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The Dog And The Rabbit Story With A Moral For Kids

The Dog and the Rabbit full story teaches an important lesson by giving animals the qualities and abilities of humans. Animals can’t think or behave like humans; however, everything is possible in the world of imagination! The Dog and the Rabbit story in English is an imaginary tale written to deliver a message to little ones who read it or are read it. Read on to see what happens in The Dog and Rabbit story in English!   


Origin And History Of The Dog And The Rabbit

Like other stories that feature animals, it is hard to trace an origin for the story of The Dog and The Rabbit. There are many versions written and orally told that deliver the same message with different characters in different situations. It is true that almost all stories are combinations of other stories and are rewritten by the author to make them more relatable to themselves and their audience. This stands true for many stories that put forth morals and life lessons. However, this does not discredit the authors or the minds that went into writing those stories. In fact, it offers us a view of the imagination a human is capable of!   


Story Type Of The Dog And The Rabbit

The Dog and The Rabbit short story is a fable that teaches our children a message they must follow from a young age. It uses animals to deliver the message.   


Story Characters

The characters of the short story are:  

The Rabbit 
The Dog 
The Tiger   

The Dog And The Rabbit Story For Children

One day a dog and a rabbit were sitting under a tree. The dog and the rabbit were talking about a new tiger that had started living in the forest. The dog told the rabbit. “The tiger is very ferocious. He preys on the small animals and eats them!” Listening to the dog scared the rabbit.  
The rabbit said, “Dear friend, I know just one trick to save my life. I should learn more tricks.” The dog replied, “I know a lot of tricks; I can jump around bushes, run very fast, hide under trees, dig up the sand and bury myself in it, and many more! I will definitely save myself from the tiger since I know many tricks.” The terrified rabbit begged the dog to teach him a few tricks too. The dog laughed and said, “My tricks are only for intelligent animals, and you are not an intelligent animal. Why should I teach you the tricks?” This upset the rabbit.  
Suddenly the tiger appeared and started walking towards them. The tiger was slowly approaching them. The rabbit told the dog, “See, the tiger is coming; I will use my trick and hide in the tree. You use your tricks and save yourself, and then we’ll meet after the tiger is gone.” 
The rabbit quickly climbed the tree. The dog started running here and there when the tiger came near the dog. The dog tried to hide, but the tiger found him and pounced at him.  
If the dog had shared his tricks with the rabbit, the rabbit too would have done the same and then maybe the dog could have saved himself. They could have stayed together for their whole lives if they had shared their thoughts.    


The Dog and The Rabbit Story With a Moral for Kids1

Story Summary

In a forest, there was a dog and a rabbit. The dog was telling the rabbit about a new ferocious tiger that had moved into the forest and would eat smaller animals. This scared the rabbit.  
The rabbit told the dog that he only knew one trick to save himself, to which the dog said that he had multiple tricks to save himself. The rabbit begs the dog to teach him a few tricks, but the dog refuses to do so by saying that the tricks are only for smart animals, unlike the rabbit.  
The tiger appears and starts approaching the dog and the rabbit. The rabbit jumps up into a tree while the dog keeps running around. However, the tiger catches the dog and pounces on him.  
If the dog would’ve shared his tricks with the rabbit, the rabbit would have shared his tricks too, and maybe then they both could have saved their lives and lived happily ever after.   


Moral Of The Story

The story talks about how we should share our knowledge and gain knowledge from others. Being selfish or sly will not help us. We should share things with others, whether our knowledge or a materialistic item. Doing so will allow others to share their belongings with us, and we can help each other grow.  
Hence, the story’s moral is that when you give, you receive more of it.   

How Can Children Apply The Moral Of The Story In their Real Life?

Children should be encouraged to share their belongings and knowledge with others. You can explain to them the importance of living peacefully in a community where you help each other when required and however possible. If you help someone the next time you need help, there will be others willing to help you. Humans are social animals, and it is very important to maintain healthy social relationships. When you share your belongings and knowledge, you get back more in return. This short story with pictures has attempted to show us this aspect of human life and relationships.   

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