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Teaching Kids About Same And Different Concept

The concept of “same or different” for preschoolers is an important concept that kids must be taught at an early age. Gaining knowledge about this concept will help kids in future when they are taught about this academically. In this article, we have covered the importance of teaching this concept to kids along with some activities that will help your child to learn this concept.

What Is Same And Different?

Same And Different Concept

Teaching About Same And Different

Here is the same difference meaning children.


The concept of “same and different” is also known as “alike and different”. In this concept, parents teach children how to compare two or more numbers, shapes or objects. Comparing two things fosters many curricular competencies, like communication, reasoning, constructing arguments, etc. The application of same and different skills can be taught to kids through interesting and everyday same and different math activities.


What Is The Importance Of Teaching Same And Different To Kids?

Continue reading to know the importance of teaching the same and different concepts to kids.

  • It helps children to understand how to sort, count, measure and analyse.
  • It will also help them with concepts of numbers, patterns, shapes and some basic pre-math.
  • It gives children the confidence to explore and develop an understanding of the world around them.
  • It will help them enhance their logical, visual, fine motor and gross motor skills.

How To You Teach Same Or Different Concept To Kids?

Wondering how to teach your little one the same but different concept? Here are some activities that will come to your aid.


1. Sort The Socks

Take multiple pairs of socks and put them in a pile. Now ask your child to find the matching pair of each sock. This way, your child will learn the concept of sorting.

2. Math The Picture Cards

Take a printout of some pictures (2 matching images of each picture). Shuffle them and ask your child to match the pictures and make the pairs.


3. Continue The Pattern

Make a simple pattern with building blocks for children. This could be made in such a way that 3 blocks in a row, followed by 4 blocks in a row, then 5 blocks in a row. Now, ask your child to find and replicate the pattern.

4. Touch The Bag & Tell

Take an opaque bag and add a few pairs of matching items, such as 2 socks, 2 pens and 2 oranges. The child needs to reach into the bag and feel for the pairs and take them out, one pair of an item at a time.


5. Smell & Tell

Collect 2 or 3 pairs of items that smell like perfumes, soap bars, juices, etc., and get your child to match the ones that smell the same.

We hope the activities shared above will help your little one to understand the concept of “same and different”. Make sure you teach this concept to your child regularly so that their basics are clear. Happy Learning!


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