Feeding Bottle Buying Guide

Overview of Feeding Bottle Buying Guide

Bottle feeding makes a mother's life easier. With a bottle, the baby can be fed by anyone�the spouse, babysitters, relatives and even an older sibling. Babies also take to bottles quite easily most of the times, given their natural sucking instinct. If your baby or you are facing difficulties with breastfeeding due to reasons like infection, dietary constraints, medication or soreness and associated discomfort, a bottle comes quite handy in taking care of your baby's nutritional needs. Bottle feeding is also a blessing for babies who have been adopted, or for infants who have lost their mothers during infancy. Overview

Getting Started with Bottle Feeding

Before you actually begin using the bottle, you need to make diligent choices for the feeding equipments�bottles, nipples, formula milk (if you decide to use it) or expressed breast milk, cleaning brushes, and sterilizing equipment.


This is the main container, usually made of transparent plastic or glass, which will hold the formula or breast milk. The bottle comes with markings for volume, in different units (ml, oz, ounces, etc.).


The nipples, also known as teats, are made of latex or silicone, and are shaped similar to the nipple on the breast, thereby making it easier for the child to suckle milk from the bottle.

Pumped Breast Milk:

You can pump your breast milk to feed your baby. Breast pumps help to express milk from the breasts by suction and collect it in an attached bottle or container. You may feed this milk to your baby immediately or store it for a later feed.

Milk Substitutes or Formula Milk:

In case it isn't possible to feed your baby breast milk, there are a number of brands of formula milk available in the market. It is recommended that you ask your pediatrician about the brand that would best suit your child, and also about the quantity and frequency of feed required.

Cleaning Brush:

These brushes, for the bottle and the nipple, will help you clean up after every feed and keep the bottle hygienic for your baby's health.

Sterilizing Equipment:

It is necessary to sterilize a feeding bottle before first use and there after every feed in order to prevent any build-up of germs or bacteria. Sterilizing equipment helps you keep your bottle germs-free and sparkling clean, so you are assured of your baby's safety and health.
Getting Started With Bottle
Getting Started with Bottle Feeding
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