Baby Bouncer Buying Guide

Features and Characteristics of a Baby Bouncer

Features of a Baby Bouncer

Having a detailed knowledge of the major features of a baby bouncer will help you make an informed buying decision. With that aim in mind, we have listed below some of the important features provided by the various baby bouncer manufacturers.
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Baby Bouncer
Baby Bouncer


A basic bouncer seat consists of a lightweight frame made of metal wire, tubular metal or heavy-gauge plastic. Covered with a soft, removable, washable pad that conforms to a baby's shape, bouncer seats are springy and bounce or rock when your baby moves. The frame also adds to the sturdiness of the bouncer.

Safety Harness

The second most important feature in a baby bouncer is the safety harness. Bouncers come with three-point or five-point harnesses. Most baby bouncers have a soft three-point safety belt that goes around babies' waist and in-between their legs. This keeps them from falling or slipping out of the seat.

Reclining Seat

Bouncers offer you three different reclining positions to choose from. You can quickly transit your baby's playtime to sleeping time by changing the bouncer's reclining position - all you have to do is adjust the bouncer's upright position to a reclined one. However, be sure to transfer your baby to a crib or bassinet after the baby falls asleep.

Head and Neck Support

Head and neck support is of utmost importance for newborns. Until the age or 3-4 months, babies cannot hold their heads up. Their skull bones are soft and fragile. A head rest attached to the bouncer seat supports baby's delicate head and neck. It also helps to avoid any head injuries by cushioning the hard frame of the bouncer.

Padded Seat

Seat padding can vary from basic to extra thick to comfortably thin. A nicely padded baby bouncer will be very comfortable for your little one.

Removable and Washable Seat Cover

Many types of baby bouncers come with removable seat covers suitable for machine washing. This is an important feature, as the bouncer is guaranteed to get dirty. Easy to wash feature maintains the cleanliness of your baby bouncer.

Toy Bar

Simply lying down in a bouncer will bore any baby. Most bouncers come with an attachable toy bar. When attached within reach of your baby's arms, it will entertain your baby and provide sensory stimulation. Toy bars allow you to add toys like soft plush animals, teethers and squeaking toys, and only begin to amuse babies once they have crossed the age of 4 months.


Sometimes, when you take your baby outdoors to the park, etc., the rays of the sun could prove to be hazardous to the baby's skin and delicate eyes. Canopies provide the necessary shade to babies while they are still comfortably seated in their bouncers.

Music and Vibration Unit

Most bouncers come with an inbuilt music, vibration unit, which when turned on adds gentle vibrations to the bouncer seat, helping to pacify and relax the baby. The bouncer plays happy or peaceful sounds to lull your child into a restful state.

Characteristics of a Baby Bouncer


Bouncers, well, have to bounce, don't they? The bouncing movement can be provided in two different ways – naturally or through a battery operated mechanism. Natural bouncing helps strengthen the motor skills of babies. Their movement bounces the chair, causing them to have lots of fun. However, if your baby is extremely active and loves extra fun, you can choose the battery-operated alternative that will increase the fun quotient. For younger babies, gently help them bounce using your hand and feet.


The fabric used on the bouncer seat comes in direct contact with your baby’s delicate skin, and needs to be soft, non-slippery, smooth and comfortable. It also needs to be free from health-hazardous substances and allergens. The most preferred material would be soft cotton. Such a fabric is gentle on the skin and safe to chew or suck on, making it a perfect material for little babies to relax and play in.

Body Support

The bouncers are designed to provide comfort to your baby, by ensuring proper head and back support. Headrests prevent your baby's head from flopping around when trying to wriggle. The fitted, padded fabric of the seat moulds itself to your baby's weight and size, ensuring that your baby is comfortable and protected.


Grippers provide a firm grip on the surface and keep the bouncer stable when vibrating mode is on.


Bouncers are compact and easy to carry along with your luggage. Their size and simple design make them ideal for storage and transport. If you are going to be waiting at the airport or relaxing on a vacation, your baby can enjoy too, on the bouncer.


An advantage of bouncers is that they can be used as bouncers as well as chairs. Once your baby has outgrown the bouncer's age or weight limits and can sit upright unattended, you can turn the fabric around and use the bouncer as a chair.


A soft, comfortable fabric used in a bouncer provides maximum comfort to babies. They experience the freedom to bounce, swing and enjoy the world outside your arms while still being ensconced in the soft luxury of the fabric. Leading baby bouncer manufacturers ensure that the fabric is eco-friendly and made of non-hazardous material, so it is even ok if your baby ends up inadvertently teething it.

MP3 player/iPhone/iPod hook up

MP3 player/iPhone/iPod hook up are of great help to listen to soothing music, sounds of your baby's choice while you take a relaxing shower.

Compact Fold

It should be easy to pack up and store when not required.

Motion, Speed, Sound and Light Control Unit

The bouncer which allows swing motion offers a control panel which allows motion, speed, sound and light settings in accordance to your baby's preference.


Baby bouncer seats come in a variety of sizes, colours, themes, etc. Some even offer changeable seat covers and matching toy bars. These little angels are probably going to be tomorrow's fashionistas, so why fence away from trends and colours? Let them be today's trendsetter too. As the competition in the market is increasing, manufacturers are coming up with new never-thought-before features for their bouncers, trying to make their product stand out from the rest.
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