Baby Carrier Buying Guide

Common Baby Carrier Myths Busted

A child becomes too dependent on the parents or caregiver because of baby wearing.
The converse is in fact true. Baby wearing increases the child’s bonding with the parents. As a result of bonding and attachment with parents, the child will grow to become a well-rounded adult. Studies have shown that the maternal and paternal bonds formed at a young age, positively improve chances of an individual against psychological problems. A child that is worn is more calm and composed, grows well, is healthy, and is a joy to have around.
My baby may find it difficult to walk, if I keep my baby frequently and for too long in a baby carrier.
Proper limb usage depends largely on the natural growth of the baby, unless other health issues cause a severe impact on bone structure or brain growth. There is nothing wrong in using baby carriers, as most of them are designed with the baby’s development in mind. However, as a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that the carrier you are using is perfect for your baby, and that you are wearing your baby right.
I am petite, so I may get back pain if I use baby carriers.
Baby carriers are available in different sizes and patterns suitable for different body sizes. Choosing one that fits your size and wearing it right, will prevent any back problem that may arise from carrying your baby around.
A narrow based carrier has a bad impact on the baby’s hips and results in hip dysplasia or displacement.
Once again, the fit of a baby carrier to the baby, and the position of baby wearing, along with the process, make all the difference. If you have a carrier that is the right size for your child, and if you have mastered the art of putting it on, with the baby placed in the best suited position, you don’t have to worry about hip dysplasia.
Hip dysplasia develops after birth.
Recent research has observed that hip dysplasia is almost always present at the time of birth. It is a congenital condition that is quite impossible to detect till up to six weeks after birth. For newborns, it can be detected only through extreme ultrasound screening. On the whole, a baby carrier has no role to play in directly contributing to hip dysplasia.
I am afraid that my baby is under the risk of genital pressure, when carried in a baby carrier.
Till now, there is no evidence or research to prove the risk of genital pressure because of baby wearing. In fact, there are studies that support baby wearing, which state that when carried, the baby is only under a minimal pressure that will not affect the baby in any way. - Asia's Largest Online Baby and Kids Store, is India's largest online shop for new mom and baby products, offering top of the line discounts on renowned national & International brands. Some of the most reputed brands available on include Chicco, Graco, BSA, Johnson & Johnson, Medela, Pigeon, Fisher - Price, FunSkool, Lego, Disney & Barbie. offers the widest range to chose from, boasting of over 2 Lakh Baby & Kids Products. Customers can avail benefits of free Shipping as well as CoD(Cash on Delivery) on purchase from the website. © 2010-2023 All rights reserved. This website can be best viewed in resolution width of 1024 and above.