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The Story Of The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing With Moral For Kids

Short and long stories for children are interesting ways to teach your kids about good morals and right conduct, while keeping them engaged and making reading a part of their daily routine. As children, they are in their formative years, which is why it is important that they should be educated with good values.


In this article, we have covered “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” story in English for children. This is a story with a moral value that your kid can use in life. By reading this short story, you will also help your little one improve their reading comprehension skills.


Let’s take a look at “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” full story below.

Origin And History Of “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing”

“A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” is one of the many Aesop’s fables. Although the exact origin of the story can’t be traced, it is said to have been written a very long time ago. This is a short story behind the commonly heard phrase that is used to convey a moral, and it is an excellent story with a moral lesson for kids.


The story follows a wolf who wishes to eat a sheep from a farm. Unable to do so, he finds a way to get sheep skin and wears it so that he can blend in with the rest of the herd. This moral of the story tells us what happens as a consequence of the wolf’s silly actions.


Let’s read the story!

Story Type Of “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing”

“A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” is a moral story with pictures for kids that will help them learn and understand an important moral value. You can encourage your little one to read this story to read it to them.


Story Characters

The characters of “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” are:

  • Wolf
  • Sheep
  • Shepherd

A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing Story For Children

Let’s read “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” story with pictures.


The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Once upon a time, there lived a wolf near a farm. The wolf used to keep an eye on the farm as he wanted to eat the sheep on that farm. The sheep would follow anyone, anywhere. The sheep followed the shepherd. The sheep followed the shepherd’s son. The sheep followed the shepherd’s dog. Whenever the sheep were alone, they just followed other sheep.

The wolf watched from some distance and said to himself, “Ha ha, foolish sheep. They follow anyone.”


One fine day, the wolf went to the farm to get the sheep to follow him away from the farm.

“Follow me, little sheep,” the wolf said to one sheep.


The sheep were not as stupid as the wolf thought them to be. They were naturally afraid of the big wolf.

The little sheep cried, “Ba ba!” and the shepherd, who was not very far away, came to protect the sheep. The wolf ran away quickly.


The wolf thought for some time and came up with an idea. He calculated that the sheep would not follow a wolf, but they would follow an innocent-looking sheep. So, the wolf went back to the farm and silently attacked one sheep and ran away with it. The wolf ate the sheep’s meat happily but protected the sheep’s skin. He used the sheep’s skin as a disguise and put it on to look like a sheep. Now, the wolf looked like a sheep.

The next day, the wolf went to the farm disguised as a sheep.

“Follow me, you little sheep,” the wolf said.

This time the sheep followed him as they were not afraid of him. He was not looking like a wolf at all. The sheep followed the wolf silently, and they left the farm slowly. They were at a distance from the farm, so the shepherd could not hear them.

“Ha ha, you stupid sheep. You follow anyone. Now, I will eat you!” said the wolf.

“Ba ha!” cried the little sheep. The sheep were very afraid as they were away from the farm.

That day was special for the shepherd; he wanted to kill one sheep to eat at the celebration. He decided to kill the first sheep he found. Just then, he saw the wolf in sheep’s disguise and thought of him to be the biggest juicy sheep and, without a second thought, raised his axe and killed him. This way, the life of the little sheep was saved.

Story Summary

Let’s take a look at the summary of “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” short story.

It was a bright morning. A wolf was roaming near a sheep farm. The wolf wanted to eat the little sheep but couldn’t find a way to do so, as the shepherd and his dogs were watching the sheep too closely. The wolf thought of a plan and, that very night, killed one sheep silently for the sheep skin.

The next day the wolf wore the sheep skin and blended himself into the herd of sheep. The sheep were unaware that a wolf was amongst them. The wolf said to a little sheep to follow him, and the sheep foolishly did, as they would follow anyone around.

It was a day of celebration, and the shepherd fancied a mutton broth that day. He went out and picked the first big sheep that he could find, which somehow happened to be the wolf wearing the sheep skin. Without thinking, the shepherd raised his axe and killed the wolf disguised as a sheep, and the little sheep were saved.

Moral Of The Story

The moral of “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” is that “The evil doer often comes to harm through his own deceit.” The moral means that a person who does evil gets harm in return through their own method.

In the story, the wolf disguises himself as a sheep. The shepherd mistook him for a sheep and killed him. If the wolf didn’t wear the sheepskin, he would have been alive. Hence, we should teach our children that we should not do evil to others as the evil will come back to us in a similar way we tried to harm others.

How Can Children Apply The Moral Lesson Of The Story In Their Real Life?

The children can apply the moral of this story in their real life by not doing something wrong with others or by not cheating on others. They should be taught that doing wrong things with others comes back to us in some way or the other.

We hope reading “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” story helped your little one to learn an important moral lesson.

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