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The Lion And The Cows Story With Moral For Kids

When we look back today, we realise the importance of stories and the moral values and lessons these stories have taught us over the years. We all love hearing stories from our parents and grandparents. At that time, we didn’t realise that the wonderful stories they read to us were for our own benefit. We learned numerous things from these stories, such as new words (vocabulary), enhanced our reading skills, strengthened our language skills, taught some important lessons, and more.


Now, it’s time to read these stories to our children that will help them learn morals/lessons, just like we did. In this article, we have covered “The Lion and The Cows” full story for you to read to your child. You can also ask your child to read this story and explain them the meaning of the same.

Let’s take a look at “The Lion and The Cows” story in English.


Origin And History Of The Lion And The Cows Story

“The Lion And The Cows” is a Panchatantra story, an ancient Indian collection of stories or fables. These fables are made-up narratives with characters drawn from nature, like animals, plants, and other living creatures. These fables generally have a moral and a conclusion. For instance, the fable known as “The Lion and The Cows” has a moral “unity is strength”. Let’s take a look at the story.

Story Type Of The Lion And The Cows Story

“The Lion And The Cows” is a short moral story for kids. You can read this story to your child as a bedtime story, too.


Story Characters

The characters of this short story are:

  • Lion
  • Four Cows

The Lion And The Cows Story For Children

Lion And Cows Story For Children

Once upon a time, in a jungle lived four cows. The cows were very close friends who always stood by each other in good and bad times. Whenever a wild animal tried to attack them, all four cows used to fight together and chase them away. Therefore, no animal in the dense jungle dared to attack the four cows.


But, there also lived a big lion in that jungle who wished to kill and eat the four cows. He tried several times to attack and kill them, but as always, all four cows chased him away. The lion understood that it was not possible for him to kill even one cow till they were united.

So, the lion started thinking of different ways to separate them. Finally, he came up with a devious plan. He started spreading rumours and telling false tales in the jungle about the cows. With the help of other animals in the jungle, the lion was soon able to pitch the cows against one another. A huge rift was created between the four cows, and they started detesting each other. The lion was happy to see his plan working.


After some days, the lion attacked one of the four cows. The other three cows did not come to help their former friend, even after watching that she was being attacked by the big lion. After a few a days, the lion killed another cow. And then, the two cows that were left also had to face the same fate and were killed by the lion.

Story Summary

Continue reading to learn the summary of “The Lion and The Cows” story.


Four cows used to live in a forest. They were good friends and used to graze together in a particular place every day. The friendship between the cows was very strong, and they used to chase away the attackers. A big lion was behind these cows and wanted to kill and eat them, but he was always hushed away by the cows. The lion made a plan and turned the four cows against each other with the help of other animals. The four cows quarrelled and began to graze in different directions and all alone. The lion saw this as an opportunity and killed all the cows one by one.

Moral Of The Story

The moral of this story is “unity is strength.” In this short story, when the cows were together, they fought will all their attackers together. But, when the cows fought with each other and started grazing also, they, one by one, lost their lives.

How Can Children Apply The Moral Of The Story In Their Real Life?

With the help of the story with pictures, it is clear that when we are united, no one will be able to harm or do anything to us. Therefore, we must not fight or quarrel with our near and dear ones and stay united. When we are united, we will be able to face all the difficulties of the world together and will also be able to solve difficult problems with the help of our good friends.

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