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The Story Of The Selfish Giant With Moral For Kids

Love, compassion, and kindness are qualities that will lead us far in life, and it is critical to instil these qualities in children from a young age. Children enjoy listening to stories and learning more from them. The morals taught in these stories stay with children for a long time.


The Selfish Giant’s full story is a well-known story that illustrates the value of kindness and compassion and how they can work wonders. This story is about the life of a selfish giant who hated everybody who played in his garden. So, what happened to change his heart and turn his unhappy life into a joyful and contented one is something you can look forward to in this story, “The Selfish Giant”, in English.


Origin And History Of The Story Of The Selfish Giant

“The Selfish Giant” story was published by Oscar Wilde in 1888 and is one of the five stories in his book “The Happy Prince and Other Tales.” The story was then transformed into several musicals and a film based on it.


Story Type Of The Story Of The Selfish Giant

“The Selfish Giant” is a bedtime story and has been loved by children for generations now.

Story Characters

“The Selfish Giant” story mainly revolves around the Giant and the children.

  • The Giant: The Giant lived in a vast castle, and people feared him for his huge body and selfish nature. He never talked to anyone and hated being around people.
  • Children: They love playing in the Giant’s garden but were later prohibited by him.

Story Of The Selfish Giant For Children

In a faraway land, there was a huge garden. It was full of lush green grass, tall trees, and pretty flowers and fruits. The grass was as cosy as a bed.

After school, children used to come to play in the garden, and they enjoyed themselves a lot with the birds chirping all around.


“I love this garden, as it has so many trees, flowers, and such a soft carpet of grass,” said one kid to his friends.

Other kids also seconded his thoughts and said in coherence, “We all love this garden for the same reason. It is so much fun to be here,”


The garden used to be filled with the sounds of children’s laughter, making it a happy and lively place.

However, the garden belonged to a giant who had gone to visit one of his friends for several years now.


Everything was going great. The trees were happy; the birds used to chirp until, one day, the Giant returned.

The loud thumps shook the ground, and everyone saw the Giant standing there.


The Giant was furious when he saw so many children in the garden.

“What are you all doing?” shouted the Giant. “How dare you all come here? This is my garden, and I don’t think I have ever permitted you to play here. Go away and never come back again.”


Hearing the Giant’s voice, the children started trembling in fear and ran away.

To stop the trespassing of the kids, the Giant put up a massive wall around the garden with the board “Trespassers will be prosecuted”.

Without the children, the garden became sad. The trees shed their leaves, and the birds left the garden. The flowers stopped blooming, and the lush green grass lost its colour.

Soon, spring came. It was filled with greenery everywhere except in the Giant’s garden, where it was still winter. It was filled with only two things: snow and hail.

They were having a gala time there.

“I will never leave this garden”, said the snow.

“Me too”, said the hail. “Let us invite the north wind here too.”

And with the north wind there, cold winds started blowing in the garden. It knocked off the chimney pot of the garden and started taking off the slates of the roof one by one. The garden was a mess.

The Giant used to sit wearing his winter clothes and wondered, “I wonder when Spring will come into this garden.”

One day, as the Giant was lying on his bed, he suddenly heard a bird chirping near his window. He rushed to the window to see what the matter was.

He was astounded to see the view. The garden was green again, and the trees were full of leaves, and flowers were blooming all around.

He suddenly saw some children playing in the garden. They had found a hole in the wall and entered from there.

The Giant became so happy that he rushed toward the children and started playing with them. He knocked off the wall and removed the board.

“You all are welcome into my garden, and I will not scare you away,” said the Giant.

The Story Of The Selfish Giant With Moral For Children

After that, he always used to play with the children. One day, he saw a little boy trying to climb a tree where spring had not yet reached. He immediately helped the little boy get to the top, and as soon as he did that, the snow melted, and the tree became green again.

Years passed by, and the Giant became old and feeble. He could no longer play with the children, but he always used to sit and watch them play. He loved seeing them play.

One day, the old Giant was sitting on his chair when he heard someone crying. He rushed towards the sound and found the same little boy he had once helped. His arms were filled with blood.

“Oh no!” said the Giant. “Who has hurt you, little kid? Tell me his name, and I’ll not leave him.”

“Don’t worry, lovely Giant. These are wounds of love”, the little boy said.

The Giant could not understand anything.

The little boy continued, “Remember, one day you helped me climb the tree. Now, it’s my turn to take you to a beautiful place called the Garden of Paradise. Please come with me.”

The Giant followed the little boy.

Later that day, everyone saw the Giant dead, and his body was lying near a tree covered with beautiful cherry blossoms with a peaceful and contended smile on his face.

Story Summary

Here is the summary of the story “The Selfish Giant”:

Once upon a time, a huge garden belonged to a selfish giant. The Giant was away, and the kids used to play in the garden. Everyone, including the grass, trees, birds, and flowers, was very happy until the Giant returned one day. He scolded the children and warned them never to come back. He also put up a huge wall around the garden with the board saying, “Trespassers will be prosecuted”. With the children no longer there, the garden became sad. While it was spring everywhere, there was still winter in the garden. The garden was filled with snow, and spring was nowhere to be seen. The Giant became very sad.

One day, the Giant suddenly saw a bird chirping on the window pane. Delighted, the Giant rushed and saw the garden green again. Some children had found a hole in the wall and entered the garden, making it blossom again. The Giant played with the children every day and was very happy. When the Giant became old and feeble, he used to sit and watch the children play. One fine day, he heard a little boy crying in his garden with his arms filled with blood. The Giant angrily asked who did this with him, to which the boy calmly replied that those were wounds of love and he wanted to take the Giant with him to the garden of paradise.

Later that day, everyone found the Giant lying dead near a tree, covered with beautiful cherry blossoms and a happy and contented smile on his face.

Moral Of The Story

The moral of the story is “Life is better with generosity and kindness and not selfishness.”

In the given story, the Giant became truly happy only after he became kind to the children and allowed them to play in his garden. Similarly, selfishness takes us nowhere in life, always making us feel grumpy and sad but being kind towards others gives us a feeling of satisfaction.

How Can Children Apply The Moral Lesson Of The Story In Their Real Life?

This short story of the selfish Giant teaches kids the crucial characteristic of kindness, and we can teach them the same by asking them to be kind and generous towards their friends, siblings, or even strangers. This story beautifully teaches kids how kindness and a welcoming attitude can bring positive changes in the world. They can be appreciated by their near and dear ones, just like the Giant when he accepted all kids with love and kindness.

Reading stories with pictures can take your child to a new world of fantasy where kindness, compassion, and generosity are the only emotions that exist. Read out this short tale as a bedtime story to your little one and watch them learn a beautiful life lesson.

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