the preparation of Christmas gifts had ceased because Santa Claus was ill. As he lay in his bed, Santa wondered sadly, “Oh dear, what will the children say if they don’t get presents this Christmas?”

Suddenly, Santa heard some disturbance outside his window. He peeked out his window and saw his four reindeer waiting patiently for him like they always did. But they appeared quite out of breath as if they had returned after a lengthy journey. Santa came out of his cottage and couldn’t believe what he saw when he got closer to the reindeer. A lengthy train of sledges were behind the reindeer, carrying little children dressed in a rainbow of colours.


One by one, they hopped out onto the snow and made their way to Santa’s cottage with him. As Santa welcomed them inside his cottage, his face lit up with excitement. A little girl holding something soft in her arms came to Santa and said, “I heard that you are sick Mr. Santa.” “So, here is my teddy bear to keep you company.” “Thank you, little Emma,” Santa said, as he already knew each child’s name.

Next came a young boy with a red package in his hand and said to Santa, “We knew you were sick, Papa Santa.” “So, this quilt knitted by my family will help to keep you warm during the winter days.” “What a wonderful thought, Paul,” Santa said as he patted the little boy’s head.


One by one, the children gave Santa their presents to convey their best wishes and early recovery to him. Santa’s cottage was filled with cookies, pies, socks, gloves, novels, jigsaw puzzles, and even a small Christmas tree. Santa cried in happiness, “Christmas delivered to my doorstep!” “Come on, let’s share these precious gifts together.” And he gathered all the children in a large circle about him.

“Which present did you like the most, Santa?” Emma asked Santa. “It’s the love and care that each one of you, my lovely little kids, has shown me today.” And that is the most precious gift of them all!” Santa said, smiling. He admired the eager expressions on the children’s faces. “This, my little ones, is the true meaning of Christmas,” Santa Claus explained.


Santa then gave a large, heartfelt holiday hug to the children.

Santa's Christmas -  Story For Children

Story Summary

Here is the summary of Santa’s Christmas story:


Once upon a time, on a Christmas day, Santa fell ill and was sad that he couldn’t deliver the gifts to the children. While he was resting in his cottage, he heard some noise and went to the window to check. He saw his four reindeer standing and waiting for him through his window as usual, but they appeared out of breath. On taking a closer look, Santa saw the train of sledges was carrying children dressed in different hues. Santa couldn’t believe his eyes and was excited to see children at his doorstep. He welcomed the children inside his cottage. When the children learned that Santa Claus was ill, they brought various gifts for him. Santa’s cottage was filled with cookies, quilts, teddy bears, puzzles and more. Santa was very happy. A child asked him what his favourite gift was out of all the gifts he received. Santa replied it was the love and care that all the children had shown him on Christmas day. Santa gave all the children a big hug, and they went home happily.

What Lesson Will Your Child Learn From This Story?

Santa’s Christmas is a simple Christmas story for children that will help them understand the meaning of real happiness. In the story, when Santa Claus was ill, the children gifted him many things, but his favourite of all was the love and care he received from all the children. This story will help kids understand that love and care are above materialistic things like gifts, and one must not just show and expect love and care in the form of gifts, but the actual intention, true care and love of a person matters.


How Can Children Apply The Lesson Of The Story In Their Real Life?

The children can apply the lesson of Santa’s Christmas short story by actually showing love and care to people around them with their gestures and way of talking. This story with pictures also teaches kids that gifts are not everything and that someone’s love and care for us cannot be judged based on how many or how costly they have given to us.

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