Baby Carrier Buying Guide

Dos and Don'ts

Apart from style and comfort, you need to make sure of a number of things to ensure that wearing your baby turns out to be a beneficial experience for both you and your baby.


  • Select the baby carrier based on the fabric it is made of. If you live in warm climates, a thick fabric will make your child too warm for comfort when carried. Similarly, when you live in cooler climates, you could either go for a thicker fabric or use a breathable fabric and team it up with warm clothes for your baby.
  • Examine your baby carrier carefully before each use. Make sure that the carrier is not worn out, that the straps are sturdy and that the seams are strong enough, before placing your baby in the carrier.
  • Carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use and maintain the carrier.
  • Make it a habit to periodically check the locking provisions provided in the baby carrier and ensure that they have been fastened properly.
  • Practice baby wearing with a doll or a pillow and train yourselves well, before you actually begin to carry your baby.
  • For babies below 4 months of age and preemies, seek your pediatrician’s advice before starting to wear the baby.
  • Begin wearing your baby only when you are confident about the baby’s health, safety and convenience.
  • Check if your child has adequate airway inside the baby carrier. In carriers where you carry the baby in upright position, ensure that the child’s head is well above the carrier walls, so that the child gets adequate air supply. Wraps and some carriers that are not exactly your baby’s size, may cause suffocation if the child gets too covered up inside.
  • Check the condition of the carrier and the buckles before using and after each wash. Never use a broken baby carrier, as it might endanger your child’s safety.


  • Avoid washing the baby carrier fabric using strong detergents or chemicals. If not properly washed, these might cause allergic reactions in your baby’s soft skin.
  • Avoid using the baby carrier for children who fall out of the weight range.
  • Never bend over or jump, when you are wearing your baby. The baby may fall out of the carrier.
  • Do not consume liquids or hot beverages when you are wearing your baby.
  • Do not wear babies when you are driving or riding a bike.
  • Do not wear your baby when you are involved in a physical activity like jogging.
  • Avoid wearing your baby when you have physical problems, especially back problems like sciatica, lumbar spondylitis, and stiff back. Carrying the baby’s weight will only aggravate your condition.
  • Avoid carrying very small babies in the back carry position. Only those babies who have attained head and neck balance can comfortably sit behind your back. Newborns and smaller babies require head support and your constant observation, so they are best carried in front position.
  • Do not wear babies who cannot yet sit independently, in the hip carry position. It takes nearly six months for most newborns to develop stronger bones and sit comfortably. Making them sit on your hip before their bones are set might cause hip dislocation in babies.
  • If the first experiment of carrying your baby doesn’t work, don’t be discouraged. Ask another adult to help you put the carrier on. Using a mirror always helps.
  • A baby carrier material is mostly machine washable. However, it is best to avoid unnecessary washing, whenever possible. Use minimal washing power, because it might make the straps sticky.
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