Breast Pump Buying Guide -

Electric/Battery Operated Breast Pump


What is an Electric/Battery Operated Breast Pump

Electric or battery operated breast pumps help extract milk easily without using manual power. These are the best choice for working women, or for mothers with twins or multiple babies, as milk can be extracted quickly using these pumps without causing any discomfort to your hands. Electric or Battery Operated Breast Pumps

Working Mechanism of an Electric Breast Pump

Electric breast milk pumps have a mechanism similar to the one that is used by babies to suckle milk from their mother’s breast. These pumps work on a two-stage technology.
  • The first step mimics rapid suckling by the baby which creates a vacuum and stimulates the breasts to start the milk flow.
  • The second step is a slower one, in which the sucking pattern is regularized, and milk is extracted from the breast.


Wash your hands.


Find some privacy and make yourself comfortable.


Place the breast shield over your breasts in such a way that the nipple is in the center of the breast shield.


Now, switch on the machine. It will stimulate your breasts to start the flow of milk.


Control the pressure with the help of the speed knobs and set the machine to a level that is most comfortable for you.


Remove the tubes from the shield, once you are done with expressing the milk.


Clean and sterilize the machine for next use.

Features of an Electric Breast Pump

The features of the electric breast pump may vary depending upon its design. Here are some of the features that you should consider when choosing an electric breast pump:
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Electric Breast Pump
Electric Breast Pump

Breast Shield/Flange

It covers your areola while expressing the milk and ensures comfortable milk expression. It is available in a number of sizes. Choose one that fits you perfectly.


This connects the breast shield to the bag or bottle in which milk is collected.


This is present inside the breast shield. This opens and closes mimicking the suckling mechanism of the baby.


In some breast pumps, a connector is used to connect the breast shield to the valve.


Tubing connects the breast shields/flanges to the motor unit, is required to create vacuum for efficient suction.

Feeding Bottle

Most electric breast pumps have bottles attached to them to collect the expressed milk to feed the baby.

Control Buttons

Electric breast pumps have a button to switch on or turn off the pump. You will also find some control buttons that are useful to regulate the suction speed of the pump.


Placing the breast pump on the stand frees you from packing and unpacking it after every use.

Motor Unit

Motor unit either runs on mains current or on the batteries in the battery compartment. It helps to generate the suction necessary for pumping the breast milk.

Mains Adapter

It can be connected to an electric outlet to make an Electric Breast Pump work.

Battery Compartment

It holds batteries. You can operate an electric breast pump, using batteries, when an electric outlet is not nearby.

Types of Electric Breast Pumps

Electric breast pumps are further categorized based on their capacity to pump breast milk from one or both breasts at a time.
  • Single Electric Breast Pump

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