Baby Bouncer Buying Guide

Pros and Cons of a Baby Bouncer

Baby bouncers are fast becoming one of the staples in the baby development arsenal of new parents. Here are the pros & cons of a baby bouncer to help you choose the right one for your bundle of joy.
Pros Cons
Vibration unit: Many bouncers come with an inbuilt vibration mechanism with adjustable speed. The calming vibrations can effectively soothe crying and fussy babies and lull them to sleep. Weight restrictions: Baby bouncers can be used only for a very specific weight range (up to 12kgs).They cannot be used for premature babies, who are below the weight limit. It can prove hazardous to them.
Music box: Baby bouncers come with additional features like a built-in music box or soft plush animals hanging from a play bar that babies can easily grab and play with. These keep the babies engaged in other developmental activities, when in bouncers. Age restrictions: Bouncers can be used only till the baby is about 6 to 7 months old.
Portable: Unlike cribs and elaborate swings, most baby bouncers are portable. They allow new parents to get out of their homes and spend time outdoors without worrying about engaging their babies. Preference over cribs or beds to sleep in: Babies tend to stay in their bouncers for as long as possible and even like to sleep in them. This can be a hindrance for crib training. You can resolve this by restricting your baby's bouncer time and encouraging intermittent usage of the crib.
Fabric: All recognized brands of baby bouncers undergo a quality check by JPMA1 (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) and adhere to the usage of skin friendly fabrics and materials. This ensures that a baby doesn't get a rash or skin problem by staying in the bouncer for a long time. Wide base placement hazard: A baby bouncer is considered to have a good design and balance if it has a wide enough base to absorb jerky motion. However, this wide base can become a placement hazard, so be careful about placing the baby bouncer around the house.
Ergonomic design: Baby bouncers are designed to better suit the delicate, growing spines of babies. So your baby can lie in the bouncer comfortably, without experiencing any discomfort or ill effects at a later stage.
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