Baby Bouncer Buying Guide

What to Look for in a Baby Bouncer

There are many variants of baby bouncers available in the market for varied price ranges. Even the most basic ones are approved by JPMA or similar governing authorities before being sold for retail. The more advanced ones are designed with paediatric help and undergo numerous quality checks to ensure the development of best possible products. You must, therefore, clearly know what to look for in a baby bouncer and how to look for it.

So here�s mentioning those critical features you should keep an eye out for:

Safety Features:

Baby bouncers come with safety belts (and water hooks if you intend to use them in a paddling pool) to ensure that the baby isn't hurt due to any erratic movement. Parents must check the tensile strength and ruggedness of the safety features at the time of buying a baby bouncer.

Weight Capacity:

Since the calming mechanism of a baby bouncer involves bouncing and vibrating, most baby bouncers come with a weight restriction. If the baby is below the specified weight limit, the vibrations can be uncomfortable or topple the baby. If the baby is above the specified weight limit, then the baby bouncer may not work properly. Thus, parents must check the weight restriction for a baby bouncer, determine the usage term of the bouncer and then decide how much to invest in it accordingly.

Body and Base Design:

The body of a bouncer must be pliant and designed in such a way that the delicate frame and developing spinal cord of the baby is sufficiently supported. A wide base is also essential to ensure that the contraption remains balanced while the baby is in it. Thus, parents must check for these features while selecting a baby bouncer.

Quality Textile and Materials:

As a baby spends a good amount of time in the baby bouncer, it is quite important to have a bouncer with good quality textile and materials, which are baby skin-friendly. Many baby bouncers even ensure that the surface material is chewable and doesn't cause any rash or skin problem for babies. A bouncer can get messy in no time, and the fabric must therefore be easy to clean. Check to see if the seat cover can be removed easily for cleaning, and whether or not it is machine washable.


Little babies get used to a particular routine, schedule and space much more quickly than you think they do. If they do fall in love with the comfort of their new bouncer, they will probably want to be in it all the time. Thus, it should be lightweight and easy to move around with. Check to see if the bouncer can be folded or easily taken apart for storage or travel. If you are planning a family, you might want to dismantle and store it away until your next sweetheart arrives into this world.

Interactive Features:

Baby bouncers come with additional interactive features such as felt toys and music boxes, which can keep a baby engaged on a bouncer for long intervals of time. Parents must consider these carefully before selecting a baby bouncer.


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