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Manual Breast Pump


What is a Manual Breast Pump

A manual breast pump, as the name suggests, helps you express the milk from your breasts manually. These are perfect for you if you do not use it on a regular basis, or need it to express milk just once or twice in a day. Manual breast pumps are single pumps that let you express milk only from one breast at a time. They also let you control the suction pressure while pumping milk. Most mothers who have used manual breast pumps vouch about the comfort of expressing milk as the pressure exerted by the pump is quite similar to the one that you feel when the baby directly suckles milk from your breasts. What is a Manual Breast Pump

Working Mechanism of a Manual Breast Pump

Manual breast pumps make use of a pulling or squeezing mechanism to express breast milk. Both the techniques work equally well, and you can choose any of these, according to your preference and convenience. Here is how you can express milk manually using a breast pump:

Cover your nipple, areola with the shield of the breast pump. Make sure that it is of proper size to ensure efficient suction.

Use one hand to hold the shield in place and pull or squeeze the handle with your other one. Do it in a rhythmic fashion that would stimulate the breast and help in expressing the milk.


You will notice that the milk will begin to collect in the bottle. You can also massage your breasts gently while expressing milk to increase the flow.
In case, you feel that the suction is slow, reposition the breast shield for better suction.


Make sure that you are sitting comfortably in a correct posture as breast pumping is a time-consuming process.
Continue with this process, till you feel that your breasts are empty, or you are relieved from the fullness of breasts.

Features of a Manual Breast Pump

Understand the basic features of a manual breast pump to make sure that you buy the best one for yourself. The features of the manual breast pump may vary depending upon its design.
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Manual Breast Pump
Manual Breast Pump

Breast Shield/Flange

This is placed on your nipple before you start pumping the milk. It ensures efficient pumping without any pain and irritation. These shields come in a number of sizes. Choose one that suits your breast size and the size of the areola.


This connects the breast shield to the bag or bottle in which milk is collected.


This is present inside the breast shield. This opens and closes mimicking the suckling mechanism of the baby.


In some breast pumps, a connector is used to connect the breast shield to the valve.

Feeding Bottle

Most manual breast pumps have bottles attached to them to collect the expressed milk to feed the baby.


It helps in the pull or squeeze mechanism and has a design that is ergonomically suitable to be operated with one hand.


Placing the breast pump on the stand frees you from packing and unpacking it after every use.

Pros and Cons of a Manual Breast Pump

Although manual breast pumps have a lot of advantages, they do have their share of disadvantages as well. Let us explore the pros and cons of these pumps:
Pros Cons
Affordable: These breast pumps’ prices are quite low and easy on the pocket. Difficulty in Attaining Pumping Rhythm: It is important that you attain a proper pumping rhythm when using a manual breast pump to stimulate the breasts. You might find it difficult to attain this rhythm initially. This requires some practice.
Easy to Clean: Manual breast milk pumps consist of very few components and hence it is comparatively easy to clean and sterilize. Tiring: Using these for a prolonged period can tire your hands.
Easy to Operate: These pumps work on a very simple squeeze or pull mechanism. This makes them easy to operate and to get accustomed to faster. Also, these pumps give you a choice to control the pressure exerted on your nipples while expressing milk. This ensures that you face minimum discomfort during the process. Slower: Expressing milk using manual breast pumps is a slightly slow process. Thus, these are not a good option at times when you are in a hurry.
Compact: Manual breast pumps are compact in size and shape, and you can carry them in your handbag or baby’s diaper bag. Convenience: You cannot remain hands-free while expressing milk using a manual breast pump.
Lightweight: These pumps are light in weight, which makes them a perfect choice for holidays and outings, apart from use at home.
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