Pram & Stroller Buying Guide

Dos and Don'ts

When Buying a Stroller
Dos Don'ts
Research a little. Before buying a stroller, search on the Internet to find out reviews about the types and models that you like. Don't go after brands. While good brands offer a host of features, they may not all be of use to you. Take a look at all the options available and compare them with the features you need the most.
Take advice. If your friends or neighbors are already using a stroller, ask them about it. They might be able to throw light on some basic features that you are unaware of. Don't look for a stroller with all the features. It might be hard to find one and might also not fit into your budget. However, you can purchase most of the parts separately.
Prefer safety, comfort and convenience to style.
Stick to your budget. Remember, babies spend a very short time in these strollers. Hence, be wise while purchasing them.
Sometimes, it's more practical to buy two strollers than to carry a heavier fullfeatured stroller everywhere and feel helpless. Think of buying a low-cost umbrella stroller along with a full-sized or jogger stroller.
Tether straps must have conspicuous markings and warnings that are clearly visible.
Appropriate instructions for attaching and using the tether straps, brakes, etc. should be clearly marked all over the strollers.
When Using the Stroller - Safety Considerations
Dos Don'ts
A responsible and qualified adult should assemble the stroller. Keep children away while assembling, as there would be a number of small parts and sharp edges around. Never leave the stroller without applying parking brakes and holding on to the tether straps.
Always remove and discard the packing material before starting to assemble, as they might cause a choking hazard. Do not carry more than one child in a stroller meant for a single child, and not more than two in a double/twin stroller.
Always use the waist restraints or crotch straps to ensure that the child doesn't slide out of the stroller. Never leave a baby sleeping in the stroller or a car seat unattended. Strollers are meant for traveling and even if you bring your sleeping baby home in the stroller, it is absolutely not safe to leave the baby sleeping there unattended. Always use a crib for unattended sleep.
Before using the stroller, make sure that it is fully assembled and locked in its unfolded position. Never use the cup holders to hold hot scalding liquids such as tea, coffee etc. Even a slight jerk can cause a spill and harm your baby's delicate skin.
To avoid injuries to his/ her fingers or limbs, ensure that the child's hands do not reach joints or crevices that are sharp or narrow. Never leave the child unharnessed in the stroller. Always use the safety harness.
Always exercise care when going over curbs or steps, and never use the stroller for anything other than transporting your child. DO NOT carry or roll the stroller on the stairs or escalator with your child in it.
Push the stroller at a normal pace - a faster pace can cause a loss of control and leads to child injuries DO NOT hang items on the handle bar or place them on the canopy as they can tip the stroller over and injure your child.
To avoid serious injury to the child, when a child car seat is in the stroller, make sure the car seat is securely snapped on to the car seat adapter. DO NOT load the console or pockets with over 2.5 lbs. (1.1 kg) total. DO NOT load the main cargo basket with over 10 lbs. (4.5 kg) total. DO NOT load side/rear cargo pockets (if present) with over 2 lbs. (0.9 kg) per side/rear. The stroller may become unstable and tip over.
Some infant car seats have a blanket/boot option that must be removed for proper attachment to the stroller. To avoid serious injury from falling out of stroller, DO NOT raise or recline the seat with your child in the stroller.
To avoid entrapment when making adjustments to the stroller, ALWAYS ensure that all parts of the child�s body are clear of any moving parts of the stroller. DO NOT use the stroller if any of its parts are missing or broken.
DO NOT allow your child to climb on, into, out of, or around the stroller. The stroller may tip over and injure the child.
DO NOT allow your child to stand on the footrest. The stroller may tip over and injure the child.
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DO NOT suspend strings or toys from the canopy.
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