Pram & Stroller Buying Guide

Why you Need a Pram or a Stroller

Simply put, a pram or a stroller can make your life a great deal easier. It will help you get back to your routine more quickly, and not feel bogged down by the baby being attached to you 24*7. Choosing appropriate carriage for each stage can ensure that you and your baby can have a great time together.
For newborns
  • Newborns will need a carriage to lie down flat and face you, while going out for a small walk or to the supermarket. They will soon become supported sitters and start sitting with your help. Prams with fully reclined seats or bassinets are suitable for babies at this stage.
  • At 6 months or so, babies begin to sit upright and become independent sitters. They don't need to lie in a reclined position anymore, and are curious to take in all the sights and sounds around them. Taking them outdoors in a stroller will help you introduce them to the world around them.
For Newborns For toddlers
  • Walking can easily tire children. It can put unnecessary strain on their tender feet and legs. Small children can walk only short distances for the first 3-4 years, but that shouldn't stop you from taking them to the mall or for a walk in the park. A stroller works as a perfect solution by providing greater mobility without tiring out the little ones.
  • Most strollers come with a storage space at the bottom, making them ideal shopping companions, while giving your child a safe, comfortable ride.
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