Feeding Bottle Buying Guide

Pros and Cons of Bottle Feeding

Gestation period is actually a great time to learn the difference between breastfeeding and bottle feeding, and the pros and cons of bottle feeding. However, whether you are an expecting mother or are one already, it is never too late to look at these aspects:

Pros of Bottle Feeding

  • Both parents can actively take the responsibility of feeds. If the mother is a working woman, the dad or another member can also feed the baby.
  • Dads get to bond with their babies better by feeding them.
  • Discreet breastfeeding is not always possible. Bottle feeding can be a saviour in such situations.
  • The feeding is measurable. You know how much breast milk or formula milk your baby has consumed.
  • In case the mother has a medical condition like breast engorgement or mastitis, and is not able to breastfeed her baby, feeding bottles come to the rescue.
pros bottle feeding

Cons of Bottle Feeding

  • Children are known to develop indigestion and gas if they are fed using bottles or nipples with incorrect flow sizes.
  • It takes a while for babies to get accustomed to bottle feeding. Till the time they adjust, feeding time can be harrowing to both parents and babies.
  • When the baby is hungry, time taken in bottle-feed preparation may leave the baby in distress.
  • Maintaining the feeding bottle and its accessories can be an overload for new moms. The entire process of cleaning, sterilizing, drying, preparing formula or expressing breast milk can be time-consuming.
  • Parents will incur a recurring cost of buying and maintaining all feeding equipments. This is a cost that cannot be avoided, since keeping your feeding bottle and accessories in good condition is essential for your baby's health and hygiene.
cons bottle feeding
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