Baby Swing Buying Guide

Why you Need a Baby Swing

As new parents, you might be finding it hard to manage both baby and house. Tending to your newborn probably consumes most of your time and energy, and those household chores just seem to be piling up. In that case, Baby Swings are the perfect solution to all your problems. A Baby swing keeps your child entertained while you finish your work around the house. It lets you keep your baby close while you're working, so you can always rest assured that your baby is safely nestled in the swing. When your baby is restless or colicky and crying inconsolably, the soothing motion of the swing will calm your little one. Its coziness helps relax and put your baby to sleep. A baby swing is pure fun, and more. It helps develop your baby's sense of sight, sound, and touch. Don't worry, a baby swing is perfectly safe to use for your little darling.
A Baby Swing has two primary uses:
1. To entertain your baby when the baby is awake
You probably find yourself spending the whole day entertaining your baby. Why not sit back for a while and let a baby swing do it for you? Leave your baby in the swing and take that time to either relax or finish off those chores around the house. You can even take the swing to where you're working. This way, you get to keep your baby close, know your little one is safe, and still get the work done. A baby swing comes with an assortment of accessories that will keep your baby engaged and amused.
  • Mobile hanging toys with light: The hanging, rotating toys with colourful dancing lights will provide the baby with visual stimulation and help develop baby's motor skills.
  • Built-in MP3 Player: The built-in MP3 players will let you play CDs and DVDs to keep your baby entertained.
  • iPhone, iPad hook up: Some baby swings let you play music and sounds directly from your iPhone or iPad. This way, you get to choose something that both you and your baby will enjoy.
  • Standard USB port: Many baby swings provide an option of plugging in your MP3 player or USB device to play your baby's favourite music while the baby is enjoying the swing.
2. To soothe and put your baby to sleep
If you're struggling to get your baby to sleep or calm your little one, getting a baby swing would be a lifesaver! If your baby is colicky or crying incessantly, a swing helps soothe the baby. The semi-recline position of a swing lets your baby take short naps comfortably, more so if the baby has a stuffy nose or other breathing issues. Also, babies love the gentle, rhythmic motion of a swing.
  • The types of motions different baby swings offer,
  • Swinging motion: Babies love swaying about in a swing, and thoroughly enjoy the traditional head-to-toe motion in a swing.
  • Vibrating motion: The gentle vibrations of a swing calms babies when they are erratic or unable to sleep.
  • Gliding motion: A gliding motion ensures that the swing moves smoothly, without any jerks, and calms the baby.
  • Cradling motion: In addition to the swinging, gliding or bouncing motion, some swings come with a typical cradle-like motion too.
  • Bouncing motion: Many baby swings have an add-on bouncing feature to further make the baby's experience enjoyable. A detachable swing seat converts into an independent bouncer.
  • Rocking motion: Many baby swings come with a detachable swing seat that converts into an independent baby rocker.
  • Canopy: A canopy provides your baby with a cozy environment and creates the necessary ambiance for baby to fall asleep.
  • AC adapter: While some swings come with a built-in DC battery slot, others have an attached cord to connect them to an AC power source. So if the swing stops due to the batteries running out, just plug the power cord into a socket and let your baby continue enjoying the swing.
  • Portability: A foldable nature makes the baby swing movable within the house and outside too.
A baby swing is incredibly handy for new parents. You can place your baby in it and know that your little one is safe. With a baby swing at home, you'll no longer have to spend all your time and energy in keeping your baby engaged. Let the baby swing entertain your baby for some time and finish off your daily chores meanwhile. Allow the swing to soothe your baby and let your little one take short naps in it during the day. All in all, a baby swing will not just make your life a lot easier, but also keep your baby happy and occupied. So what are you waiting for? Take a baby swing home and gift yourself and your child an exceptionally amazing experience.
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