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Sophia The Dog Story With Moral For Kids

Compassion is a fascinating quality. It gave the world some benevolent people like Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, and Mahatma Gandhi. Compassion is understanding a person’s pain and struggles and wanting to help. Seeding the attributes of kindness and compassion in kids early in their childhood is very important. The earlier we develop these qualities in them, the better they turn out in their lives. Try this by reading your little one Sophia, the Dog story in English. The tale features how kindness saves a little dog’s life. For Sophia, the Dog full story and its moral values, scroll below!


Origin And History Of Sophia, The Dog Story  

The story of Sophia, the Dog is a modern story with no specific origin. 


Story Type Of Sophia, The Dog Story 

This is one of the most impressive short stories that evoke love and affection in children. It makes up a perfect bedtime story for kids, as after listening to this, children will dream of animals and birds and affection toward others. 


Story Characters 

The story is about a dog and a family of four members: the father, the mother, Bella (sister 1) and Betty (sister 2). Bella, Betty, and the dog are the main characters, while the father and mother are the secondary characters.

The Story Of Sophia, The Dog For Children 

A long time ago, there lived a happy family. The family had four members – one father, one mother, and two sisters. The two sisters were like best friends. However, both of them had a few different traits. While Bella, the eldest sister, was an energetic and outspoken girl, Betty, the younger sister, was a calm one who used to spend most of her time with her mother. Bella loved stray animals and would feed them whenever get a chance, but Betty, on the other hand, used to get scared of dogs and never liked them.  


One fine day, when Bella was playing outside her house, she saw a little dog on the road. It was a cute little Labrador, all alone. The dog was shaking in the middle of the road as the owner had left him alone. Bella sensed his pain, “Ohh dear! What a cute and sad dog. I must help him.” She picked the dog up and brought it to her home.   

Bella called out to her parents, “Mom, Dad, please look what I brought.” Betty did not like dogs, and when she saw that dog in the house, she started shouting at her sister. After hearing the voices, the mother rushed towards the girls and said, “Sweetheart, why did you bring this dog into the house?” Bella replied, “Mamma, the dog was alone on the road, shaking. The owner must have left him there willingly. I couldn’t see him all sad, so I brought him home with me.” The mother listened carefully. Bella continued, “Can he stay with us?” The mother smiled and agreed.  


However, Betty was not happy with this decision. When her father came home in the evening from work, she told him to take the dog away. Betty was really scared of the dogs and didn’t want one in her home. When her father tried to make Betty understand about the poor little dog, she refused to listen to any of it.  

It was almost bedtime, and after a delicious dinner, everybody went to bed. The mother tied the Labrador as Betty was scared of him. Everyone fell asleep except for the dog. The poor little Labrador was crying because he was missing his owner. Betty ignored his crying for some time, but she could not resist anymore. “Ohh, why is the dog crying?” She silently went to the dog to see why he was crying.  


When she came closer to the dog, he did not bark at her. Instead, the Labrador stopped crying and started looking at her with love. When Betty reluctantly touched him, he licked her. Betty liked this, and she felt comfortable around him. “Dear little dog, you are very cute. I like you.”  

The mother, father, and Bella were quietly looking at Bella and the little dog behind the door. They pretended to see and hear nothing. The next morning, Betty came to Bella and said, “I have decided on a cute name for my dog. It will be Sophia.” To this, Bella replied, “Your dog? Are you sure? It’s our dog!” Bella continued, “I loved the name, Sophia. It is cute.” Betty felt happy and immediately hugged her sister. Bella hugged her back, too. The father and mother were happy to announce a new member of the family.  


From that day, Sophia became best friends with Bella and Betty. The bond of sisters also strengthened. They had a lot of fun together. They sleep together, play together, eat together, and do most of the activities together. Most of all, they loved each other. 

The Story Of Sophia, The Dog For Children

Story Summary 

Below is the summary of the story Sophia, The Dog.


Bella and Betty are two sisters who live with their parents. One fine day, Bella saw a dog in the middle of the road, all alone. It was a cute little Labrador. After seeing him alone and sad, Bella pitied the dog and bought him home. Betty, the younger sister, was scared of dogs. She did not like the idea of a dog in the house. The mother tied the dog as Betty was afraid of him.  

At night, when everyone was fast asleep, the little dog was crying and missing his old owner. Betty heard the noise and went to see what was wrong with the dog. When she came closer to the poor little dog, she saw him all sad and crying. For the first time, she came so close to a dog. At first, she was reluctant, but when she touched him, the dog did not bark but kept looking at her with love and then licked her. She became comfortable around the dog.  


The next day, Betty decided to give the dog a name – Sophia. Bella also loved the name, and both cheered. Now, Bella, Betty, and Sophia are best friends, and they enjoy every fun together. 

Moral Of The Story 

The moral of the story is that one should always be kind and emphatic towards others. Compassion and kind-hearted behaviour always bring out the best in people. As we can see in the story, Betty was earlier scared of dogs because she never interacted with them and thought they would hurt her. But once she gave Sophia, the dog, a chance, she realised they were not vicious. They also want love and care.   

The second moral of the story is that we should be kind to animals. We should never hurt or provide them with any discomfort. Even though animals can’t speak like humans, they experience emotions like people. Hence, they should also be treated with respect, whether pet or stray. 

How Can Children Apply The Moral In Their Real Life? 

Children must learn to be emphatic towards people and animals. They should be kind and polite to whoever they meet. Whether they meet a homeless person or any animal like a squirrel in the park or a stray dog, they must not badmouth or hurt them in any way. You can teach good values to your child by involving them in social care activities like volunteering at animal shelters, nursing homes, or disability shelters. They can also actively care for neighbourhood animals, birds, and trees.  

Sophia, the Dog is a popular short story easy to read as well as recite. We hope this story with pictures helped foster good value in your munchkin.

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