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Words That Start With H For Kids To Improve Vocabulary

As children grow, observe the world around them, interact with others and read books, they learn many new words. Children need to be taught new words and their spellings so that their vocabulary can keep improving constantly. Parents often look for simple, fun and engaging ways of teaching their children new words that can help them excel in their studies. However, vocabulary is an essential skill that is not very easily gained. Let us guide you on how to teach your children some words to improve their vocabulary.


The letter H may be tricky for children to learn and comprehend, as it has different sounds in different instances. H has a unique phonetic sound and thus, we must teach these words with more clarity to students in preschool and primary classes.


This article will guide you through different words starting with the letter H, and how you can sort them, making it easy for your kids to learn.


List Of Words Beginning With H For Kids

Here is a list of words beginning with H that you can teach your kids. They are easy words for kids to comprehend and will not require a lot of time and effort to learn. From preschoolers to fifth-graders, these simple words are meant for all students. Learning these words will enhance their vocabulary and improve their reading skills. You can plan word games, pictorial games, board games, and fun sessions to help your child learn these words easily. Eventually, you will graduate them to form sentences and questions using these words. Without any further ado, let us get started with this list of words that start with H:

Had Help Holy
Hale Hen Home
Has Her Hone
Hat Hid Hop
He Hide Hope
Head Hill Hot
Heal Him House
Heat Hint
Heed Hip

Words That Start With H For Kindergarten And Preschool Kids

Learning two and three-letter words lays the foundation for a student to learn bigger words easily in the future. If you have a problem looking for h words for kindergarten kids, then below is a solution for you. These are two and three-letter h words that are very simple and are perfect for early learning.


2 Letter Words That Start With H

He Hi

3 Letter Words That Start With H

Ham Her Hot
Hay Him Hug

H Words For Lower Elementary Kids

Once your kid has learned the two and three-letter words with H, you can make them learn bigger words. Starting from four letters, you can slowly move forward to eight lettered words, depending on how fast your child can learn the words and spellings.

4 Letter Words That Start With H

Hair Hope
Hard Hike

5 Letter Words That Start With H

Habit Heart
Happy Horse

6 Letter Words That Start With H

Hammer Hearty
Hanger Hockey

7 Letter Words That Start With H

Habitat Healthy
Harmony Helpful

8 Letter Words That Start With H

Heirloom Hoodwink
Hologram Humanity

Cool Words That Start With The Letter H For Kids

English vocabulary is full of interesting and cool h words that a young learner would find amusing. Here are some words starting with the alphabet h that your child would be happy to learn about. These are longer-length words but are catchy and rhythmic. Thus, they would not be hard for a primary schooler.

Haboob Halcyon Hegemony
Halfwit Heartstrings Hippogriff
Haphazard Heyday Hobnobbed
Hare-brained Hijinks Hodgepodge
Hickory Hubbub Hologram
Huzzah Heirloom Humdrum

Positive Words That Start With Letter H For Children

Some words make us feel positive about ourselves or our surroundings. They are important for a child’s personality growth. Here are some positive h words which can be learned by the primary schoolers. They are good words from h helping to instil good values in your child.

Hale Heroic
Happy Holy
Hardworking Honourable
Harmony Hooray
Healthy Hopeful
Heartwarming Hospitable

More Words That Start With The Letter H

As your child learns various words with the letter H, they would benefit from adding these new words to their vocabulary. These are some common nouns like names of things, animals, places, and food that will help students relate to the real world. They will be able to identify these things in their surroundings as their names and spellings get imprinted in their memory.


Names of Things That Start With H

Hat Hood
Helicopter House

Names of Animal That Start With H

Hamster Horse
Hedgehog Hippopotamus

Named of Places That Start With H

Haryana Holand
Hawaii Hungary

Names of Food That Start With H

Hamburger Honey
Haggis Hotdog

Activities That Will Help Your Child Learn Words With H

Certain activities might help students from pre-schooler to fifth-graders learn words beginning with the letter H easily and enhance their vocabulary. Let us target some easy words that start with H and churn out some activities around it. Kids learn faster with their sensory organs activated when there is some activity to do around a particular lesson.

1. Tracing is interesting

Tracing is a highly interesting way of teaching a child. Make them trace their hands in the first place and make them repeat, “H for Hands.” You can make them trace other objects like a hat, toy horse, heart shape, or hammer and each time, teach them the word starting with h. You can write these words in large letters with dotted lines and make them join the dots to discover the word. They can later fill in these words with their favourite colours.


2. Drawing an object

Nothing teaches a child better than drawing. Draw the letter H large enough for them to colour and then draw different objects that start with the letter H. Sketches of a hut, helicopter, horse, ham, hair, hat, hammock, and others will make them create a clear picture in their heads. You can also hang these drawings in their rooms. They will learn the word quickly, and looking at their creation will also make them all the more excited.

3. Making crafts like paper hats

Making crafts with paper and other materials always piques a child’s interest. Making things like paper hats is a fun way of introducing them to the names of everyday objects. Cutting out heart shapes, making paper plate hedgehogs, origami helicopters, or making a horse with paper cuttings can effectively engage your child’s attention, whether in preschool or primary section.


4. Hula hooping to learn about hoops

Offer a hula hoop to a child, and it’s a guarantee that you will hear an excited “yes!” You can play with your child or have them participate in a hula hooping competition. The easy is a fun way to make them play different games with hula hoops while introducing them to a new object and observing its starting letter- H. You know what else starts with H? Happy kids!

5. Making hamburgers or hotdogs

Ask your child to help you prepare a dinner menu with names of foods that start with H. Let them participate in preparing the food too. Making hamburgers and hotdogs is a fun activity that your kids will love to do. Besides learning the recipe, your kids will learn the names of the food items and pay attention to their spelling too.


Children are very impressionable at a young age. When you teach them something early on, it creates a lasting impression. Building a strong base of phonics and words will go a long way in their entire period of learning. Starting from 2 letter words to as long as eight-letter words, the language skills of primary class students must be strong enough so that they have no problem studying the language in the future. Not just for literature, but a student must also have a strong language base for whatever field they wish to study. Our language is mostly the only form of communication that we use, and thus, learning new words is as essential as learning to walk and talk.

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