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The Cat And The Rat Story With Moral For Kids

Hey there, fellow parents! You know those nights when you’re just too tired to do anything but flop into bed? Well, those are the perfect nights to spin a good ol’ moral story for your little ones.


And let’s be real, these stories are not just about lulling your kids to sleep. They’re about instilling important life lessons and morals in them. And what better way to do that than with some talking animals and singing birds?


I mean, seriously, have you ever seen a rabbit with human-like qualities? It’s both adorable and educational. These animal characters teach our children about honesty, greed, jealousy, and a whole range of other virtues and vices that are important for them to understand.


So, don’t underestimate the power of a good moral story. It’s a chance to connect with your kids and impart some wisdom in a fun and engaging way. Plus, who knows, you might even learn a thing or two yourself!

We have covered one such moral story below, the “Cat and Rat” story in English for children to read.


Let’s take a look at the “Cat and Rat” full story below.

Origin And History Of Cat And Rat Story

The “Cat and Rat” is an Aesop’s fable for children that was created by a writer named Aesop. Moral stories like this one are particularly used for children’s early education. The “Cat and Rat” narrates the story of a clever and evil cat and a group of rats. Read the fable to find out what happens when a cat pretends to be dead to catch the rats.


Story Type Of Cat And Rat Story

“Cat and Rat” is a moral story for kids that will help them learn a valuable moral lesson. This is an interesting short story, about the magical world of animals, where they can speak and talk to each other. Children will love reading or listening to this story.

Story Characters

The characters of the “Cat and Rat” story are:

  • The clever Cat
  • Rats, along with the wise mouse

Cat And Rat Story For Children

Once upon a time, there was a very clever cat that lived near a rat’s den. This cat was extremely watchful when it came to catching and eating the rats. It was so watchful that whenever a rat showed its whiskers, the cat made sure to catch that rat alive.

The Cat And The Rat Story In English With Moral For Kids

The rats were very scared of the cat because of this. Eventually, all the rats decided not to come out of their dens as they feared that the cat was keeping an eye everywhere at once and would hunt them down. But soon, the clever cat realised that the rats were not coming out of their den. The cat thought to herself that there was no point in wasting time like this and came up with a great plan to catch the rats.


The next morning, the cat climbed up the shelf and hung herself down, dangling its head. It seemed that the cat was dead. Looking at the cat from far away, the rats decided to come out of the den and found out that the cat was dangling in an outrageous position. The rats thought it might be some kind of punishment that she had gone through. So, they finally decided to check whether the cat was dead or not.

A few of them came out of their den and sniffed the cat’s head. But there was no movement. The cat just hung herself motionless. The rats became very happy, thinking that the cat was dead. They decided to celebrate the clever cat’s death, thinking that they won’t be hunted anymore. They thought that they were now free to roam around anywhere without the fear of the evil cat.


A Cat And A Rat Story

As soon as all the rats came out to celebrate their freedom, the cat untangled herself from the rope that had been holding it’s paws and pounced on the rats. The rats were stunned, and before they could overcome the shock, the cat had already preyed on three of the rats. The other rats ran back to their den, sad and hopeless. The rats then became even more attentive to the cat and hid in their den.

After eating three rats, the cat was still hungry for more and decided to try and catch the rats once again. The cat rolled up in the flour and quietly sat between the flour heap, waiting for the rats to come out again.


Some rats were almost fooled again on seeing the heap of flour. But there was a wise old rat among the troop who was very smart and quickly understood the trap laid by the cat. The old rat wanted the young rats to be very careful this time. The wise old rat also said that the meal that was set out for all of them could be another one of the cat’s trap.

And so, the old rat saved the young rats from an early death.

Story Summary

Read on for the summary of “Cat and Rat” story.

There once was a cat who was very watchful, and all the rats hardly dared to show up before her for fear of being caught alive. That cat seemed to be everywhere at once, with her claws all ready for a pounce. The rats stopped coming out of their den. The cat became aware of this and thought of a plan. The cat climbed up on a shelf and hung from there, head downward, as if it were dead, holding herself up by clinging to a rope with one paw.

When the rats peeped out and saw the cat in that position, they thought she had been hung there as some sort of punishment for some misdeed. They sniffed and carefully checked if she was really dead. But as nothing stirred, all the rats decided to celebrate the death of the cat.

Just then, the cat let go of her hold, and before the rats could believe their eyes, she got hold of three rats. All the remaining rats ran away to their dens.

The cat was hungry again and decided to set another trap. She rolled herself in flour and sat in middle of the heap. The rats decided to eat the flour, but a wise old rat, who had experience with cats and traps, advised that the heap of flour may be the cat covered in flour. And so, the wise old rat saved the lives of young rats.

Moral Of The Story

The moral of the “Cat and Rat” story with pictures is that “The wise do not let themselves be tricked a second time.” This means that the wise man always thinks before taking any action and cannot be fooled twice. Also, one should always listen to their elders as they hold much experience in life.

In the story, the old rat was wise enough to understand the cat’s plan and didn’t get fooled the second time. By doing so, the wise old rat saved the lives of other rats.

How Can Children Apply The Moral Of The Story In Their Real Life?

The children can apply the moral of this short story in their real life by listening to their elders. Elders have more experience than us. They have knowledge and wisdom that can be helpful for children and, indeed, is necessary in educating and helping the youth in the modern world.

We hope with the help of this story, your child will be able to understand a unique moral value and also improve their reading skill. When children read such short stories, they come across new words, which enrich their vocabulary and they can begin using in their daily conversation too. So, introduce your child to the “Cat and Rat” story and let them discover some new words and morals.

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