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Words That Start With G For Kids To Improve Vocabulary

Improving a child’s vocabulary at a young age is a great way to train them for a successful future. Children need to learn different words and make proper sentences and stories. Young children may learn principles of spelling using words that start with the letter G. Studying words that begin with the letter G offers many advantages, one of which is that it enables us to communicate and share our thoughts with others. The pronunciation of the letter “G” in English might be confusing for children as it can be pronounced in multiple ways based on its place in the word or the adjacent letters in compound words, long vowel sounds, and consonant blends. Let us introduce your child to a few different words that begin with G:


List Of Words Starting With G For Kids

These comprehensive, commonly used words with the letter G will help children improve their writing abilities by expanding their vocabulary:

Game Gap Gate
Gem Gentle Get
Ghost Gift Giraffe
Girl Glance Glasses
Glove Glue Go
Goal Goat God
Gold Goose Grapes
Grass Great Greek
Green Greet Guitar
Gum Gut Gym

Easy Words That Start With G For Kids

When children begin to mix sounds to read words, having a solid foundation in the letter sounds gives them a head start. It is crucial to teach children some small and simple words starting with G so they can observe its sound and learn spellings. Two-letter words with G are often helpful when playing word games.  Let us look at some of these simple words, starting with G.


2 Letter Words That Start With G


3 Letter Words That Start With G

Gum Get
God Gap
Gym Gut

Words That Start With G For Elementary Kids

For kids, learning to read and spell depends on the same foundational information, such as links between the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they represent. When c or g comes into contact with a, o, or u, the sound is hard, and when c or g comes into contact with e, i, or y, the sound is softer. When a word has several syllables, we refer to it as a “long word.”

4 Letter Words That Start With G

Game Gift
Goat Grab

5 Letter Words That Start With G

Giant Grass
Great Green
Groom Group

6 Letter Words That Start With G

Gentle Glance
Global Gloves
Grapes Growth

7 Letter Words That Start With G

Gallery General
Genetic Garbage
Giraffe Graphic

8 Letter Words That Start With G

Generate Generous
Governor Grateful
Garments Guidance

Cool Words That Start With The Letter G For Kids

Reading and spelling a word becomes easier if you form a mental picture. Children would love expanding their vocabulary and using some cool words to sound smart and improve their writing. Here are some words that start with G that your kids will enjoy learning:

Gigantic Glamorous Gallant
Gymnastic Gregarious Gracious
Ghastly Galaxy Generic
Gnarl Gastronomy Gibberish
Globe Gourmet Gesture
Genteel Gleaming Giggly

Positive Words That Start With G For Children

The depiction of a word is strengthened and made more accessible when its spelling is known, which allows for more fluid reading. The positive G-lettered words may also be beneficial in day-to-day conversation and writing. These are the positive G letter words, and many complimentary words here contain four letters or less in their construction. Your child’s vocabulary may need some additions, so here is a list of good words that start with the letter G.

Gain Gaily Gallant
Genius Gifted Glad
Glowing Golden Good
Gorgeous Gracious Graceful
Grateful Grand Great
Grin Generous Gutsy

More Words That Start With The Letter G

Let’s teach your kids the names of some things, foods, animals, places, and more so that they can learn to observe the world around them and spot these.


Things Names That Start With G

Glass Gift
Game Gown

Foods Names That Start With G

Garlic Grapes
Grapefruit Ginger
Guava Gouda

Animal Names That Start With G

Giraffe Goat
Goldfish Gorilla

Places Names That Start With G

Greece Greenland
Gujarat Guwahati

Colours That Start With G

Green Grey

Verbs That Start With G

Gargle Get
Giggle Give
Glaze Go

Adjectives That Start With G

Gentle Gigantic
Glad Gorgeous
Graceful Great

Activities That Will Help Your Child To Learn Letter G Words

Activities are a fun way of learning for children. Engaging in activities lays a strong foundation of learning and helps children retain it in their memory.
The following are some of the most helpful exercises for children in learning words that begin with the letter G:

1. Decorate the letter G

It can be a collaborative activity between teachers and kids or parents and kids. You can provide kids with the cutouts of G, and children can use their imagination and creativity to decorate the letter shape. They can use glitters and colours to decorate letter G. This activity will help in registering the letter shape in their minds.


2. Songs and poems

It is a fun way to teach your kid the letter G. This activity will also strengthen their knowledge of letter-sound as they can link letter recognition to the letter sound. For example,

Grapes grow in Gloria’s garden


She grows some green gourds too


3. Tracing mats of the letter G

Providing kids with laminated tracing mats or stencils with the letter G is an intelligent way to encourage letter-building skills. It will strengthen their letter recognition ability, and the good part is it can be used again and again.


4. Crafts and DIY

Teachers and parents can make kids do various crafts and DIY activities to boost their knowledge and connection with the letter G. For instance, you can encourage them to make a guitar with cardboard and various colour threads. Making a paper plate giraffe is also a fun activity to do with kids.


5. Grab a thing with letter G

Count to 10, and children have to run and grab an object at home that starts with G. It could be a glass, glue, gift, gel, etc.

6. Act to the beat of the music

Play some music, and when the beat stops, the child has to perform any one action that starts with G. Could be gargle, giggle, gaze etc. Ask the other players to guess the action and win points!

7. A fun travel game

If your child loves travelling, ask them to make a list of all the places they want to visit (cities, towns, villages, countries or even street names or monuments) that begin with G. They can come up with a travel wishlist like Goa, Gujarat, Gaming zone, Grand Trunk Road, Golden Gate Bridge, Grand Canyon… may be the whole Globe!

8. Narrate the events of the Day

Ask your child to narrate what they did today; in school, at the playground, at home, what they ate, etc. Encourage them to use more and more words with G in each sentence. For each word that they use, award them with 1 point.
For example: I got up in the morning. I ate grapes along with my breakfast. I wore socks and gloves with my uniform. I had a great time at school. I played with my friend George… and so on…
Encourage them to aim for at least 10 points. If there are two or more kids to play this game, they can keep score for each other, and you can sit back and watch as your child masters the art of learning and using new words and improving their vocabulary.

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