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Did You Know- History & Evolution of Baby Carriers

The history of child carriers is as varied as that of the human population itself.
  • The brave Indian queen Lakshmibai of Jhansi10 kingdom was a famous baby wearer, carrying her son on her back into battle for freedom - we have all heard the stories and seen the paintings. And it is not just here in India that we see baby wearing practices, it's been present all over the world, adapted to suit the particular climate, geography or occupational needs � from Mexico to Europe, from Ethiopia to Japan.
  • Ancient Egyptian artwork depicts children being carried in slings since the time of the Pharaohs. Similar slings have been used in various cultures.
  • A cradleboard is a Native American baby carrier used while working or traveling. It is mounted on the back, using straps attached to the shoulder or head. Cradleboards were made from wood and padded with soft materials.
  • The Chinese Mei Tai is basically a square piece of cloth tied around the back. The Mei Tai could even be used to carry heavier children. It was later popularized in the West, in the 1960s, after the addition of modern padding and materials. There are other Asian baby carriers like the Korean Podaegi and the Japanese Obi-style carrier.
  • The Latin American Rebozo was a shawl-like garment, that secondarily functioned as a baby carrier. It was used by the indigenous women, and was usually tied around their head or shoulders. It was mostly used in Mexico.
  • In early 1970s, the wraparound was introduced in Europe, especially in Germany. A 'Wrap' is a long cloth wrapped around the wearer and child. The baby can be carried on the front, on the hip or on the back.
  • In 1986, Ring-slings were introduced. They consist of a long cloth, and metal or nylon rings. The rings work as a buckle and keep the cloth securely attached. These can be worn or adjusted very easily.
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