Baby Carrier Buying Guide

Features and Characteristics of Baby Carriers

Features of Baby Carriers

Features play an important role, with regards to safety, comfort and ease of use, when selecting a new baby carrier for your bundle of joy. Before buying baby carriers, have a look at some of their important features, including the following.
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Features of Baby Carrier
Features of Baby Carrier


Baby carriers are made using different fabrics like natural, synthetic, etc. The most common fabrics include cotton and polyester. Some baby carriers are made with organic fabric. The fabric used determines the sturdiness and strength of the baby carrier. Being a natural material, cotton is cool, soft yet quite strong. The fabric used also determines breathability of the baby carrier. While buying a baby carrier, look for a fabric that is easy to clean, and has fire resistance. Also, look for one with anti-allergenic properties.

Head Support

Newborn babies can’t support their heads. At such an early age, their necks are so delicate that they do not have head and neck control. So if you intend to carry your baby, it is crucial to have a baby carrier with head support.

Body Support

In some carriers, the interior is filled with padding to support your baby’s head, back and legs. Good news is, many of the available baby carriers today are designed with inbuilt lumbar support for your baby, so you can choose one easily.

Padded Straps

The shoulder straps of a baby carrier should be sturdy enough to bear the weight of the baby. Shoulder straps have firm padding on it for greater comfort for the wearer.

Sternum Strap

A sternum strap connects the shoulder straps and prevents them from slipping off the shoulders. This strap is adjustable, and helps to reduce the pressure on the shoulders.

Waist belt

A robust baby carrier comes with waist straps which distribute your baby’s weight across your lumbar i.e. shoulders, back, torso, hips and pelvis. Interlocking padded waist belts can be adjusted to fit your waist.


Baby carriers differ, depending on their type and brand. Always look for one with complexly designed clasps and buckles that are difficult to undo. This is necessary for your baby’s safety. Go for adjustable fasteners if you wish to use the baby carrier for a longer period, as your baby grows.

Attachable Hood

The easy adjustable sleeping hood snaps on, or clips to the shoulder straps, and can be neatly tucked away in a zippered pocket in the front of the baby carrier. It helps keep your child out of the sun, especially when your child is just about to sleep.


Baby carriers can become hot at times, making your baby uncomfortable while you carry them. Side vents keep your baby cool and comfortable.

Easy to clean

Most baby carriers are machine washable. As a busy parent of a new-born, you need a baby carrier that is convenient and easily washable. However, some baby carriers can only be washed by hands or can only be dry-cleaned.

Characteristics of Baby Carriers

  • Leg Holes

  • Very small babies could slip through a baby carrier, causing serious injury or even death in some cases. Small leg holes and a snug fit would ensure the child’s safety and keep the child close to your body. In certain baby carriers, like wraps, the baby’s legs are secured within the carrier itself. The baby’s legs are often folded in a froggy-leg position, with bottom down and knees up.
  • Ready to Use

  • Baby carriers are ready to use or need minimum installation as compared to prams or strollers. Also, baby carriers come with minimal accessories. Minor adjustments are needed to accommodate more weight.
  • Reversibility

  • Some baby carriers are reversible, and provide moms the option of choosing the side that matches better with the rest of their outfit. Both sides come with different patterns, thus providing the variety that comes with having more than one carrier.
  • Eco-friendly Fabric

  • Most tiny tots chew at the carrier while teething. Moreover, some friction between areas of skin and the carrier are unavoidable. The fabric should therefore be soft, and preferably organic. Its breathability would ensure comfort for both parent and child.
  • Durable Cross-stitching

  • Baby carriers with reinforced cross-stitching used in all areas ensure to hold up the most weight of the baby.
  • Carry Position Options

  • A high-end baby carrier would offer different carry positions. The common carry positions are front carry, hip carry and piggyback. Choose a baby carrier depending upon your most comfortable baby carrying position.
  • Inserts

  • Insert is an accessory that provides the baby with a structurally firm and sturdy position, irrespective of the type of baby carrier that is being used. Inserts are safe to use for children right from birth and protects your little one’s delicate spine. You can move around care-free, without worrying about your baby being in an improper position inside the carrier. They are best used for very small babies. As your child grows older, a removable pillow can be used as an insert to provide a cushioned seat.
  • Foot Stirrups

  • Foot stirrups are for taller children. These foot stirrups simply attach to the sides of your baby carrier and support longer legs. They are fully adjustable and compatible with all child carriers.
  • Lightweight Frames

  • Some baby carriers come with tubular aluminum frames which provide extra stability and support to the carrier. Such frames help keep the baby safe and comfortable during long hours of use, and are particularly useful if you are going to be treading uneven surfaces with your baby behind your back.
  • Accessibility

  • When buying a baby carrier, check to see if it easily lets you access your baby. The baby carrier should be designed to allow you to get your baby in and out of it, easily.
  • High Quality, Shock-Resistant Foam

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