Feeding Bottle Buying Guide

When to Start and Stop Using a Feeding Bottle

Choosing the right time to start using baby feeding bottles and knowing when to stop using them is a decision every mother will have to make during the first year of her child's life. This way, the apple of your eye can get the benefits of your nutritious breast milk, and you get some freedom of movement.

When to Start Bottle Feeding

  • You can start bottle feeding your baby right after birth. However, it is recommended that you continue exclusive breastfeeding for six months after birth.
  • A feeding bottle will help you ensure that your baby gets all the required nutrients present in the breast milk, even if you are unable to breastfeed directly due to some medical or personal reasons.
  • A feeding bottle comes in handy if you decide to formula feed your baby.
When to Start Bottle Feeding
When to Stop Bottle Feeding

When to Stop Bottle Feeding

  • The end of the first year is a good time to start weaning your baby from the feeding bottle and start using a cup. By that time, the baby usually begins to grip objects firmly, so parents can proceed to this next step in making their baby independent.
  • Switching from the bottle to a cup should be a gradual process, and not a sudden transition. Start by introducing the cup for one feed, while using the bottle for the rest, and slowly convert the other feeds, one-by-one, to the cup.
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