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Things That Are Black And White For Kids

Colours have the power to attract. But black and white are two colours when seen together, also attract our eyes. There are various things around us that are black and white in colour, such as animals, foods, objects, etc. It is important that we teach our kids about these black-and-white objects, as it will help them add new words to their vocabulary.

Let’s read more about black and white objects.


List Of Things That Are Black And White For Kids

Let’s take a look at a few things that are black and white in colour to teach your little one.


Black And White Things At Home

Below we have covered black-and-white names of things.

1. Newspaper

A publication with written information on current affairs and events.


2. Chessboard

A large square playing board with 64 squares in black and white colour. This board is used for playing chess.


3. Dice

A small throw-able cube-shaped object with marked sides that is used in various games.

4. Clock


An object that tells us time. It is one of the oldest inventions by humans.


5. Dominoes

Small, flat, rectangular playing blocks used as a game.

6. Black and white photo

When coloured photos were not there, black and white were made. Many people have preserved these old photographs with them.


Black And White Foods

Below we have covered the name of food items that looks black and white.

1. Chocolate vanilla ice cream


A mix of dark chocolate (dark brown in colour) and vanilla ice cream (white in colour).

2. Oreo

A small sandwich cookie made using two biscuits (dark brown colour) and sweet cream filling (white colour).


3. Burnt marshmallow

When we heat the marshmallow, it turns brownish-black, giving it a white-and-black look.

4. Salt and pepper


Salt and pepper are the names for edible salt and ground black pepper that are ubiquitously paired on dining tables.

Black And White Things In Nature

There are many famous things that are black and white in nature. In this section, we have covered beautiful things like flowers, stones, etc., that are naturally black and white.

1. Granite

A rock found throughout the continental crust, most commonly in mountainous areas.

2. Marble

A metamorphic stone composed mostly of calcite. Marble is a form of limestone that changes over the years owing to tremendous pressure and heat.

3. Rocks

A very solid collection of mineral grains that grow or become cemented together. Some rocks are small, while others are large.

4. Night Sky

Night Sky

When the sky is clear, we can see white stars against the black canvas of the sky.

5. White Black-Eyed Susan Flower

A flower with white petals surrounding a bold black eye.

Black And White Animals

Finally, let’s take a look at the name of animals that are black and white in colour.

1. Zebra


A famous animal with white stripes next to black stripes. These stripes end at their bellies and the inner side of their legs.

2. Panda

Pandas have black and a white fur coat that keeps them warm. They have black fur around their eyes, ears, muzzle, legs and shoulders.

3. Penguin

A group of flightless marine birds, Penguins are short with paddlelike wings. The animals are dark on the back and white on the surface.

4. Killer whale

Also known as Orca, Killer Whale is a toothed whale that belongs to the oceanic dolphin family. These whales are black and white with grey patches just behind the fin.

5. Skunk

Skunk has a small head, a short, pointed snout, and little black eyes. White stripes run along the Skunk’s backs and extend to the tips of their long and fluffy tails.

6. Black And White Ruffed Lemur

As the name suggests, they are animals with black and white bodies. Their hands, tails, feet, faces and heads are black, with a white ruff around their necks.

7. White tiger

They are just like orange tigers, but with white fur colour.

8. Dalmatian

A breed of dog that has a white coat marked with black coloured spots.

After going through the list of black-and-white things shared above, you would realise that there many man-made and natural things that are black and white. After learning the name of these things, your child will be able to tell these name when asked to “name some black and white things.” When they learn these words, they will also try to use them in sentences, working on their language skills.

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