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Words That Start With Wh For Kids To Improve Vocabulary

Teaching kids how to pronounce words is integral to improving their vocabulary and communication skills. In this article, we will focus on the ‘wh’ words in English. Some ‘wh’ words are often used to ask questions such as when, why, and what. But there are more words than begin with ‘wh’, and awareness of those words will help enhance your child’s language skills. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list for you. Let’s take a look at that.


List Of ‘Wh’ Words For Kids

Words beginning with ‘wh’ may seem tricky to pronounce, but with a bit of practice, it gets easier. Try to add images or visuals for your child to remember these words.

Where Whacko Whitehouse
Whose White Whaled
Whack Whale Whom
Whopper Whammy Whang
Whapped Whangee Whap
Wharfs Wheat Whee
Wheedle Wheel Wheelchair
Wheezily Whelk Whelky

Words That Start With Wh For Kids To Improve Vocabulary1

3-Letter Words That Start With ‘Wh’

There aren’t many 3-letter ‘wh’ words for kindergarten kids. But they are often used to form questions.

Why Who

4 -Letter Words That Start With ‘Wh’

Four letter words that start with ‘wh’ are as follows:

Whet Whip Whit
Whim Whey Wham
Whoa What Whom
Whew When Whey

5-Letter Words That Start With ‘Wh’

Five-letter words starting with ‘wh’ can be easier to remember if you often use them. Try these out.

Whole Wheel Whiff Wharf
While Whips Whoop Whack
Whisk Whelk Whirl Wheat
Whose Whisp Whelm Whelp

6-Letter Words That Start With ‘Wh’

Some six-letter words that start with ‘wh’ sound a little comical, while others describe something. Refer to this list to get started.

Whiles Whorls Wheels Wheals
Whaler Wheeze Whacky Whacko
Whammy Whacks Whiffs
Whitby Whiney Whelps
Whoops Whence Wholly

7-Letter Words That Start With ‘Wh’

Some of these 7-letter words in the English dictionary may sound uncommon, but they are worth learning.

Whitney Whitely Whelped Wharves
Whydahs Whacked Whinock Whiffet
Whacker Whackos Whicker Whereby
Whipped Whipsaw Whopper Whelmed
Whinger Whining Whitish

8-Letter Words That Start With ‘Wh’

Longer words can easily be misspelt. So, be careful when teaching your child these 8-letter words that start with ‘wh’.

Whistler Whalings Whackier Wheezing
Whaleman Wheedles Whimpers Whiffles
Whiplike Whirried Whitefly Whatsits
Wheepled Whiffled Whishing Whiskies
Whiniest Whinnied

9-Letter Words That Start With ‘Wh’

Here’s a list of some interesting 9-letter words starting with ‘wh’.

Wholeness Whipworms Whey-Faced Wheatland
Whip Snake Whistling Whing-ding Whipstall
Wharfages Whispered Whipcords Whiningly
Wholistic Whooshing

10-Letter Words That Start With ‘Wh’

Ten-letter words are challenging and can be a bit tricky to grasp. We suggest using a bunch of flashcards that kids can refer to in their journey of learning to memorise these.

Whaleboats Whalebacks Wharfinger Whirligigs
Whinstones Whitenings Whitewalls Whitetails
Wholesomer Wholesaled Whodunnits Whiteflies

Activities That Will Help Your Child Learn ‘Wh’ Words

Activities are an excellent way to teach kids new concepts and words. Adding an element of learning to various activities can help them learn words fast. At first, you have to be patient and empathetic while teaching children. But as they get the hang of easy ‘wh’ words, you can move on to more challenging variations. Some of the best activities that will help your child learn ‘wh’ words are:

1. Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles are fun, and kids love them. They are one of the easiest ways to learn new ‘wh’ words, and help boost their critical thinking skills as well. You can access crossword puzzle games easily on the internet.


2. Pretend Play

This is a game where your child has to enact an action or event with a given ‘wh’ word. You can play this in pairs or teams. The member or team that can guess the most ‘wh’ words will be the winner. Whoever runs out of ideas will drop out and lose the game. The winner is decided based on the maximum number of points earned.

3. Quiz

Quizzes can involve a mix of trivia and riddles for children. These activities may be funny and add humorous questions to the mix. You can enhance their vocabulary the more they keep playing. An example is asking questions such as: ‘This word starts with ‘wh’ and moves quickly in the ocean and lives long. What is it?’ The answer: Whale. You get the idea, right?


4. Word Search Puzzles

Word search puzzles will get your child to think and make them hunt for ‘wh’ letter words. As a bonus, your child will pick up new spellings along the way.

You can also use flashcards, worksheets, word lists, and other games for your kids. You can check with your kid’s teacher as well for more ideas on how to teach them.


Words that begin with ‘wh’ are found in plenty. Hopefully, our lists above will get your child started on their journey to improve their language skills.

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