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Why do I need to sterilize my baby's bottles?

Sterilization of feeding bottles will help reduce bacteria growth and other forms of contamination. Maintaining hygiene will prevent your infant from contracting any infections.

What are the different methods of sterilizing feeding bottles?

Feeding bottles can be sterilized in different ways. There are even special equipments like microwave and steam sterilizers available to do so. The simplest way is by immersing the bottle components and nipple in boiling water for a few minutes. However, in such cases, it is very important to check the standard of the product and its heat-withstanding capacity.

Should bottles be BPA-free?

BPA is a special chemical combined with polycarbonate plastic in the manufacturing of storage containers like feeding bottles, water bottles, sports equipments, etc. Overexposure to heat can cause the chemical to mix with the contents of the feeding bottle. Also, overexposure to high amounts of BPA through plastic products might be harmful to your baby, given the baby's delicate stature. Therefore, when you buy feeding devices, ensure that they are BPA-free.

How can I make sure that my baby is drinking comfortably from the bottle?

Make sure your baby can easily latch on to the bottle and smoothly suckle the milk from it. Make sure your baby is calm during the feed and stays active as always after the feed. Also, if the baby does not vomit after a feed, it clearly means that your baby is comfortable with the bottle.

Why does my baby drip milk from one side of her mouth?

Check the bottle's nipple and its hole size. If the baby swallows more air than milk, or if the nipple hole is larger than appropriate, it may become quite uncomfortable for the baby to swallow more milk at a time. In such a condition, the milk may drip from one side of baby's mouth. On the other hand, you may have to ensure a correct feeding position as well.

How to choose between glass-made, plastic-made or disposable bottles?

If you can spare time for sterilizing and cleaning, go for glass bottles. On the other hand, if you wish to buy plastic bottles, make sure they are BPA-free. Disposable bottles work out well during travel. Use them occasionally.

Do I really need a sterilizer?

You need to go through the manufacturer's instruction manual to find out whether your feeding bottle needs sterilization. In some feeding bottles, sterilization is not required. However, if the feeding bottle needs sterilization, and if you are a busy mom, use steam or a microwave sterilizer to sterilize the bottle.

Do I need to buy bibs, burp clothes, and bottle-brushes?

Spending extra on bibs, burp clothes, and brushes will help you take proper care of the baby bottles and maintain hygiene.

How to buy the right bottle nipple?

Select a nipple based on the flow speed (such as slow, medium or fast milk flow). This can be chosen based on the baby's age, and step-by-step upgrading can also be done as per the baby's convenience.

How to make formula milk from powdered formula?

It is recommended that you follow the mixing instructions provided in the formula package. For an effective mix, add only the required amount of milk or water, as per instructions, and with the recommended scoops.

What is the difference between ready-made formula milk and powdered formula milk?

Powdered formula milk should be mixed with water for feeding, and ready-made formula milk is ready to feed from the package.

Can I prepare a feeding formula and store it in the fridge for later?

It is safe to store formula feed in the fridge and use it after two or three hours. If you refrigerate it, make sure to reheat it before feeding it to your baby.

What are the different types of bottle nipples available?

Bottle nipples are available in silicone and latex materials. The former is clear in appearance, and the latter is brown in colour. When it comes to safety aspects, silicone nipples are safe as they are less porous, exhibit good heat-resistance and restrict bacterial growth to a great extent.

How to select the correct type of bottle nipple for my baby?

Nipples are available in a variety of designs. Different nipple designs have different feeding purposes. For example, naturally shaped nipples help in the initial transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding, and orthodontic nipples are used to soothe the gums of a teething baby. So choose a nipple type based on your baby's need and requirement.

How can I encourage my baby to take to bottle-feeding?

Try mixing a little formula milk with breast milk and feed it to your baby in a bottle. This way, the baby might slowly adapt to bottle-feeding.

When to stop sterilizing baby bottles?

Sterilization should be continued until you stop feeding milk in bottles as milk is prone to attract bacteria, and using bottles without sterilizing them can cause stomach infections.

Shall I continue to bottle-feed my teething baby?

Bottle-feeding can be continued till 12 months. However, selection of nipples is more important once your baby starts biting. Teething babies can be fed with nipples that are difficult to cut using teeth.

How much should my baby eat?

If you are using formula food for infants, you can stick to the feeding instructions provided in the product package. A healthy newborn requires 60 − 90 ml of breast milk per feed and about 6 to 8 feeds per day.

When can my baby start drinking from a cup?

You can allow your baby to drink from a cup after six months of age.

When can I start feeding my baby solid foods?

Babies can be fed solid foods starting from 5 to 6 months of age. The quantity and variety of feed can then be progressively increased.

How will I know if my baby is gaining enough weight?

You can feel the baby's growth while lifting your baby and measure it by using a weighing machine.

How do I express breast milk for my baby?

Breast milk can be expressed by gently rubbing your breasts downwards in a milking kind of movement. You should express milk equally from both breasts to avoid any discomfort. Alternately, use a good breast pump to easily express milk from your breasts. Many breast pumps come with a built-in bottle that can be clamped off the pump and attached to a nipple for feeding.

Why do babies with clefts have difficulty with feeding?

Babies with clefts have openings between their mouth and nasal cavity, making it difficult for them to suckle. Without suckling, it would be hard for the babies to pull milk from either bottle or breast.

My baby has a cleft lip. How do I feed him?

There are special teats and nipples available specifically for children with cleft lips. These nipples have wider bases, which help fill the baby's mouth, without leaving any gap. Also, hold the baby in a slightly upright position when feeding. Touch the baby's lower lip with the nipple. When the baby latches on, point the nipple slightly upwards. Ensure that the nipple is always held at the centre of the baby's mouth.
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