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The Fairy Princess Story With Moral For Kids

Children’s world is full of imagination. From a talking dog to a magical fairy, the creativity is endless. Fairy stories, for instance, help tap children’s creativity and open gates to abstract and positive thinking. The characters and situations of the stories help kids become emotionally resilient and teach them how to handle problems efficiently. Today, we have handpicked an amazing story of a beautiful fairy princess. The Fairy Princess story in English is a fascinating tale that revolves around Princess Jasmine, who gets abducted by a cruel wizard Jafar. To know what happens next, read the Fairy Princess’s full story below.


Origin And History Of The Fairy Princess Story

The Fairy Princess story is full of magic and adventure. It is a popular fable well-travelled for generations, because of which the exact origins of it can’t be traced.


Story Type Of The Fairy Princess Story

The Fairy Princess is a short fable or story. It makes a perfect bedtime story for children as the story contains magic and adventure.


Story Characters

There are five characters in the story:

  • King Charles: He is the king of the kingdom in the story and the princess’s father. The King is humble and kind to his people.
  • Queen Mary: She is the queen of the kingdom in the story and the mother of the princess.
  • Princess Jasmine: Jasmine is the daughter of the King and the Queen. She is an intelligent and compassionate girl.
  • Wizard Jafar: The wizard is the bad guy in the story.
  • Haider, the magician: Haider is a magician and the hero of the fairy story.

The Story Of The Fairy Princess For Children

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom ruled by a humble King Charles and Queen Mary. Fairies gave the family of the King magical powers. Sometime later, the royal family was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. On the day of the little girl’s birth, the god fairy visited her and blessed her with the powers of a fairy. To this, Queen Mary and King Charles rejoiced, and the queen said, “I am so lucky to be the mother of a fairy princess.” The royal parents gave their daughter the name Jasmine.


Princess Jasmine was a bright child from her childhood days. She was excellent in her studies, understood logic well, and did everything perfectly. While growing up, she used to give suggestions to the King in the court, so the verdicts were just. She also used her fairy powers for good causes.

Everything was good, and people were happy. The years passed by. Soon the little princess grew into a gorgeous young fairy princess. Now, it was time for her to get married to a suitable boy.


The fairy King started looking for a suitable partner for her girl. Princes from all around the world wanted to marry Princess Jasmine because of her status and magical powers. However, the princess’s father wanted to marry her daughter to the best person, so he took his time.

One day, Princess Jasmine disappeared from her palace without any clue. The King and Queen got frantic and shattered. The Queen stopped eating and got sick because she was totally heartbroken in the absence of her daughter. However, the fairy King did not lose hope. He ordered all of his best fairies to come to the palace for a meeting. The King ordered, “I have requested all of you fairies to search for Princess Jasmine. I am sure if we look with enough determination, we will find her”, ordered the King. Unfortunately, the princess was nowhere to be found.


Two days later, Haider, a young magician, visited The King’s court and offered his help in finding the princess. “Your Highness, I believe I can be a great help to you in finding Princess Jasmine. Allow me to search for her”, he requested the King. The Kind could take every help he could at that time, so he allowed him.

Haider, the young magician, has a magical mirror which used to show the whereabouts of a person. When he searched for the princess in the mirror, he saw that Princess Jasmine had been taken away by the cruel wizard Jafar. He hid the princess in his castle because he wanted to marry her. “Your Highness, the princess has been abducted by Jafar, the wizard. Please do not worry. I will soon find her and bring her home”, he reassured the King.


Soon, Haider found the location of the cruel wizard’s castle and set out to save the princess. He entered the castle secretly. “Abracadabra, Abracadabra, turn into a cat”, he turned the Jafar into a cat using his magic wand and spell. He rescued the princess immediately. Princess Jasmine fell in love with him at first sight and thanked the magician.

After rescuing the fairy princess, Haider locked the cat in a cage and brought the princess back safely to the kingdom. “Here is the princess, Your Highness. I completed my promise.”


“I deeply thank you, magician Haider”, thanked the King. The King was very happy and impressed by the magician’s valour and smartness. He ordered Princess Jasmine to marry the magician as a token of gratitude to Haider.

After that, Princess Jasmine and Haider married and lived happily ever after.


The Story Of The Fairy Princess For Children

Story Summary

Below is the summary of the Fairy Princess story:

A long time ago, there was a happy kingdom ruled by King Charles and Queen Mary. The couples were kind towards their people and had received fairy magic. Later, they got blessed with a baby princess, who also received the powers of a fairy from a god fairy. They named the princess Jasmine. The princess was a bright child and very compassionate.

When the princess grew up to the age of her marriage, she started receiving several proposals from princes around the world. One day, a cruel wizard Jafar abducted Princess Jasmine because he wanted to marry her. The King sent his fairies to search for her daughter, but nobody could find her. Later, Haider, a magician, asked the king to allow him to search for the princess. Haider had a magical mirror, which showed that the princess was taken away by the wizard Jafar. He immediately went to his castle and turned the bad wizard into a cat. He rescued Princess Jasmine and brought her home. After seeing the heroic act of the magician Haider, the king ordered Jasmine to marry Haider. They married and lived happily after.

Moral Of The Story

You must have noticed that this short story had a happy ending. Children’s stories always have a happily ever after. This encourages kids to believe in the power of persistence and positivity. Despite all the difficulties and hardships, these stories teach us to be calm and remain positive that everything will be all right.

The King and the magician did not lose hope and continued to look for the princess. This shows the characters’ determination and patience.

How Can Children Apply The Moral In Their Real Life?

Children’s magical and adventurous stories are a great way to tap the imagination and develop cognitive skills in children. The story teaches children to be tough and determined in the toughest times and never lose patience. If any child happens to fall into a problematic situation, they should not panic but rather calmly search for a solution.

Parents can boost creativity in their children by reading magical stories to them and indulging in games and activities like treasure hunts and doing plays by wearing colourful costumes. This fairy princess story with pictures is easy to understand by little children, thus making it our favourite pick.

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