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The Bundle Of Sticks Story With Moral For Kids

Reading or listening to stories is something we all cherished when we were kids. Whether it was grandmother telling us the tale while we lay on the terrace under the sun in winter or mom reading us as a bedtime ritual. These stories helped us understand the wide world around us and introduced us to different languages and cultures.


Today, we have one such story here for your little one that you can read to them. “The Bundle Of Sticks” story in English will help your little one to learn an important moral lesson as well.


Continue to read “The Bundle Of Sticks” full story.

Origin And History Of The Bundle Of Sticks

Although the exact origin of the story cannot be traced, but story is one of Aesop’s fables that have gained popularity all over the world. These fables have been passed down for generations through word of mouth and, therefore, there are many variations of each story.


“The Bundle Of Sticks” is also famously known as the tale of “The Old Man And His Sons” which teaches a moral value that strength comes from working together. Let’s read the story to find out how the old man taught his sons this valuable lesson.


Story Type Of The Bundle Of Sticks

“The Bundle Of Sticks” is a moral story for children that will help them to learn an important moral lesson. The story is a great example of the power of a group of individuals over that of one individual.

Story Characters

The characters of “The Bundle Of Sticks” story are:

  • Old Man
  • Old Man’s Children

The Bundle Of Sticks Story For Children

Once upon a time, a very old man lived on a beautiful and comfortable farm in the country. From his window, he could see pasture land, barns filled with animals, fields of grain, orchards and forests beyond. The farm was special to the old man as it had been in his family for many generations. He had lived there his whole life, grew up to be a father, and raised his family. Now his wife was dead, and he, too, was in the last days of his life.

The old man should have been content after such a fortunate life, but he was not. He lay on his bed worrying about his grown children. The children could not seem to get along. The old man heard them quarrelling day and night. Even though the children were good at what they each did, such as farming, working with the animals, carpentry, cooking or preserving the food they grew. Each child thought their job was the most important and that the other one didn’t work hard enough. They were all grown up, but they held grudges against each other, and they were jealous of each other’s fortune.


The old man tried talking to his children about living in peace, but they seemed to grow increasingly bitter day after day. He felt sure that they would not be able to keep the family farm after he had died because the sons could not seem to work together or appreciate each other’s hard work.

Then one day, as his strength waned, the old man had an idea. He called his children to his bedside.


“I have one last favour to ask of you,” he said, “I want each one of you to go to the jungle and find two sticks. Bring them here to me tomorrow, and I will explain further.”

The children did as their father asked and came to his room the next day with two sticks each.


“Thank you, my children,” the old man said.

“Please see if you can break one of your sticks in half,” asked the old man.


All the children easily broke their sticks in half.

Then the old man asked the children to pass him their second sticks.

Then the old man collected the sticks in a bundle, passed it back to his children, and said, “Pass this bundle of sticks amongst you and try to break the bundle as it was the single stick?”

The children passed the bundle around, but not even one of them could break the bundle of sticks.

“You, my children, are like these sticks,” the old man said.

“If you go your separate ways and quarrelling, you will each be alone like the individual sticks and will face the difficulties of life alone. But if you be together, work together, appreciate one another’s strengths, cherish what you have in common, and above all, care for each other, you will be powerful like a bundle of sticks, and nothing in life can make you weak or break you. My children, try to find strength and joy in each other’s company, and you will live well and succeed in life,” the old man explained.

The children took their father’s lesson to heart, focusing on what they shared in common, appreciating one another’s strengths, and working together. The old man died peacefully, and the farm remained in the family for generations to come.

Story Summary

Here is the summary of “The Bundle Of Sticks” short story.

Once upon a time, there was a very old man with many sons. The children were always fighting with each other. As the man became older and weaker, he became worried that his children would ruin themselves if they continued to fight like this. He decided to teach them a lesson. He called his children and asked them to bring two sticks each from the village. Then he asked them to break one stick each, and the sons did what the father asked. He took the second stick from his children and bundled them up. He asked his children to break the bundle of sticks, but they were unsuccessful. Then he explained to his children that no one would be able to break them if they stayed together, just like the bundle of sticks. The children learned their lesson and realised the importance of one another.

Moral Of The Story

The moral of “The Bundle Of Sticks” story is “Unity is strength,” which means that when we are united, we are powerful, and no one can break us when we are together.

In the story, the old man taught his children that when they remained unified and together, they would be happier and stronger, and no one would be able to harm them. When separated, they will be weak and have to face life’s difficulties alone. This teaches us why we should live unitedly instead of fighting over small things.

How Can Children Apply The Moral Lesson Of The Story In Their Real Life?

The children can apply the moral of this story with pictures in their real life by not fighting with their siblings and friends. Parents should also teach children how staying united can help them live a peaceful and successful life. This can be taught with the help of games and activities, like encouraging children to play games which require more people to play together for the same goal.

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