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The Clever Rooster Story With Moral For Kids

Hey there, parents! Have you ever noticed how your little munchkins get lost in their own world of imagination when you tell them a story? It’s like they go into a whole new dimension, right in front of your eyes! Well, that’s the magic of children’s stories.


Not only do they transport your kids to a world of fantasy and wonder, but they also help in their brain development. I mean, who knew that a simple story could be so powerful, right? Plus, with all those colourful animated pictures, it’s no wonder they get pulled into the story plot.


So, next time you’re struggling to keep your kids entertained, just whip out a good children’s story and watch their eyes light up! It’s a win-win situation – they get to have fun and learn at the same time. Can’t argue with that, can you?


In this article, we have covered “The Clever Rooster” story in English for kids. This is a fun story with a great moral for children that will help them learn a valuable lesson. Let’s read “The Clever Rooster” full story.

Origin And History Of The Clever Rooster

“The Clever Rooster” is a great story for kids, but unfortunately, the origin of the story remains unknown. The story has been passed down through word of mouth from generation to generation, resulting in different story lines but one moral.


Story Type Of The Clever Rooster

“The Clever Rooster” is a moral story for kids that you can read to your child, or if your child can read, you can encourage them to read, understand and reflect on it.

Story Characters

The characters of “The Clever Rooster” story are: 

  • Rooster
  • Fox 

The Clever Rooster Story For Children

Let’s begin to read “The Clever Rooster” story with pictures.

The Clever Rooster Story With Moral For Kids

Once upon a time, there was a clever fox living in a forest. One day he was roaming around, inside the forest searching for food. Suddenly, he spotted a fine rooster seated on the highest branch of a tree. The rooster was looking at the dense forest surrounding him.


The fox realised that he could not climb up the tree to kill and eat the rooster, so he started thinking,
“How can I get this rooster and have him for my meal? If l request him to come down from the tree, he won’t trust my motives.”

The fox thought of a trick and cunningly said to the rooster,
“Dear friend, why are you sitting so high up on the tree? Are you afraid of someone? Do you not know what the king of the forest has decided in a meeting with all the animals today?”


“No, I have no clue. Can you please explain to me what the king said?” asked the rooster.

The fox continued, “The decision he made says that from now onwards, animals and birds are not allowed to kill one another for meals. So, no big fish is allowed to eat the smaller fish.”


The rooster sensed something fishy about this. “This couldn’t be true,” the rooster thought.

“Does that mean the lions, tigers, and leopards will begin feeding on grass from today?” the rooster asked the fox.


The fox had no answer for this. But he didn’t want to give up easily.

“I can see you’re not assured, my dear friend. Come down. Let us go to the king and clarify all your doubts. He will provide you with all the answers.” the clever fox replied.

The rooster was intelligent enough to recognise the fox’s trick and said,
“You are correct dear fox. We should go to the king and clarify this with him. Why don’t we take some more friends with us? It will be beneficial for everyone if they know about this decision.”

Thinking that he had succeeded in his strategy to fool the rooster, the fox said to him,
“Yes, yes, why not? We can take other animals too. But first, you have to come down so that we can look for them.”

The fox was all excited as he was expecting the rooster to come down the tree.

“We are lucky. We do not have to search for our other animal friends. I can see a few of our friends coming this way. We can take them along,” suddenly the rooster said.

“Oh, that’s good! But who are these animals?” the fox asked.

“I can see some hounds coming this way. I hope they are your great friends?” replied the rooster.

“What? Hounds!” the fox yelled in panic.

He started running for his life.

“Why are you running? You just informed me that all animals and birds had become good friends with one another,” asked the rooster.

“Yes. But the hounds might not have heard the king’s decision,” saying this, the fox ran away into the dense forest.

The rooster laughed loudly at the fox’s stupid strategy to get him down. All the other birds relaxing on the tree cheered and applauded the rooster’s humour.

Story Summary

Let’s read the summary of ‘The Clever Rooster’s story’.

A rooster and a fox lived in a forest. The rooster was very intelligent and clever. One day a fox was hungry and spotted a rooster sitting on a tree branch. On seeing the rooster, the fox thought of capturing it, but for that, he would have to call the rooster down.

The fox thought that he could fool the rooster into climbing down. He asked the rooster to come down as he no longer needed to be afraid of other animals. He said that the king had passed an order and no animal could harm any other animal. The fox said that they could together go to the king and clarify this with him.

The rooster smelled something fishy and said let’s go to the king and take some of our friends with us as well. The fox told the rooster that to go to the king, he needed to come down first.

The rooster was listening to the fox and knew the fox was trying to fool him. The rooster thought  quickly and said that some hounds were coming their way, and they could take them along to the king.

Hearing this, the fox panicked and ran away, saying that the news had not yet reached the hounds. The fox immediately fled from there, and in this way, the rooster saved his life.

Moral Of The Story

The moral of this story is “Smartness always saves you from danger.” The clever and intelligent rooster outwitted the cunning fox and escaped from danger. It shows that quick thinking and intelligence can help you in difficult situations.

How Can Children Apply The Moral Of The Story In Their Real Life?

Hey kiddos, did you like the story of the smart rooster outwitting the sly fox? Well, apart from being an entertaining tale, this story teaches us an important lesson that can be applied in our real lives. So, how can you use the moral of the story to be smart in your everyday life? Well, here are a few tips for you!

Firstly, always be alert and observe your surroundings, just like the rooster who smelled something fishy about the fox’s plan.

Secondly, think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to problems, just like the rooster who tricked the fox with the hounds. Lastly, remember that intelligence and wit are the keys to success, so keep honing your skills and stay sharp! Now, go out there and be as clever as our feathered friend!

The short story mentioned above in the article is an excellent story for kids to listen to or read. So, the next time you are having trouble making your little one fall asleep, treat them to “The Clever Rooster” story.

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