Baby Swing Buying Guide

Pros and Cons of a Baby Swing

Baby swings are a staple equipment for parents struggling through their children's development stages. The reassuring swinging motion of a baby swing not only soothes fussy babies, but also provides a brief reprieve to parents. But while it is a tried and tested contraption for babies, there are both positives and negatives associated with the usage of baby swings.
Pros Cons
The ergonomic shape and design of baby swing better suits the developing spine of babies and supports them well, while they are resting or playing in it. Babies start preferring baby swings over cribs and beds, forcing you to let them stay in it for longer periods than advisable.
They are available in a wide range of prices, depending upon the added accessories and features, allowing for parents to select the swing best suited to their needs. As babies use swings only for a few months, pricier swings can leave a burning hole in your pockets.
The additional musical features and soft toys keep babies engaged for a long time. The music tracks create both an exciting mood and a soothing atmosphere. The humming noise of a swing in motion, plus the add-on musical distractions can be quite noisy when you need some quiet around the house.
Most baby swings can operate on both AC and DC power sources. Baby swings consume a lot of power - be prepared to change their batteries every so often, or for elevated electricity bills.
Baby swings are sturdy. They can sustain swinging motions in varied speeds and still ensure that babies don't topple out of the swing. The sturdy frame makes them quite heavy. Some large baby swings are as heavy as 27 kilos, making them less portable.
Baby swings are designed with safety harnesses and have inbuilt weight limits. You can start using them for babies as young as 8 months old without the fear of them being uncomfortable in the swing or falling out. As baby swings are designed for average baby sizes, taller babies may find their feet scraping the ground within few months of using the swing.
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